BluRaji’s event staff cosplayer

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If anyone was interested, this was the staff girl cosplaying as Noel Vermillion that Koyama Tsuyoshi was harassing in the BlazBlue event quite a while back.

She guested on Okamoto Nobuhiko’s radio show RADIO 4Gamer in cosplay on 2010.07.09 along with the producer of Blazblue Toshimichi Mori. It appears that she does quite a bit of cosplay work as well.

Also, that’s one sexy leg in the background behind her lol

Sugita Tomokazu no Anigera! DeDooon #37

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, SP Tanaka
Guests: Umino Chika (+ Nakamura Yuuichi as a surprise later on)
Date: 2010.08.26

Guest on this week’s Dedooon is Umino Chika, Honey and Clover’s mangaka. Interestingly enough Kamiya was also there, though not as a guest. He came into the studio but didn’t talk much, probably something to do with pay and other business related things, he came along just to play after all :)

– Sugita says Gatou Shouji (Full Metal Panic’s writer) has one of the coolest voices out of the other creators he’s heard.

– Kamiya starts talking more when the video game playing corner comes on. He goes back to silent after it ends though.

– Sugita asks Umino to draw AGRS there. :O

Incidentally, this was what she drew:

– Nakamura Yuuichi comes in as a surprise guest 40 minutes into the show to celebrate Umino’s birthday! :D

– The three of them sing a really low song for her, it wasn’t happy birthday too lol.

– Umino sounded really happy, how wonderful <3.

Nakamura had work right before coming so he had to come late, it’s nice he arrived as early as he could though.

Also, if anyone was curious, the name of this radio comes from a merge of “Anime, Game, Radio” for “Anigera” and “Dedooon” is just the sound effect for an explosion.

Kodomo no Jikan Radio Nigakki #39

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Hosts: Kadowaki Mai, Kitamura Eri, Shindou Kei
Guests: Sugita Tomokazu, Majima Junji
Date: 2009.07.24

Radio hosted by Kadowaki Mai (Mimi), Kitamura Eri (Kokonoe), Shindou Kei (Kuro). This episode’s guests are Majima Junji (Aoki Daisuke) and Sugita Tomokazu (Reiji).

– Sugita says he would prefer to play card games with Nakamura than to go out on a date with a girl lol.

– When a listener asks who would know the most about BL, they all point at Sugita, which he agrees saying “Well I do appear in BL media after all” He notes that the amount of BL work he’s been doing has been decreasing lately though :O

– Sugita: “You look forward to rain for sports days not because they get cancelled, but because the girl’s gym clothes get wet!” ahaha

– Sugita’s greeting to each of the three female seiyuu were:

KitaEri: “Ah the Blood+ Girl”

Shindou Kei: “That was a wonderful greeting ojou-sama”(Gundam 00’s Wang Liu Mei)

Maita’s one was censored lol.

– They do a skit on the show and Sugita’s role is the sound effects lol. Why is he making sucking and slurping noises in a romantic Kokonoe X Aoki scene?? lawl

– When Aoki calls Kokonoe “Baka” KitaEri goes into M mode and says “I love it when you call me baka” and starts laughing hysterically lol.

It’s rare to see a radio combination like this. Sugita mentions that he was unsure of how the show would turn out before he guested, but he had fun in the end so it’s all good. Fun to listen to. There were also a lot of BL fun between Sugita and Majima ahaha. OTL

Nebula (Navel x Lantis Radio) #144

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Hosts: Gotou Yuuko, Ogihara Hideki
Guests: Sugita Tomokazu ( + Nishimata Aoi, who comes in later)
Date: 2008.04.15

Radio hosted by Gotou Yuuko and Ogihara Hideki. I wrote something about the history of the show and how long it’s been going for but Soup ate it up so I can’t be bothered to rewrite it. Apparently scrolling too far down the page gets rid of whatever you had up at the top. /rage

Basically, it’s a radio show that’s been airing since 2005.07.18 and it continues to this date. Oh and Ogihara Hideki voiced Rin’s friend Midoriba Itsuki in SHUFFLE!

The episode has them talking mostly about SHUFFLE!

– Sugita’s mum loves watching bishoujo anime lol, and really enjoyed SHUFFLE! hah. Sugita mentions that when she saw Kaede going all yandere she was all like “Whoa what happened to her??” Gotou then apologises to Sugita’s mom lol.

– They talk about how scary Kaede got, in particular her eyes. Gotou apologises lol.

– Gotou asks Nishimata what was her first impression of Sugita, and she replies “Err well.. He’s a wonderful person” What a stock standard reply lol.

They ask Sugita if he wants to come again next week on the show, and they pretty much organise it on air lol, that’s kinda rare, they often tell the guest to come again but it’s mostly decided before or after they’ve done airing the show.

