Koyama Rikiya x Hirohashi Ryou no Akane Iro ni Somaru Radio Season 2 #9

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Hosts: Hirohashi Ryo, Hatano Wataru
Guest: Toyosaki Aki
Date: 2009.1.15

Radio hosted by Koyama Rikiya and Hirohashi Ryo for Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka. Koyama Rikiya is actually absent due to his stage acting work and is replaced by Hatano Wataru for this episode. This episode guests Toyosaki Aki and was recorded at 2009/1/15, which was the first time I actually heard of Aki and her personality on radio.

I felt like re-listening to the episode since I didn’t know anything about Aki the first time I heard it. It’s a shame Rikiya was absent though :(

– As tradition on the radio they decided to come up with a name for Aki. They ended up with the english word “Lover” from the kanji in her name “Love” and “Live/Born”. Loverlover~ lol

– When talking about what they did on New Years they all said they returned to their hometown. Hirohashi notes how busy her place is during this time due to her family running a temple.

– Hatano seemed pretty nervous.

– When asked if Aki drinks much alcohol she says that she loves drinking alcohol, to the other two’s surprise, saying that she doesn’t look like the type.

– On New Years she was drinking with her father till morning “NEW YEARS YEAHH!”

– Aki notes that she’s got a pretty high alcohol tolerance.

– I love the Situation Shiritori corner in this radio. What happens is that they get a role and a situation and they have to roleplay and adlib the scene but they must start their sentence with the last syllable of the previous person’s sentence, hence the shiritori name. The adlibbing and role playing gets pretty hectic and hilarious so it’s always a good laugh to listen to <3.

– This episode’s scene was “Three siblings sitting at the kotatsu discussing their first dream of the year” When discussing roles Hatano was designated as the big brother and was ecstatic to be called “Onii-chan” hah. He mentions that he has a little brother who calls him “Ani” but murmurs “…I’d love to have a little sister~” ahaha

– Hatano starts off with a long monologue about having a dream he had when he was 6 years old about a girl with long hair.

– Hirohashi goes next after Hatano, tsun-ing at him about how he was probably too drunk to remember his dream, then she starts talking about her dream but finishes off with “Ahh~ I can’t say it![in embarassment]” ending with the “i” syllable.

– To which Aki stumbles on for a bit before continuing with “Itai!” and explains that she hit herself on the kotatsu. Lol. She starts talking about her dream saying it smelt like mandarins. And then asks about the girl in Hatano’s dream.

– Hatano goes on to describe his dream and the girl saying she had blonde hair and was standing in a grass filled meadow/plain.

– Hirohashi exclaims “Hah are you trying to say that you’re so good that you can grab a foreigner girl? Hah!” Ahaha how horrible Hirohashi. “I’m embarassed to call you my brother!”

– Hirohashi then continues with her dream description saying it was her having her eyes covered from behind by a boy(who looks like her favourite actor)’s hand going “Who is it~”

– They ended up coming to a conclusion that had them all going overseas to look for his fated blonde haired girlfriend lol.

– Hirohashi announces that she’s bought a new digital camera…. But doesn’t really know how to use it and has left it alone and kinda unused lol. As expected of Hirohashi I guess OTL

I find it kinda interesting to read comments about Aki around this time since it’s a pretty unbiased first impression sorta thing :3.

BlazBlue Radio Special

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako

Special episode released 3 months after the last episode to promote the sequel, Continuum Shift which was coming out at around that time on arcade. Doesn’t seem like there’s a guest but oh well.

– Kanako flinched at being called Kondomu again lol, well I guess she hasn’t been called that for 3 months now hah.

– Sugita adds a character and voice to Tsubaki’s hat. A hat voiced by Wakamoto Norio lol

– Imai says that she loves how much freedom BlazBlue radio has.

– Kanako talks a bit about Calamity Trigger being released on the PSP so perhaps this special is to promote the PSP version as well.

