BlazBlue Radio #2

June 24th, 2010 § 0 comments

Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Takahashi Chiaki
This episode’s guest is Takahashi Chiaki.

– Sugita explains that he chose Kondou Kanako’s nickname from Gundam + Kondou = Kondom. He settles it by… continuing to use the nick name to her dismay ahahaah.

– First thing Chiaking talks about when she appears is of course… Kanako’s nick name hah.

– When Kanako reacts to Sugita calling her condom Chiaking is all “You should be happy with the name! Condoms are important! Important to the world!” I expected nothing less from Chiaking lolol.

– Listener sends in a mail suggesting the nick name “Kanokon”. Sugita remarks that it sounds like an anime and describes Kanokon the anime.

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