Kawasumi Ayako no Best Communication #50

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Host: Kawasumi Ayako ( + Noto Mamiko as an “assistant”)
Guest: Sugita Tomokazu
Date: 2001.12.19

Dubbed as an “Internet Television” show back then but is more like a present day radio show + video. It’s hosted by Kawasumi Ayako as the main personality with her “cute airheaded rookie seiyuu assistant” Noto Mamiko(lol). This was done in 2001 so Sugita and Mamiko were both 21 and Ayako was 25 at the time. Incidentally this is the final episode of the show.

The show is split into different sections, with the people changing as well. Mamiko sits out for a couple and Sugita sits out for another couple.

Also, lol at Sugita’s T-shirt.

– Sugita’s a really new rookie at the time but he’s as free as ever lol. GJ Sugita!

– People send in mail saying they don’t know who Sugita is lol. A lot of things change in nine years don’t they hah.

– He promotes the two shows he’s currently performing in with the other two as X with Mamiko and Ayashi no Ceres with Ayako. He also talks about appearing in “A new series that’s about to air called ‘Onegai Teacher'” lol that’s nostalgic.

– Mamiko’s first impression of Sugita was someone who seemed serious at first, but then suddenly says something funny, she found that a bit mysterious about him.

– Sugita does his Wakamoto imitation, to the other two’s delight lol.

– Back then Sugita was only doing voices for villains and his mother was complaining to him about that lol. Presently Sugita’s been mostly doing good guys now if I recall correctly though. Other than Macross Frontier that is.

– Ayako tells Sugita that he doesn’t seem like a young person, and more like an old man lol.

– Sugita says that when he gets drunk he doesn’t change that much.

– Sugita’s voice has gone lower in these nine years lol.

– Mamiko being teased for being an airhead was pretty cute <3

– Sugita still makes references regardless of if the other personalities will pick up on it hah.

– Ayako finishes up the program saying “Well as everyone can see, Sugita is a pretty strange person” and she plays a 20 second or so song that she made about him on piano ahaha.

– The translation of the lyrics go something like this:

“Sugita-kun is a very strange person, he always has a troubled face. But he has a very good voice, he’s a very mysterious person.” lol that’s so Nodame-like Ayacchi~

Interestingly, Sugita and Mamiko’s careers moved at pretty much the same pace. They had both debuted at a similar time, Sugita at 1999 and Mamiko at 1998, at this time they were very new rookie seiyuu with barely 1 regular role to date in their career and had only been in the industry for a couple of years. Similarly their career started skyrocketing at a similar time in 2003/2004. Ayako, as the main personality of the show herself was already a pretty prolific and well established seiyuu at this point.

Hanamaru Youchien Radio Gumi #7

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Hosts: Takagaki Ayahi, MAKO, Shindou Kei
Guest: Hino Satoshi
Date: 2010.03.01

“Hanamaru Kindergarten Radio Group” hosted by Takagaki Ayahi (Hiiragi), MAKO (Koume) and Shindou Kei (Anzu). All three of them aren’t always present though, most of the time it has only two of them decided pretty randomly. Hino is the first guest to come on the radio, on their 7th episode :O.

What I’m really interested in is the Hino x Rie stuff I’ve heard about the episode lol. I’ve always been a huge fan of Zero no Tsukaima Radio hosted by Hino Satoshi and Kugimiya Rie so I love the combination of these two, they’ve got great chemistry together.

Although I’m pretty sure they’re not a couple, it’s always fun to dream <3 lol

– From the start they were given paper to make origami out of.

– Hino recalls that Mako adlibbed quite a bit while recording for Koume.

– Hino got a call from his mum asking if he’s married to Kugimiya Rie ahaha. He said “No, we’re not even dating!” too bad Hino x Rie fans lol. He does say that they’re really close friends though.

I’m amused to see the rumour reach so far to the point of his parents asking him if he’s married to her haha. Seems like he’s been asked by a lot of his relatives and people he knows too lol.

HinoRie 終了

– Hino says “Unexpectedly, aren’t girls rooms more messier than boys rooms?” the other three are inclined to agree, but not completely lol.

– Hino notes that he used to play alot of games but hasn’t at all recently, he wonders if it’s due to his age lol. You’re only 32 Hino-chama!

– A listener asks if Hino and Tsucchi have much in common and the three of them ask “Do you like big boobs?” ahaha. He responds by saying he puts the shape and look of them in a higher priority than size! lol

– A listener sends in a mail asking if he was overseas while he was in kindergarten and how it might have differed from a japanese kindergarten. The other three are surprised to find out that Hino was born overseas. He was born in California but only lived there till he was 5 years old or so. He says he can’t speak english while he was there.