– Imai embarrassedly talks about a time when she was recognised and fanboyed over at a cafe by it’s manager and was really happy when it happened…. And then the cafe manager tells her “There’s curry stuck on your mouth”

– When asked if she’s “had rice stuck on her cheek for a while” before Kanako replies that she hasn’t but she has had rice stuck on her front hair hah. How does that happen?

– For this corner’s Noel Poem seperate people wrote different stanzas. Imai wrote something about not liking christmas so much due to all the couples annoying her, Sugita wrote something about his pet dying from starvation and how life sucks and Kanako writes that Christmas makes everyone’s dreams come true. It makes for a very… Interesting poem lol.

Next up is part one of the live event they held on February 2010. It looks like they have a huge personality list of Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako, Imai Asami, Isomura Tomomi, Ueda Kana, Kakihara Tetsuya and Koyama Tsuyoshi. I have no idea how it’ll go but we’ll see.

Also no Chiwachiwa :(

Kitamura Eri no ChoRaji! #175

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Host: Kitamura Eri

There was alot of talk about her AnimeExpo trip in this episode, dedicating about 40 minutes of the show on her “America trip report”

– She starts off saying the introduction and greeting “hellloo Otsuerrii etc.” in a heavy gaijin accent lol, looks like she’s still in the engl/rish mood hah.

– Is that Imai Asami outside the window there?

– KitaEri starts showing her photos she took in America from her camera.

– She explains that she was there at AX as part of ToraDora’s cast along with Horie Yui but Kugimiya Rie couldn’t make it due to some IdolMaster scheduling conflicts :O

– KitaEri mumbles that her trip there with Horie Yui was a bit honeymoon-ish before cutting herself off lol. They did go to Univevrsal Studios and other tourist places together didn’t they <3

– KitaEri played Monster Hunter on the Narita Express train. She shows a photo of her pink(?) PSP. (Or is it red due to the video?)

– It’s hard to see the photos since shes showing them to the camera from her camera screen =/

– KitaEri sat next to Hocchan on the plane

– KitaEri notes that Hocchan tried her best to stay up all night before the trip to prepare herself for the inflight sleep. By the time KitaEri had put on her seat belt Hocchan was already sleeping, which KitaEri found amusing.

– Hocchan slept with her head resting on a pillow on the side of her neck, to which KitaEri was worried that it might put a crick in her neck, the pillow then fell off and KitaEri picked it up and gave it back to Hocchan to which she thanked her and put the pillow back in it’s same place and fell back to sleep, which she thought was cute, she then realised that she probably shouldn’t stare at her too much (lol) and started playing her DS.

– KitaEri slept on a King Sized bed in the hotel and commented on how big it was.

– KitaEri was so excited to go around the US with Hocchan.

– Lots of talk about her experience going around the area on the day before the event.

– Lots of talk about Cosplayers on the day of the event.

– She mentions the K-On itasha she saw on the day. She also talks about the popularity of K-On, Key and Angel Beats there.

– She shows a picture of her with a person in a full body costume and then reads out the mail sent in by that person. Whoever it is must be pretty happy <3

– KitaEri was surprised at the size of the refrigerator doors in the supermarket.

– KitaEri read another mail from an overseas fan from AX :O

– KitaEri notes how surprising it was that everyone’s japanese there was really good.

– KitaEri was afraid that no one would know who she was when she went there but was happy to find out that everyone recognised her and her work <3

– KitaEri notes that she would really like to come again next year :O

– Lol Itou Kanae’s ChoRaji Girls ad is hilarious ahaha. Voiced by Itou Kanae: “(said in a child’s voice) On the outside she looks like a child, inside she’s like a child, her name is Itou Kanae!— HEY HOLD ON! (switch to mature voice) I can be pretty amazing in front of a microphone”

And that ends the Anime Expo talk for a while. The rest of the episode introduces a guest and then it goes back into a few minutes of listener mail.

