Kikeba IiJyan! Shugo Chara!dio #10

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Hosts: Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae
Date: 2008.05.14


The continuation of an event recording. The event is a special live audience recording for people who had purchased the DVD box of the first season.

– A running gag on the radio is to respond to Nanae with “Are you angry?” whenever she does/say anything not quite genki lol. They must do it every episode, since she’s probably the least enthusiastic about anything out of all of them.

– I’m pretty sure the audience are all male AniOtas and not little children lololol OTL

– First episode is “Catch the Feeling” …Of which Aki is on her last point before needing to do the batsu game lol.

– Curses, the theme is to do with the four seiyuu doing poses… Ie. Radio listeners have no idea what’s happening OTL

– Poor Aki is always being teased in the radio lol.

– The poses were “Reaction when meeting a bear in the woods”, “Waking up one morning and finding out they’ve changed into a boy (lol Aki mentions something about a pose she can’t do here like this, what pose Aki? What? ahaha)” and “Special attack pose”,

– Aki talks Kanae into doing the sexy komanechi with her hah.

– Aki doesn’t lose any points but doesn’t win as well so she’s still on 1 point. I don’t want Aki to lose but… I want to see her take the Batsu game lol >:D

– The four of them switched to onee-san voices for the next corner “Love Consultation”, a corner made especially for the event, though I think I’ve heard it elsewhere before, perhaps it becomes a recurring corner later on, They kept making fun at each other’s change in voice and personalities lol.

Next episode has them back at the recording studio. Live recording are normally fun but these two were pretttty visual oriented which alienates the radio audience so I’m kinda glad it’s over. It’d be really fun to see it in person though lol I wish I could see the poses Kanae did <3

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