– They say “Hello!” to him a few times like they’re talking to a kid and he’s like “Are you making fun of me??” ahah.

– Hino says that they celebrated alot of events over there, such as Halloween and Easter. Interestingly enough the three girls didn’t know what the easter activities were and were confused when he mentioned “Easter eggs”.

– He also said that Christmas was different in that they went to other peoples house to have a home party, rather than the romantic couples night that it’s known for in Japan.

– Hino says he dressed as Superman and Spiderman for halloween and went trick or treating.

– When Hino mentions he has a little sister MAKO asks if they’re “rabu rabu” loool.

– When asked what happens to Hino when he’s drunk he says that he doesn’t really change much and he’s often looking after people when everyone get’s too drunk. He says that recently he’s been getting sleepy though after drinking.

Hino was tsukkomi’ing the three of them throughout the whole show lol. Fun fun! Also I’d like to add that Hino acted pretty cool this episode hah.

Kikeba IiJyan! Shugo Chara!dio #11

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Hosts: Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae
Date: 2008.06.10

Asumi  can be so evil sometimes lol <3 They make fun of how they don’t seem to be on good terms with each other sometimes but everyone knows they’re all close, they all go out with each other in their private time after all <3

– Kanae misreads an easy kanji and Asumi says “Oh well, Kanae is a elementary school student afterall!” lol Kanae tries to get that part cut out but it’s there in all it’s glory hah.

– First corner up is Ieba Ii Jyan! Where they adlib lines according to a scene and a character type that each of them pull out of a box. The loser takes a batsu game of saying an embarassing line prepared by the staff.

– The scene is when a girl catches her boyfriend cheating on her. the characters they pulled out are:

Nanae: A mean grandma (LOL Nanae always pulls out the grandma characters ahahha this must be 4 out of 5 times now?)

Kanae: Air headed and child like

Asumi: Ancient japanese princess

Aki: Super sexy night life nee-san character (ahaha)

– First up is Aki: Aki’s onee-san voice! \o/ she breaks out into laughter right as soon as she finishes hah. She also adds sound effects and stage directions, which she adds and reads out herself lol.

– Kanae’s was really cute asdkfjasfl;kajsdf

– Aki lost in the end ahaha batsu-game time!!

– The batsu game was to say something in a way that would “Make the cheating boyfriend come back to you” lol

– Aki says “…You’re the one I love the most~~!” tearfully. Asumi says “Ahh… well.. That’s so straightforward I don’t know how to react to that batsu game result…” to Aki ‘s dismay lol. Asumi you can be such a bully sometimes <3.

– The love consultation corner comes back as a regular corner as I suspected :O Asumi seems to be the main host with her onee-san voice lol.

– A 7 year old female listener sends in a mail asking what is it like to fall in love and Asumi answers saying some wonderful things such as “Falling in love is like… Being reborn again!” while the other three snickers in the background, and Asumi herself sometimes laughing and breaking the nee-san character ahaha.

Sometimes I think poor Aki gets pretty down from them teasing her so much :( Don’t worry Aki! Everyone teases you because they love you~

Kikeba IiJyan! Shugo Chara!dio #10

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Hosts: Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae
Date: 2008.05.14


The continuation of an event recording. The event is a special live audience recording for people who had purchased the DVD box of the first season.

– A running gag on the radio is to respond to Nanae with “Are you angry?” whenever she does/say anything not quite genki lol. They must do it every episode, since she’s probably the least enthusiastic about anything out of all of them.

– I’m pretty sure the audience are all male AniOtas and not little children lololol OTL

– First episode is “Catch the Feeling” …Of which Aki is on her last point before needing to do the batsu game lol.

– Curses, the theme is to do with the four seiyuu doing poses… Ie. Radio listeners have no idea what’s happening OTL

– Poor Aki is always being teased in the radio lol.

– The poses were “Reaction when meeting a bear in the woods”, “Waking up one morning and finding out they’ve changed into a boy (lol Aki mentions something about a pose she can’t do here like this, what pose Aki? What? ahaha)” and “Special attack pose”,

– Aki talks Kanae into doing the sexy komanechi with her hah.

– Aki doesn’t lose any points but doesn’t win as well so she’s still on 1 point. I don’t want Aki to lose but… I want to see her take the Batsu game lol >:D

– The four of them switched to onee-san voices for the next corner “Love Consultation”, a corner made especially for the event, though I think I’ve heard it elsewhere before, perhaps it becomes a recurring corner later on, They kept making fun at each other’s change in voice and personalities lol.