It seems that Hocchan may have mentioned the AnimeExpo trip on her radio show as well, though I haven’t checked for sure. There sure were alot of mentions of Hocchan in this episode (and alot of HOCCHAN HOA HOA HOAA HOCCHAN screams lol), I love how KitaEri fangirls over Hocchan <3

Hayane Hayaoki! Kanamemo Radio #3

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Kitamura Eri
Date: 2009.08.01

Radio Hosted by Toyosaki Aki and Kitamura Eri for Kanamemo on August 2009. I love Aki and KitaEri is interesting to listen to so i’m surprised I took so long to get around to listening to it.

– Lol Aki makes some ero sounding noises while she struggles with math.

– KitaEri imitates Mizuhara Kaoru. She sounded really similar hah.

– They played around with more imitations but not really anywhere near as well as how well KitaEri did Mizuhara’s

– In one of the corners the two of them had to draw a picture and stick a ghost story on to it. The two of them kept screaming about how scared they were it was pretttty hilarious lol

Aki was sooooooooo cute in this episode. Seriously. fkasdjfkljasfl;ksdlfs

Zoku BlazBlue Radio #03

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Nakamura Yuuichi

Blazblue Radio was renewed to, what I’m guessing, promote Continuum Shift on the PS3 and XBox 360. I’m not entirely sure though since Continuum Shift was released on July 1st and the radio is still continuing, not to mention it was only up to it’s 3rd episode at that point, perhaps the reason will be given on the first episode.

I skipped ahead to episode 3 due to wanting to listen to Nakamura Yuuichi’s guesting episode, I’ll go back and work through the rest of the episodes after I’m done with this episode.

– Sugita stuffs up reading Nakamura’s name while announcing him as the guest and redoes the introductions from the start.

– In one of the new corners they have an image and they have to finish it off in accordance to a set theme. This episode was a random rectangle with the theme being “Hazama’s important object”

– Imai drew Tetris lol “He might not have many friends… So this could be really important to him”

– Kanako drew a table, where Hazama huddles underneath.

– Nakamura drew Hazama’s glove out of the rectangle. That may be pretty spot on actually.

– Sugita drew a hat rack.

– Nakamura’s picture won, as expected I guess.

– Everyone’s seems to be playing BlazBlue against Nakamura in the next corner. Nakamura hasn’t played before though so the result’s gonna be pretty obvious I’m thinking.

– Kanako wins against Nakamura.

– Imai wins as well. She seems to have been practicing.

– Kanako and Imai comments on how serious Sugita looks while he’s playing. He finishes Nakamura off with a special attack as usual hah.

– Nakamura comments that he doesn’t think he can play Hazama and tries Bang instead. Sugita and Nakamura play again except Nakamura selects Bang and Sugita goes Hazama.

– Doesn’t seem like Sugita knows how to play Hazama so it’s a pretty even match.

– Sugita loses to Nakamura and they comment that Hazama is a pretty hard character.

I enjoyed this episode, Nakamura and Sugita are really close friends after all. Also I just started playing BlazBlue myself so I loved the actual gameplay segments of the show <3

BlazBlue Radio #12

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Saitou Chiwa

Last episode :( Though there still is the special as well as more episodes in a new season or something I think, I’m not too sure, I’ll look into it more when I’m done with the special. This episode’s guest is Saitou Chiwa who provides the voice for Taokaka.

– While talking about how similar Chiwa was to Taokaka, Chiwa mentioned that at first she stayed close to the script while recording but then the staff encouraged her to adlib and with each recording she added more of her own adlibbing.

– Imai tells Chiwa to do her best in the Battle Batlle corner, seeing as it’s the final episode. Hold strong Sugita!

– First corner for the episode is Moshimo no Blazblue

– When asking about how well Chiwa can adlib Chiwa replies by saying “AVERAGE” pretty strongly.

– The episode’s scene was “If during a battle you notice that this was the last episode of Blazblue Radio what would you do?”

