Seiyuu DO #18

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Host: Imanami Yuusuke
Guest: Tomokazu Sugita
Date: 2009.12.10

Seiyuu DO is an hour-long radio show hosted by Imanami Yuusuke, a non-seiyuu radio personality, that’s centred around getting to know the seiyuu that guests on the show, it’s interesting due to how it’s more like an interview rather than a normal radio talk program and it’s a great show for learning various things about the seiyuu guest’s background as well as who they are as a person. It has been airing fortnightly since its start on 2009.04.16 and to this day it’s currently at its 34th episode.

They’ve had many other big seiyuu on the show, starting off with Suzumura Kenichi while their latest episode has Toyoguchi Megumi. Other guests that have guested that I can name off the top of my head are Kikuko Inoue, Kitamura Eri, Nakahara Mai, Shintani Ryouko, Ohara Sayaka, and so on.

– Sugita is told that his Dedooon radio show’s popularity is rather significant and he replies saying he doesn’t really know much about that side of it. He also notes that his pay doesn’t increase depending on it’s viewership lol. He does mention that his “more interesting requests” sometimes get granted on the show as a kind of reward though.

– The first time Sugita recognised a seiyuu by voice was Wakamoto Norio’s voice when Sugita was a child. The character he saw him play was Cell in DragonBall Z :O Though he didn’t know his name until much later.

– Sugita mentions that he’s noticed the expectations people have of him when it’s his turn to talk or so. Such as situations in a cast interview where people think “Next up is Sugita, he’ll probably do something interesting”

– Sugita’s parents weren’t against him becoming a seiyuu but they told him to at least attend university it seems.

– After high school and before going to University, Sugita ronin’d for a year. This was when he started studying to be a seiyuu.

– He talks about the dancing lessons he had :O He found the lessons pretty difficult.

– Sugita debuted while he was attending university.

– Sugita notes that his first voice work was narration work in his agency, work unrelated to anime. He also says he didn’t get paid for it and did it for experience.

– When asked what was his first paid job he says “Cybuster”. Sugita notes that everyone was older than him and he didn’t have any other seiyuu acquaintances at the time.

– Random bit of trivia: Ayashi no Ceres recordings were done on Saturdays.

– He mentions that the first time he met Nakamura Yuuichi (though he didn’t explicitly say his name until later in the episode) was in 2001, in Dennou Boukenki Web Diver, a kid’s anime. He said it was the first time he met someone his age at a recording and then became friends with him pretty quickly.

– When asked if Sugita had a senpai that doted and looked after him when he was just starting he replies that everyone was really nice to him so not really one in particular. He mentions that young male voice actors were rare at the time so he attracted a bit of attention there.

– While he was describing the cast of Web Diver he said “A really nice guy the same age as me was there” AKA. Nakamura lol

– He notes that he doesn’t meet up with Nakamura that often at recordings due to both of them never holding a regular spot in the same anime ever since Web Diver. Until Macross Frontier.

– Sugita mentions a time when he had to dance the dance that showed on a certain ending theme. Definitely Haruhi lol.

Overall an interesting episode and a nice look into how Sugita’s experiences were as a seiyuu when he had just started, if I have the will and time, perhaps I’ll go through the other episodes as well.

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