Hayane Hayaoki! Kanamemo Radio #3

July 24th, 2010 § 0 comments

Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Kitamura Eri
Date: 2009.08.01

Radio Hosted by Toyosaki Aki and Kitamura Eri for Kanamemo on August 2009. I love Aki and KitaEri is interesting to listen to so i’m surprised I took so long to get around to listening to it.

– Lol Aki makes some ero sounding noises while she struggles with math.

– KitaEri imitates Mizuhara Kaoru. She sounded really similar hah.

– They played around with more imitations but not really anywhere near as well as how well KitaEri did Mizuhara’s

– In one of the corners the two of them had to draw a picture and stick a ghost story on to it. The two of them kept screaming about how scared they were it was pretttty hilarious lol

Aki was sooooooooo cute in this episode. Seriously. fkasdjfkljasfl;ksdlfs

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