– Imai: “Oh… I should get the staff a present or something but…. etc. etc. AAH I’M DEAD *gets defeated*”

She mumbles on for quite a while.

– Chiwa: “Ehhh… since when was there a radio? Why haven’t I appeared yet.. Oh because I’m a pain to have as a guest…”

Hah chiwachiwaa. To which they vehemently refute.

– Sugita mixes in some other material as usual lol. Imai tells him off saying “Use some of Ragna’s own material for once!”

– Next is Battle Battle!

– The reward for Sugita losing seems to be the three of them going out to eat Tempura, to which Chiwa says “ehh.. I don’t really like tempura…”

– The last match that was sent in by a listener was influenced by the idea of “They can’t win so we’ll leave it up to luck!”

– Looks like they have to read whats on a card they pick out without making mistakes and the most coolest/cutest/ whatever is required to win.

– Ahaha the points taken have inflated for the corner, if Sugita doesn’t come first he pretty much loses all his points. Well I expected something like this hah.

– The sections are split into 4.

# Lots of Kanji

# Lots of English

# Hakata Accent

# Mixed

– Instead of Sugita being last all the time, they had their order decided by pulling numbers out of a box. The order ended up being:

1. Sugita

2. Chiwa

3. Kanako

4. Imai

Aww Sugita isn’t last :(

– Sugita did reasonably bad on the Kanji section. D:

– Chiwa did pretty well on the Hakata Accent section, it was all written in Hiragana and she notes that she plays alot of characters that speak only in hiragana so she might be really good at reading hiragana.

– Kanako got the English corner which is a bit of japanese and alot of english, she starts off pretty well… And then ends up saying stuff like “Sister… In Beef… Strip…” and pretty much dies there ahaha.

Everyone pretty much laughs at the “Sister inside beef… That’s stripping?!” What was supposed to be said was “Stir in beef strips” She also misread “garlic” as “gauge” hah.

– Imai has the Mixed Section which is all the sections combined into one. She reads it reallly slowly and pausing for even longer whenever a hard kanji or an english word comes up.

– The ranking that the staff gave were:

4th place: Imai

3rd place: Kanako

2nd place: Sugita

1st place: Chiwa

Well her’s was easier in my opinion D: Nooo Sugitaaaa He loses 70 points putting him at -5. How rigged :(

Also no more kiss D: D:

Looks like they may be having another event with them appearing. Perhaps that’s what’s in the special? Chiwa asks to be included in the event that she’ll match her schedule for it,to which they enthusiastically agree. Another Chiwa guesting would be great :D

BlazBlue Radio #10

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Isomura Tomomi

Haha what the? Imai’s little on screen character has a dollface for a face at the start :O …It’s kinda creepy… Seems like Imai is absent this episode :(. Seems like there’s a guest for this episode though. This episode’s guest is Makoto Nanaya’s seiyuu Isomura Tomomi. I know absolutely nothing about her. Other than she voiced the crazy marriage girl in Baka Test. She did a pretty good job if I remember correctly.

– Kanako apologizes that she can’t follow up Sugita’s material as well as Imai. Well thats true, Imai did a great job of following him up hah.

– A korean listener sends in mail with typos and spelling errors, to which Sugita faithfully reads outloud heh.

– Kanako stuffs up saying “Makoto Nanaya” while announcing this episodes guest. It was sdjfalksdjfklasdj cute <3

– Isomura cosplayed as Makoto before, she made the costume herself.

Seems like she got her mom to help out as well.

– Sugita notes that he’s voiced many games with Isomura before but hasn’t met her much.

– First corner was Uro Boe Madou Sho, with them drawing Jin for this episode.

– Isomura comments that last episode with Koyama Tsuyoshi was horrible ahaha. Yeahhhh it was wasn’t it lol.

– Isomura is pretty good at drawing it seems :O

– Sugita drew a situation that was common… For Kakihara Tetsuya rather than Jin lol.

