Kikeba I-Jyan! Shugo Chara!dio #8

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Hosts: Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae
– Talking about things each one of them do every day.

Nanae: Drink a cup of sweet milk tea every morning. Her mum said it helps her throat so she’s been trying it for herself.

Asumi: Check her phone for fortune telling stuff every morning, though she forgets about it completely by the afternoon regardless if its a good fortune or bad fortune. Everyone else replies saying that they look up their own fortunes on the phone as well. Kanae checks her fortune at the end of the day to check if it was correct or not, rather than before the day starts.

The conversation gets pretty sidetracked and Aki & Kanae just talks about what they do in the morning or how they read their fortunes.

– As a side note about their blood types.

Asumi: AB

Kanae: B

Nanae: O

Aki: AB

– Aki talks about how lonely she feels living alone again, starting out with “Don’t think of me as a sad person but…”. She says that in the morning she says ‘”Good morning” to her plants and talks to them. <3 Aki. When asked if she gives them names, she refuses to answer… She probably does hah.

Of course everyone’s reaction to that was a bit… Iffy lolol

– This episode’s corner was Chara-nari Challenge. Incidentally the point chart is looking something like this.

Asumi – 5

Aki – 2

Nanae – 7

Everyone started with 5 points, getting to 0 means BATSU GAME, getting to 10 is an unspecified reward. Go Aki!

– Asumi won this episode again, And Aki lost hah. Aki is inching ever so closer to the Batsu game.

– A Toyosaki Aki Pun corner was added at the very end of the episode ahaha, I wonder if they’ll be doing this every week.

Oh wait was there one in a previous episode that I missed…? Hmm…










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