Kitamura Eri no ChoRaji! #175

July 26th, 2010 § 0 comments

Host: Kitamura Eri

There was alot of talk about her AnimeExpo trip in this episode, dedicating about 40 minutes of the show on her “America trip report”

– She starts off saying the introduction and greeting “hellloo Otsuerrii etc.” in a heavy gaijin accent lol, looks like she’s still in the engl/rish mood hah.

– Is that Imai Asami outside the window there?

– KitaEri starts showing her photos she took in America from her camera.

– She explains that she was there at AX as part of ToraDora’s cast along with Horie Yui but Kugimiya Rie couldn’t make it due to some IdolMaster scheduling conflicts :O

– KitaEri mumbles that her trip there with Horie Yui was a bit honeymoon-ish before cutting herself off lol. They did go to Univevrsal Studios and other tourist places together didn’t they <3

– KitaEri played Monster Hunter on the Narita Express train. She shows a photo of her pink(?) PSP. (Or is it red due to the video?)

– It’s hard to see the photos since shes showing them to the camera from her camera screen =/

– KitaEri sat next to Hocchan on the plane

– KitaEri notes that Hocchan tried her best to stay up all night before the trip to prepare herself for the inflight sleep. By the time KitaEri had put on her seat belt Hocchan was already sleeping, which KitaEri found amusing.

– Hocchan slept with her head resting on a pillow on the side of her neck, to which KitaEri was worried that it might put a crick in her neck, the pillow then fell off and KitaEri picked it up and gave it back to Hocchan to which she thanked her and put the pillow back in it’s same place and fell back to sleep, which she thought was cute, she then realised that she probably shouldn’t stare at her too much (lol) and started playing her DS.

– KitaEri slept on a King Sized bed in the hotel and commented on how big it was.

– KitaEri was so excited to go around the US with Hocchan.

– Lots of talk about her experience going around the area on the day before the event.

– Lots of talk about Cosplayers on the day of the event.

– She mentions the K-On itasha she saw on the day. She also talks about the popularity of K-On, Key and Angel Beats there.

– She shows a picture of her with a person in a full body costume and then reads out the mail sent in by that person. Whoever it is must be pretty happy <3

– KitaEri was surprised at the size of the refrigerator doors in the supermarket.

– KitaEri read another mail from an overseas fan from AX :O

– KitaEri notes how surprising it was that everyone’s japanese there was really good.

– KitaEri was afraid that no one would know who she was when she went there but was happy to find out that everyone recognised her and her work <3

– KitaEri notes that she would really like to come again next year :O

– Lol Itou Kanae’s ChoRaji Girls ad is hilarious ahaha. Voiced by Itou Kanae: “(said in a child’s voice) On the outside she looks like a child, inside she’s like a child, her name is Itou Kanae!— HEY HOLD ON! (switch to mature voice) I can be pretty amazing in front of a microphone”

And that ends the Anime Expo talk for a while. The rest of the episode introduces a guest and then it goes back into a few minutes of listener mail.

It seems that Hocchan may have mentioned the AnimeExpo trip on her radio show as well, though I haven’t checked for sure. There sure were alot of mentions of Hocchan in this episode (and alot of HOCCHAN HOA HOA HOAA HOCCHAN screams lol), I love how KitaEri fangirls over Hocchan <3

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