BlazBlue Radio #7

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Kakihara Tetsuya
Live audience recording guesting Kakihara Tatsuya.
– Someone said Sugita Die! as a joke, since he keeps saying it.

– [Imai: Anyone who hangs around Sugita starts becoming perverted.

Kanako: I’m not going to turn perverted!

Imai: Ehh? I think you’re well on your way already…

Sugita: Join me…]

I agree with Imai ahaha, Sugita is having an effect on Kanako, while Imai has already gone well past that point hah.

– Kakihara starts off by saying: “Since this is on NicoNico Douga I bet all thats showing up are “jin jin jin jin”, “wwwww”, “hentai” and “kimoi”. You know Niconico well Kakihara lol

– When asking about Kanako’s nick name she reacts by saying “I don’t want Kakihara to call me Kondom ;_;”

– While looking at Noel’s costumed bare back Imajin thinks “Ah I want to touch it” To which the audience calls out “Imajin! Hentai!”

Imai: “Ah thanks for the compliment <3”

– They mention that there was a Makoto cosplayer at the event.

– When Kakihara says Jin’s evil lines with joy they comment how much he seemed like he was enjoying it, to which he replies “I love playing Jin!”

– Sugita makes Imai and Kanako read something perverted he wrote when filling out speech bubbles for an image for a corner. At first Imai is all “As if I’ll read this!” But then after some pushing by Kakihara and Sugita she asks the female portion of the audience to find that all of them want her to read it. She ends up reading it yelling “Are you all the same as Ueda Kana?!” at the female audience. Ahaha, oh wait thats sexual harassment isn’t it Sugita?? Go Sugita <3

– Imai then takes her revenge by having Sugita read out “I LOVE NAKAMURA” when the next round comes on. Ahaha.

– The last few minutes seems to be recorded backstage after the event.

– Imai mentions that this was the first time she’s talked properly with Kakihara

This episode is only the first half of the recording of the event. The next episode contains the 2nd half. So that means Kakihara guesting in the next episode as well.

K-On!! Radio RajiOn!! #1

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Taketatsu Ayana, Satou Satomi, Hikasa Youko, Kotobuki Minako

Live audience recording. Looks like they’ve added Taketatsu Ayana to the personality list.
– The 5 of them were choosing their favourite scene from K-On!

– First up was Satou Satomi, who chose: Episode 11, where Mio comes to visit the sick Ritsu scene.

– Second was Kotobuki Minako who chose: Last episode, where Yui comes in to the hall to play.

– Third was Taketatsu Ayana who chose: The scene where Yui hugs Azusa from behind when she was all tsun’ing. I loved this scene as well <3

– Fourth was Hikasa Youko: Episode 6 at the school festival where Mio is practicing alone in the club room but everyone else comes.

– Last was Toyosaki Aki who chose: The last episode when she leaves the house after going back to pick up her guitar. Before the scene starts showing Aki says “untan!” I love you Aki <3

– I love Aki’s ‘ufufufu’ laugh <3 <3

BlazBlue Radio #6

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Ueda Kana

This episode’s guest is Ueda Kana (Woohoo!)

– The introduction script has it written down so that Kondou Kanako introduces herself as “the world’s Kondom”, which she skips but Sugita points it out.

– Seems like Imai has to say “Famitsu” about 30 times in this episode.

– The guy who sent in the image he drew last episode sent it in again this time with colour, along with another letter. It really looks like broken english OTL.

– Sugita read the mail in english and translated it. I thought he was bad at english but it seems not?

– And then this image comes on sent by another foreigner. Needless to say, they were impressed :O

[“Is this guy a pro??” “Come be an animator!” “Come on Japan, don’t lose to the foreigners!”]

– Kana Ueda laughed while reading the script for BlazBlue’s drama cd, she loved it and mailed the writer “You’re a genius!”

– Seems like the recording for the drama cd was done mostly individually, Kana Ueda recorded at the same time Tetsuya Kakihara did though

– Apparently Tsubaki didn’t make an appearance, Imai was despairing on the radio lol.

– While Imai was yelling out at the producer for not including Tsubaki Sugita interrupts her saying “Don’t call him by his name! Use his title!”

“…Producer-san?” Ahaha Idolmasterrrrrr

– The first time Kana went to Comiket she was a grade school student OTL

– Kana says if she could draw she would be a manga-ka and not a seiyuu D:

[Kana Ueda: “If I could draw even a little bit I would have been an illustrator or mangaka instead!!”]

– Imai Asami’s response to Kana’s rendition of Rachel from BlazBlue: “Well no wonder you’re not a mangaka!” Ahaha thats horrible!

– This episode’s Battle Battle has them tsukkomi’ing scenes.