Next episode has them back at the recording studio. Live recording are normally fun but these two were pretttty visual oriented which alienates the radio audience so I’m kinda glad it’s over. It’d be really fun to see it in person though lol I wish I could see the poses Kanae did <3

Seiyuu DO #18

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Host: Imanami Yuusuke
Guest: Tomokazu Sugita
Date: 2009.12.10

Seiyuu DO is an hour-long radio show hosted by Imanami Yuusuke, a non-seiyuu radio personality, that’s centred around getting to know the seiyuu that guests on the show, it’s interesting due to how it’s more like an interview rather than a normal radio talk program and it’s a great show for learning various things about the seiyuu guest’s background as well as who they are as a person. It has been airing fortnightly since its start on 2009.04.16 and to this day it’s currently at its 34th episode.

They’ve had many other big seiyuu on the show, starting off with Suzumura Kenichi while their latest episode has Toyoguchi Megumi. Other guests that have guested that I can name off the top of my head are Kikuko Inoue, Kitamura Eri, Nakahara Mai, Shintani Ryouko, Ohara Sayaka, and so on.

– Sugita is told that his Dedooon radio show’s popularity is rather significant and he replies saying he doesn’t really know much about that side of it. He also notes that his pay doesn’t increase depending on it’s viewership lol. He does mention that his “more interesting requests” sometimes get granted on the show as a kind of reward though.

– The first time Sugita recognised a seiyuu by voice was Wakamoto Norio’s voice when Sugita was a child. The character he saw him play was Cell in DragonBall Z :O Though he didn’t know his name until much later.

– Sugita mentions that he’s noticed the expectations people have of him when it’s his turn to talk or so. Such as situations in a cast interview where people think “Next up is Sugita, he’ll probably do something interesting”

– Sugita’s parents weren’t against him becoming a seiyuu but they told him to at least attend university it seems.

– After high school and before going to University, Sugita ronin’d for a year. This was when he started studying to be a seiyuu.

– He talks about the dancing lessons he had :O He found the lessons pretty difficult.

– Sugita debuted while he was attending university.

– Sugita notes that his first voice work was narration work in his agency, work unrelated to anime. He also says he didn’t get paid for it and did it for experience.

– When asked what was his first paid job he says “Cybuster”. Sugita notes that everyone was older than him and he didn’t have any other seiyuu acquaintances at the time.

– Random bit of trivia: Ayashi no Ceres recordings were done on Saturdays.

– He mentions that the first time he met Nakamura Yuuichi (though he didn’t explicitly say his name until later in the episode) was in 2001, in Dennou Boukenki Web Diver, a kid’s anime. He said it was the first time he met someone his age at a recording and then became friends with him pretty quickly.

– When asked if Sugita had a senpai that doted and looked after him when he was just starting he replies that everyone was really nice to him so not really one in particular. He mentions that young male voice actors were rare at the time so he attracted a bit of attention there.

– While he was describing the cast of Web Diver he said “A really nice guy the same age as me was there” AKA. Nakamura lol

– He notes that he doesn’t meet up with Nakamura that often at recordings due to both of them never holding a regular spot in the same anime ever since Web Diver. Until Macross Frontier.

– Sugita mentions a time when he had to dance the dance that showed on a certain ending theme. Definitely Haruhi lol.

Overall an interesting episode and a nice look into how Sugita’s experiences were as a seiyuu when he had just started, if I have the will and time, perhaps I’ll go through the other episodes as well.

Zoku BlazBlue Radio #06

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Hosts: Tomokazu Sugita, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Takahashi Chiaki
Date: 2010.08.12

Second time that the eroqueen Takahashi Chiaki has guested. The last time had quite a bit of ero material but nothing compared to the amount that Koyama Tsuyoshi pulled out lol.

– A fan sends in a mail about how he became a fan of Imai from maining her character Tsubaki. The person reading the letter out was none other than Imai herself… And she felt a bit embarassed saying it out lol.

– A listener sends in a mail despairing about how the girls have got dakimakuras.. But why doesn’t Ragna have one! OTL

– Sugita says “To be blunt, Litchi is the strongest character”. Yeahhh she’s pretty overpowered in CS isn’t she lol.

– I didn’t notice it before but Chiaki and Imai are pretty close friends. The jabs they take at each other are pretty hilarious. Now that I think about it, I’ve heard them together on IdolMaster Radio before, thats probably got something to do with it.

– The drawing corner has a picture of Litchi thinking this episode, instead of a random circle or rectangle.

– I love Sugita’s imitations of Kakihara Tetsuya. HYAAHH—!

– They didn’t announce who was coming to guest for the next episode but they did say that they plan to have one.

And with this episode the day I’ve dreaded has come… I’ve caught up to all the episodes that’s aired to date and have no more to listen to :(

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