– Next up is Battle Battle.

– This episode’s Battle Battle theme is “Mental Arithmetics”

– Isomura and Sugita both notes that they are terrible at maths.

– When asked what they thought they’re mental ages were Sugita answered “86” while Isomura answered “58”

– In the end Sugita gets it right and wins while Isomura loses. She guessed 69 when it was 76, she lost quite a few numbers there lol.

– Next up is Kanako vs Sugita. In the end Sugita wins again guessing 68 with Kanako guessing 64. Sugita’s invincible hah.

I was wondering why there were still 10 minutes left when they were done with the corners, it was all promotion stuff. Also, Sugita reverts to calling Kanako Kondom in this episode, to her dismay again hah.

BlazBlue Radio #9

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Koyama Tsuyoshi

This episode’s guest was Bang’s seiyuu, Koyama Tsuyoshi. The only times I’ve listened to his radio material were related to Utawarerumono Radio almost 3 years ago. I remember him making Yuzuki Ryouka squirm with his dirty jokes but we’ll see how this episode pans out.

– [Sugita: You cant play fighting games without a control stick!]

– First thing Tsuyoshi says when he comes on is about taking off his belt, since its more comfortable since his ****(CENSORED) is kinda big. Lol OTL

And goes on to mention that Sugita’s is also pretty big.


Yeah I have a feeling that this episode is gonna be worse than Takahashi Chiaki’s episode hah.

– Sugita mentions that he slept late last night. Imai replies that it’s normal for him, to which he notes that last night was later than normal. I wonder how late they’re talking about? 4 AM?

– Bang’s theme song wasn’t sung by Koyama Tsuyoshi, but by Kageyama Hironobu.

To which Tsuyoshi notes “It’s a cool song…. But why is Kageyama Hironobu singing it? Why aren’t I singing it!? I wanted to sing!”

– First corner up is “Moshimo no BlazBlue” in which the seiyuu have to think of what their character would say were they presented with a certain situation.

– When asked about how Tsuyoshi is with adlibbing he replies saying “I don’t do anything but adlib” :O

– The episode’s scene is “If during a battle a mosquito lands on your cheek”

– Tsuyoshi’s adlib was hilarious! “You may suck on my cheek. You may also suck on my lower cheek!” Ahaha As expected from Tsuyoshi.

– Incidentally Sugita’s was great as well. “Give me back my blood! *eats the mosquito*”

– Next up was the Battle Battle corner. Interestingly enough this time they were playing BlazBlue against Sugita. Whenever Sugita loses he loses 10 points. I doubt Sugita will lose though.

– First up was Imai vs Sugita. Imai used Jin while Sugita used Ragna, the character he voiced.

– It seems like Sugita hadn’t played for quite a while and it was actually pretty close for the most part… Until Sugita hit her with a special and then comboed all of Imai’s HP in one go lol.

– Throughout the episode they were noting that Sugita looked sleepy but once he started playing they exclaimed “He’s awakened!”

– Second up was Kanako who picked Noel. It seems like she’s a complete beginner.

– It was actually pretty close again, Sugita kept getting hit by random moves while what seems to be him trying to practice and remember the timing of his comboes. In the end he finishes her off with a special attack lol.

– Third and last was Tsuyoshi who picked Bang. I’m guessing he’s a complete beginner, even more so than Kanako.

– Once again really close. Tsuyoshi kept spamming random moves and Sugita kept walking into them. In the end Sugita once again finishes him off with a special move lol.

There were lots of censoring done throughout the episode. Tsuyoshi and his trousers came up quite a few more times as well lol. Kanako’s nickname wasn’t said at all throughout the episode. Perhaps Sugita was wary of what Tsuyoshi would do if he found out lol.

Also it looks like there’s no guest for the next episode.

BlazBlue Radio #8

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Kakihara Tetsuya

Continuation of the live audience event recording from Episode 7, which means Kakihara Tetsuya remains as the guest.

