BlazBlue Radio #10

July 13th, 2010 § 0 comments


Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Isomura Tomomi

Haha what the? Imai’s little on screen character has a dollface for a face at the start :O …It’s kinda creepy… Seems like Imai is absent this episode :(. Seems like there’s a guest for this episode though. This episode’s guest is Makoto Nanaya’s seiyuu Isomura Tomomi. I know absolutely nothing about her. Other than she voiced the crazy marriage girl in Baka Test. She did a pretty good job if I remember correctly.

– Kanako apologizes that she can’t follow up Sugita’s material as well as Imai. Well thats true, Imai did a great job of following him up hah.

– A korean listener sends in mail with typos and spelling errors, to which Sugita faithfully reads outloud heh.

– Kanako stuffs up saying “Makoto Nanaya” while announcing this episodes guest. It was sdjfalksdjfklasdj cute <3

– Isomura cosplayed as Makoto before, she made the costume herself.

Seems like she got her mom to help out as well.

– Sugita notes that he’s voiced many games with Isomura before but hasn’t met her much.

– First corner was Uro Boe Madou Sho, with them drawing Jin for this episode.

– Isomura comments that last episode with Koyama Tsuyoshi was horrible ahaha. Yeahhhh it was wasn’t it lol.

– Isomura is pretty good at drawing it seems :O

– Sugita drew a situation that was common… For Kakihara Tetsuya rather than Jin lol.

– Next up is Battle Battle.

– This episode’s Battle Battle theme is “Mental Arithmetics”

– Isomura and Sugita both notes that they are terrible at maths.

– When asked what they thought they’re mental ages were Sugita answered “86” while Isomura answered “58”

– In the end Sugita gets it right and wins while Isomura loses. She guessed 69 when it was 76, she lost quite a few numbers there lol.

– Next up is Kanako vs Sugita. In the end Sugita wins again guessing 68 with Kanako guessing 64. Sugita’s invincible hah.

I was wondering why there were still 10 minutes left when they were done with the corners, it was all promotion stuff. Also, Sugita reverts to calling Kanako Kondom in this episode, to her dismay again hah.

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