Kikeba IiJyan! Shugo Chara!dio #11

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Hosts: Itou Kanae, Toyosaki Aki, Asumi Kana, Katou Nanae
Date: 2008.06.10

Asumi  can be so evil sometimes lol <3 They make fun of how they don’t seem to be on good terms with each other sometimes but everyone knows they’re all close, they all go out with each other in their private time after all <3

– Kanae misreads an easy kanji and Asumi says “Oh well, Kanae is a elementary school student afterall!” lol Kanae tries to get that part cut out but it’s there in all it’s glory hah.

– First corner up is Ieba Ii Jyan! Where they adlib lines according to a scene and a character type that each of them pull out of a box. The loser takes a batsu game of saying an embarassing line prepared by the staff.

– The scene is when a girl catches her boyfriend cheating on her. the characters they pulled out are:

Nanae: A mean grandma (LOL Nanae always pulls out the grandma characters ahahha this must be 4 out of 5 times now?)

Kanae: Air headed and child like

Asumi: Ancient japanese princess

Aki: Super sexy night life nee-san character (ahaha)

– First up is Aki: Aki’s onee-san voice! \o/ she breaks out into laughter right as soon as she finishes hah. She also adds sound effects and stage directions, which she adds and reads out herself lol.

– Kanae’s was really cute asdkfjasfl;kajsdf

– Aki lost in the end ahaha batsu-game time!!

– The batsu game was to say something in a way that would “Make the cheating boyfriend come back to you” lol

– Aki says “…You’re the one I love the most~~!” tearfully. Asumi says “Ahh… well.. That’s so straightforward I don’t know how to react to that batsu game result…” to Aki ‘s dismay lol. Asumi you can be such a bully sometimes <3.

– The love consultation corner comes back as a regular corner as I suspected :O Asumi seems to be the main host with her onee-san voice lol.

– A 7 year old female listener sends in a mail asking what is it like to fall in love and Asumi answers saying some wonderful things such as “Falling in love is like… Being reborn again!” while the other three snickers in the background, and Asumi herself sometimes laughing and breaking the nee-san character ahaha.

Sometimes I think poor Aki gets pretty down from them teasing her so much :( Don’t worry Aki! Everyone teases you because they love you~

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