BlazBlue Radio #7

June 29th, 2010 § 0 comments


Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Kakihara Tetsuya
Live audience recording guesting Kakihara Tatsuya.
– Someone said Sugita Die! as a joke, since he keeps saying it.

– [Imai: Anyone who hangs around Sugita starts becoming perverted.

Kanako: I’m not going to turn perverted!

Imai: Ehh? I think you’re well on your way already…

Sugita: Join me…]

I agree with Imai ahaha, Sugita is having an effect on Kanako, while Imai has already gone well past that point hah.

– Kakihara starts off by saying: “Since this is on NicoNico Douga I bet all thats showing up are “jin jin jin jin”, “wwwww”, “hentai” and “kimoi”. You know Niconico well Kakihara lol

– When asking about Kanako’s nick name she reacts by saying “I don’t want Kakihara to call me Kondom ;_;”

– While looking at Noel’s costumed bare back Imajin thinks “Ah I want to touch it” To which the audience calls out “Imajin! Hentai!”

Imai: “Ah thanks for the compliment <3”

– They mention that there was a Makoto cosplayer at the event.

– When Kakihara says Jin’s evil lines with joy they comment how much he seemed like he was enjoying it, to which he replies “I love playing Jin!”

– Sugita makes Imai and Kanako read something perverted he wrote when filling out speech bubbles for an image for a corner. At first Imai is all “As if I’ll read this!” But then after some pushing by Kakihara and Sugita she asks the female portion of the audience to find that all of them want her to read it. She ends up reading it yelling “Are you all the same as Ueda Kana?!” at the female audience. Ahaha, oh wait thats sexual harassment isn’t it Sugita?? Go Sugita <3

– Imai then takes her revenge by having Sugita read out “I LOVE NAKAMURA” when the next round comes on. Ahaha.

– The last few minutes seems to be recorded backstage after the event.

– Imai mentions that this was the first time she’s talked properly with Kakihara

This episode is only the first half of the recording of the event. The next episode contains the 2nd half. So that means Kakihara guesting in the next episode as well.

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