BlazBlue Radio #8

July 10th, 2010 § 0 comments

Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Kakihara Tetsuya

Continuation of the live audience event recording from Episode 7, which means Kakihara Tetsuya remains as the guest.

– Starts off with the 4 of them talking briefly backstage before going right into the Uro Boe Madou Sho drawing corner.

– When asked about his drawing skill Kakihara Tetsuya replies that he’s pretty confident in drawing. I have no idea if he is or not so we’ll have to see :O He wanted his drawings to not be shown on Nicovideo though :(

– Today’s theme is drawing BlazBlue’s last boss.

– Imai drew Sugita ahaha

– Hah Kakihara’s drawing skill ended up… Well normal… AKA. not that good lol

– Sugita drew another gundam lol

Imai: “Sugita… How long do you intend to drag this on for??”

– Battle Battle corner up next. Incidentally the point spread is looking like this:

Sugita: 65

Guest: 25

Imai: 5

Kanako: 5

[Imai: “Sugita’s score isn’t going down much at all..”]

– The theme for this episode’s Battle Battle was “Guessing what’s touching your cheek while blindfolded”

– Sugita and Kakihara were the ones being blindfolded with the two girls deciding what to touch their cheek with… To Sugita’s dismay lol

– Imai tries to push the idea that if Sugita wins then Kakihara and Sugita will have to kiss, to Sugita’s horror. Kakihara’s reaction was: “It’s all alright with me~ <3” ahahaha

geh D:

– The three things Sugita guessed that were put on his cheek were:

1 – Sponge

2 – T-shirt

3 – Blazblue package

He guessed wrong for all of them.

1 – Egg (How did he guess this as a sponge??)

2 – Udon Noodle (tshirt?!?)

3 – Pot

– When Kakihara’s turn with the blindfold came up Sugita touched him and framed Kanako hah.

– Kakihara’s guesses were:

1 – An already wet Chupachups (lol disgusting D:)

2 – Carrot

3 – Some kind of crab

And was also wrong for all three.

1 – Beer bottle

2 – Gouya (

3 – Fat fish sausage

In the end Sugita didn’t lose any points so I guess he wins?

And so we’re back to the normal episodes from next episode onwards. Looks like next episode’s guest is Koyama Tsuyoshi. I wonder if it’s gonna be filled with dirty jokes lol.

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