Kikeba I-Jyan! Shugo Chara!dio #5

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Hosts: Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae
– I just realised I missed one episode.

– The four of them mention Asumi Kana’s love confession at the start of this episode. I forgot it was just last episode. That portion was <3.

– While talking about places they were thinking about going to together they started talking about rollercoasters. Itou Kanae was against rollercoasters and couldn’t handle them while everyone else seemed okay with them. Aki mentioned that she loved them.

– This episode’s corner was “Catch the feeling, Chara-nari challenge” Where Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae and Toyosaki Aki attempt “challenges” centred around Itou Kanae.

– The challenge this time around was centred around puns.

– Aki seems to love puns, the way she was laughing at her own ones after saying them was hilarious.

And adorable <3.

– Aki exclaims “Wow I’m hilarious!” while delivering her puns. Ouch Aki~ ahaha. But that’s what’s so loveable about you~ lolol.

– I loved Aki’s puns… But Asumi won. Then again it might have been my own bias due to how Aki acted. Oh well.

Incidentally, Itou Kanae’s ones were the worst hah.

Is it just me or does it seem like Asumi is leading the radio the most out of the four of them? Not that I’m complaining of course, Asumi is an awesome radio host <3

Kitamura Eri no ChoRaji! #174

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Kitamura Eri seems to be detailing her Anime Expo experience on her Cho Raji radio next week. I’ll keep an eye open for that. Seems like she left a message for this week’s show though, recorded before leaving to America. Incidentally Imai Asami took over as the personality for this week.

– On top of leaving a message they also called her phone on the show.

– When KitaEri picked up the phone they started off speaking english. Engrish. Hah.


– KitaEri had just arrived in Japan, she was making her way to the studio on the phone but at the time of calling she wasn’t sure if she could make it before the radio finished. She seemed pretty genki on the phone :O

– Shimoda Asami and Hasegawa Akiko popped into the studio unplanned after finishing up at Shimoda Asami’s ChoRaji Girls (as host and guest respectively) and they let them into the recording booth hah. How random :O

It’s pretty much become an Idolmaster radio at this point lol.

They left about 15 minutes later.

– In the end KitaEri arrived within the last five minutes of the show.

– First word KitaEri used to describe the trip was “Sugoi”

– Shimoda Asami, Nakamura Eriko and Hasegawa Akiko came back in the last few minutes of the show.

I’ll watch out for her next episode, I’m hoping to see how the trip was from her perspective.

Kikeba IiJyan! Shugo Chara!dio #7

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Hosts: Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae

Wow the title looks terrible romanised.

– Shugo Chara radio hosted by Ito Kanae, Asumi Kana, Toyosaki Aki and Katou Nanae. This was in 2008 so it was before K-On! and pretty much before Ito Kanae and Toyosaki Aki became the big names they are today.

– Asumi Kana is as wonderful as ever.

– I know next to nothing about Katou Nanae.

– A listener sent in a mail asking about their hometowns and their dialects. The four of them start talking in their own dialects and it’s pretty interesting to hear. Though Itou Kanae doesn’t really have one, the other three were fun.

Asumi Kana: Fukuoka

Toyosaki Aki: Tokushima

Ito Kanae: Nagano

Katou Nanae: Ibaraki

Asumi exclaimed “Thats not even Japanese anymore!” when Aki started speaking in her dialect.

– In this episode’s corner where they have to adlib lines for a situation, the situation was inviting the person you love for hanami. Katou Nanae groaned loudly when she heard it hah.

– They had to speak their lines as a boy, as well as a personality type which they pulled out at random from a box. Nanae always pulls out the weirdest ones hah, how does this happen everytime?!

– Kanae lost this episode hah, which means she gets the embarassing line batsu game.

Which was: Something a girl would say in her sleep to *kyun* her boyfriend. kjflasdkjfsadkjf Kanae was so embarrassed while doing it ahaha.

– The staff decided that they’d have everyone else do it as well. Thats so horrible, GJ Staff! lolol They agreed to it if Kanae had to do it again as well hah.

I love what the staff, corners and show puts the seiyuu through. They’re always complaining about wanting to go home throughout the show ahaha.

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