BlazBlue Radio #6

June 28th, 2010 § 0 comments

Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Ueda Kana

This episode’s guest is Ueda Kana (Woohoo!)

– The introduction script has it written down so that Kondou Kanako introduces herself as “the world’s Kondom”, which she skips but Sugita points it out.

– Seems like Imai has to say “Famitsu” about 30 times in this episode.

– The guy who sent in the image he drew last episode sent it in again this time with colour, along with another letter. It really looks like broken english OTL.

– Sugita read the mail in english and translated it. I thought he was bad at english but it seems not?

– And then this image comes on sent by another foreigner. Needless to say, they were impressed :O

[“Is this guy a pro??” “Come be an animator!” “Come on Japan, don’t lose to the foreigners!”]

– Kana Ueda laughed while reading the script for BlazBlue’s drama cd, she loved it and mailed the writer “You’re a genius!”

– Seems like the recording for the drama cd was done mostly individually, Kana Ueda recorded at the same time Tetsuya Kakihara did though

– Apparently Tsubaki didn’t make an appearance, Imai was despairing on the radio lol.

– While Imai was yelling out at the producer for not including Tsubaki Sugita interrupts her saying “Don’t call him by his name! Use his title!”

“…Producer-san?” Ahaha Idolmasterrrrrr

– The first time Kana went to Comiket she was a grade school student OTL

– Kana says if she could draw she would be a manga-ka and not a seiyuu D:

[Kana Ueda: “If I could draw even a little bit I would have been an illustrator or mangaka instead!!”]

– Imai Asami’s response to Kana’s rendition of Rachel from BlazBlue: “Well no wonder you’re not a mangaka!” Ahaha thats horrible!

– This episode’s Battle Battle has them tsukkomi’ing scenes.

– When told that Sugita’s reward for winning the Battle Battle corner was Imai and Kanako kissing Kana’s reply was “Ahh.. Then I won’t try to win…” Nice one Kana <3

– First scene to tsukkomi goes to Imai: Wake up one morning to find that you’ve turned into Bang ( Male Character from BlazBlue)

Imai: Ah.. Take off his lower clothing and check it out. (Ahaha she apologizes for the dirty material, and then realises it’s not a tsukkomi)

– Second scene for Kanako: You see Jin wearing nothing but an apron

Kanako: HENTAI! (Stock standard tsukkomi but still okay by me hah)

– Third scene pulled out for Kana is the Bang one again.

Kana: Unexpectedly normal.

– Fourth Scene for Sugita: You find Squid ink on the floor but it’s actually Arukune

Sugita: Oi! You’re too relaxed! Take some enzymes! (Sugita’s expression and speed is definitely gonna win this.

– Sugita wins by a landslide, as expected hah.

– Kana and Sugita starts chanting “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” When the result is displayed.

– In the end Imai only said 29 times, she missed one hah.

I really enjoyed this episode, but then again I’m a huge Ueda Kana fan so no surprise there. Next episode is a live audience recording it seems. With Kakihara Tetsuya guesting.

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