K-On!! Radio RajiOn!! #1

June 29th, 2010 § 2 comments

Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Taketatsu Ayana, Satou Satomi, Hikasa Youko, Kotobuki Minako

Live audience recording. Looks like they’ve added Taketatsu Ayana to the personality list.
– The 5 of them were choosing their favourite scene from K-On!

– First up was Satou Satomi, who chose: Episode 11, where Mio comes to visit the sick Ritsu scene.

– Second was Kotobuki Minako who chose: Last episode, where Yui comes in to the hall to play.

– Third was Taketatsu Ayana who chose: The scene where Yui hugs Azusa from behind when she was all tsun’ing. I loved this scene as well <3

– Fourth was Hikasa Youko: Episode 6 at the school festival where Mio is practicing alone in the club room but everyone else comes.

– Last was Toyosaki Aki who chose: The last episode when she leaves the house after going back to pick up her guitar. Before the scene starts showing Aki says “untan!” I love you Aki <3

– I love Aki’s ‘ufufufu’ laugh <3 <3

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  • Syifa says:

    KEIONBUU! Konnichiwa..so uh I currently just finished watching all of the K-On season,along within their own drama cds,booklet patches,uraon!,live concert and some sort and how do i put this uhm..well K-On is one of the best anime series (so does the manga) i’ve ever watched,it’s almost quite saddening and put mo into some sort of this mental-breakdown as i’d like to called it when i’ve finally gotten to reached the final episode which is i should’ve been guess would be the end hence once for all out of several among things out there. So if you by any chance know where can i bought the HTT’s members letter keychains or any kind of merchandise that would’ve accepted Paypal’s way due on finishing the rest of the payment transaction would you let me know? Arigatou ne..

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