– When told that Sugita’s reward for winning the Battle Battle corner was Imai and Kanako kissing Kana’s reply was “Ahh.. Then I won’t try to win…” Nice one Kana <3

– First scene to tsukkomi goes to Imai: Wake up one morning to find that you’ve turned into Bang ( Male Character from BlazBlue)

Imai: Ah.. Take off his lower clothing and check it out. (Ahaha she apologizes for the dirty material, and then realises it’s not a tsukkomi)

– Second scene for Kanako: You see Jin wearing nothing but an apron

Kanako: HENTAI! (Stock standard tsukkomi but still okay by me hah)

– Third scene pulled out for Kana is the Bang one again.

Kana: Unexpectedly normal.

– Fourth Scene for Sugita: You find Squid ink on the floor but it’s actually Arukune

Sugita: Oi! You’re too relaxed! Take some enzymes! (Sugita’s expression and speed is definitely gonna win this.

– Sugita wins by a landslide, as expected hah.

– Kana and Sugita starts chanting “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” When the result is displayed.

– In the end Imai only said 29 times, she missed one hah.

I really enjoyed this episode, but then again I’m a huge Ueda Kana fan so no surprise there. Next episode is a live audience recording it seems. With Kakihara Tetsuya guesting.

BlazBlue Radio #5

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako

No guest for this episode.
– A foreigner sent in a mail in English as well as a picture they drew. Imai brandished it as “Proof that BlazBlue is generating attention from overseas”.

I don’t get what he was saying in the mail though. Either it’s bad english, or the staff only allowed a snippet of it to be shown. From what I saw though… I think he was just describing the picture he drew?

– Is BlazBlue pronounced BleyBlue in english as well? It seems that way for Japanese but… It’s not an abbreviation… is it? I’ve been calling it BlaZZ Blue all this time long. =/

– Imai asks “Does everyone like me?” and Sugita replies “Suki da yo” in a serious voice. Lol she responds by going “Ehh wait thats creepy”.


Sugita: I like you as much as I like Consomme punch (Some kind of potato chip flavouring)

Imai: Ehh Thats kind of a low level liking.

Sugita: How can you say that! It’s Consomme punch!!

Imai: I’m more of a Usushio person (another type of chip flavouring)


– Everyone knows how close Sugita and Nakamura Yuuichi is hah. When introducing him, and his character, Imai said “It’s your favourite person, Nakamura Yuuichi” to Sugita.

– This episode’s Battle Battle corner has them giving the characters japanese names.

First up was Rachel Alucard.

Imai: Ueda Kana (ahaha the voice of the character)

Kanako: Gokurakuin Usagi

Sugita: Way!! DA cai-Na (Ahaha a warped Ueda Kana, what in the world, wait thats not even japanese)

Sugita wanted to write Ueda Kana but decided not to and then tried to write Usagi, but he couldn’t remember the kanji. Hah he had pretty much the same stuff as the other two but changed. What a coincidence.

Imai won this round hah.

– They took 10 points off Sugita this episode :( He’s on 65 now, wheres my yuriyuri kiss?? lolol

There were lots of talk about the game at the start, which I have no idea anything about. Also I just learnt that Kotoko sung a theme for BlazBlue from this episode.

BlazBlue Radio #4

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Hikida Takashi

– Kanako starts off by introducing herself as “Kondom changed to Kon-chan, Kondou Kanako!” to which Sugita responds by saying “Kondom, shortened to Kon-chan!”

– This episode’s guest is Arakune’s seiyuu Hikida Takashi

– It was Imai’s birthday and they brought in a cake to celebrate with the words “Happy birthday Imajin!”

They then sang Happy Birthday completely out of sync with each other hah.

– When Sugita asked how old she was now he guessed 40 something ahaha how horrible! (she turned 32)

Doesn’t look like there is a guest next episode.

BlazBlue Radio #3

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Ishiwatari Daisuke
– More talk about Kanako’s nickname, in the end they changed it to Kon-chan, shortened from Kondom hah.

– This episode’s guest is the Sound Director for BlazBlue, Ishiwatari Daisuke.

– Actually it looks like he also voiced a character from Guilty Gear.

– Sugita seems to be bad at [reading]english? :O

– Kondou Kanako wrote the lyrics for Noel Valentine’s Character song it seems. She may write the lyrics for Tsubaki’s as well.

– Hah theyre drawing a dodo in this episode’s corner.

[Imai: What? Dodo? That has nothing to do with BlazBlue…]

– Today’s Battle Battle corner has them doing 3 word shiritori. Kanako is terrible at it lol

– And Sugita wins by a landslide as usual hah.

BlazBlue Radio #2

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Takahashi Chiaki
This episode’s guest is Takahashi Chiaki.