– Starts off with the 4 of them talking briefly backstage before going right into the Uro Boe Madou Sho drawing corner.

– When asked about his drawing skill Kakihara Tetsuya replies that he’s pretty confident in drawing. I have no idea if he is or not so we’ll have to see :O He wanted his drawings to not be shown on Nicovideo though :(

– Today’s theme is drawing BlazBlue’s last boss.

– Imai drew Sugita ahaha

– Hah Kakihara’s drawing skill ended up… Well normal… AKA. not that good lol

– Sugita drew another gundam lol

Imai: “Sugita… How long do you intend to drag this on for??”

– Battle Battle corner up next. Incidentally the point spread is looking like this:

Sugita: 65

Guest: 25

Imai: 5

Kanako: 5

[Imai: “Sugita’s score isn’t going down much at all..”]

– The theme for this episode’s Battle Battle was “Guessing what’s touching your cheek while blindfolded”

– Sugita and Kakihara were the ones being blindfolded with the two girls deciding what to touch their cheek with… To Sugita’s dismay lol

– Imai tries to push the idea that if Sugita wins then Kakihara and Sugita will have to kiss, to Sugita’s horror. Kakihara’s reaction was: “It’s all alright with me~ <3” ahahaha

geh D:

– The three things Sugita guessed that were put on his cheek were:

1 – Sponge

2 – T-shirt

3 – Blazblue package

He guessed wrong for all of them.

1 – Egg (How did he guess this as a sponge??)

2 – Udon Noodle (tshirt?!?)

3 – Pot

– When Kakihara’s turn with the blindfold came up Sugita touched him and framed Kanako hah.

– Kakihara’s guesses were:

1 – An already wet Chupachups (lol disgusting D:)

2 – Carrot

3 – Some kind of crab

And was also wrong for all three.

1 – Beer bottle

2 – Gouya (http://www.hyakka-saen.co.jp/gouya/gouya1.jpg)

3 – Fat fish sausage

In the end Sugita didn’t lose any points so I guess he wins?

And so we’re back to the normal episodes from next episode onwards. Looks like next episode’s guest is Koyama Tsuyoshi. I wonder if it’s gonna be filled with dirty jokes lol.

Kikeba I-Jyan! Shugo Chara!dio #8

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Hosts: Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae
– Talking about things each one of them do every day.

Nanae: Drink a cup of sweet milk tea every morning. Her mum said it helps her throat so she’s been trying it for herself.

Asumi: Check her phone for fortune telling stuff every morning, though she forgets about it completely by the afternoon regardless if its a good fortune or bad fortune. Everyone else replies saying that they look up their own fortunes on the phone as well. Kanae checks her fortune at the end of the day to check if it was correct or not, rather than before the day starts.

The conversation gets pretty sidetracked and Aki & Kanae just talks about what they do in the morning or how they read their fortunes.

– As a side note about their blood types.

Asumi: AB

Kanae: B

Nanae: O

Aki: AB

– Aki talks about how lonely she feels living alone again, starting out with “Don’t think of me as a sad person but…”. She says that in the morning she says ‘”Good morning” to her plants and talks to them. <3 Aki. When asked if she gives them names, she refuses to answer… She probably does hah.

Of course everyone’s reaction to that was a bit… Iffy lolol

– This episode’s corner was Chara-nari Challenge. Incidentally the point chart is looking something like this.

Asumi – 5

Aki – 2

Nanae – 7

Everyone started with 5 points, getting to 0 means BATSU GAME, getting to 10 is an unspecified reward. Go Aki!

– Asumi won this episode again, And Aki lost hah. Aki is inching ever so closer to the Batsu game.

– A Toyosaki Aki Pun corner was added at the very end of the episode ahaha, I wonder if they’ll be doing this every week.

Oh wait was there one in a previous episode that I missed…? Hmm…










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