– Sugita explains that he chose Kondou Kanako’s nickname from Gundam + Kondou = Kondom. He settles it by… continuing to use the nick name to her dismay ahahaah.

– First thing Chiaking talks about when she appears is of course… Kanako’s nick name hah.

– When Kanako reacts to Sugita calling her condom Chiaking is all “You should be happy with the name! Condoms are important! Important to the world!” I expected nothing less from Chiaking lolol.

– Listener sends in a mail suggesting the nick name “Kanokon”. Sugita remarks that it sounds like an anime and describes Kanokon the anime.

BlazBlue Radio #1

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako

Radio hosted by Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako and Imai Asami for the BlazBlue game.
– Sugita’s nicknames are hilarious, Imai = Ima-jin (Imagine?) but Kondou’s is Kondomu (Condom!?) ahaha
– The extra art and moving characters make this radio really fun to watch :3
– When explaning the game on radio Imai thought Sugita was gonna add some lies and change the description of the game. I really thought he was going to as well hah.
– In one of the corners they had to draw each of their characters. Imai drew her character really simply, Kanako drew her’s well surprisingly… and Sugita drew… A gundam lololol
[Sugita: If you both get a reward when you win I want a reward if I win.
Imai & Kanako: What reward?
Sugita: A kiss
Imai and Kanako: Eh? With who?
Sugita: Of course, Imai with Kanako.
Ahaha you go Sugita!
– Sugita won the challenge game where they had to say as much of the hiragana alphabet backwards as they can in 30 seconds. Why am I not surprised hah.
I’ve seen the episode where Ueda Kana guested and it was great, I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to start working through this radio hah. I’ll be listening to the rest of them.


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Host: Hirohashi Ryo
Guest: Asumi Kana
Date: June 04, 2010

I’m so slow, I only just realised the name came from Yama[da] + [Wor]king, instead of Yamada + king[royalty] OTL. Asumi Kana guest!

– I love hearing seiyuu using different accents :3

– Seems like Asumi Kana hasn’t been guesting in radio in a while

– Asumi Kana watches WORKING!! late at night as it airs \o/ seems like the recording was done almost half a year ago for the latest episode.

– Hirohashi Ryo being lecherous staring at the cute seiyuu at the recording ahaha

– Asumi comments that Daisuke Ono, Kamiya Hiroshi and Fukuyama Jun seemed really close when she saw them at the recording. Well that’s not really news though lol.

[Asumi: They had conversations that were like middle school boys.]

– Asumi listened to #1 of YAMAKING!!

– For some reason I always thought Asumi was tall but she’s only 160 cm-ish :O

– If Asumi could choose a height to be she would choose to be 150. “Because its cute”

– Hirohashi: “I’ve never done a drive through before! …I wonder if I can do it with a bicycle?”

– Asumi’s first part time job was almost 10 years ago.

– Asumi’s worked as an OL [Office Lady] which Hirohashi exclaimed “Office Love!” to OTL

– “The cake is a lie” Portal material in a listener’s mail lol thats great.(Of course, Hirohashi & Asumi didn’t recognise it.)

I’ll keep an eye out the radio’s guests but I probably won’t keep listening to it unless a guest catches my eye. Or I hear something interesting about a particular episode.


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Host: Sugita Tomokazu
Guest: Mizuki Nana

Radio hosted by Tomokazu Sugita for Metal Gear Solid, guesting Mizuki Nana. Thats a rare combination to hear on radio :O

– Nana comments on how close Sugita is to Nakumura Yuuichi and he replies

Sugita: “No way, thats disgusting”

Nana: “You’re grinning as you say that”

Sugita: “It’s cause I’m having fun here with you”

– Nana talks about how they first met and what was her first impression of him. They didn’t say a name for the first anime recording they met at but I’m guessing she’s referring to Seven of Seven(Nana Nin no Nana) about 8 years ago. She thought he was a mysterious person at first but found that he was actually easy to talk with.

– Sugita’s first impression of Nana was a capable person overflowing with potential, but then with some unexpected clumsy bits, which he found extremely adorable. How wonderful lol

– Sugita’s impression of Wakamoto Norio sounds really similar :O

– Kikuchi Yumi sounds cute, though her voice acting doesn’t impress me OTL. I like her laugh though <3

– Sugita likes to talk about Nakamura Yuuichi alot lol

– Sugita and Nakamura didn’t come to Nana’s last live and were “crying tears of blood”, she noticed and put up some mock(?) sadness haha. She invited them to come to her next one though, Live Games.

– There were lots of Metal Gear material that I have no idea about hah.

This episode was pretty enjoyable, I haven’t heard them together before but they really get along well. I love how Sugita fanboys over Nana haha.

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