Kodomo no Jikan Radio Nigakki #39

August 27th, 2010 § 0 comments

Hosts: Kadowaki Mai, Kitamura Eri, Shindou Kei
Guests: Sugita Tomokazu, Majima Junji
Date: 2009.07.24

Radio hosted by Kadowaki Mai (Mimi), Kitamura Eri (Kokonoe), Shindou Kei (Kuro). This episode’s guests are Majima Junji (Aoki Daisuke) and Sugita Tomokazu (Reiji).

– Sugita says he would prefer to play card games with Nakamura than to go out on a date with a girl lol.

– When a listener asks who would know the most about BL, they all point at Sugita, which he agrees saying “Well I do appear in BL media after all” He notes that the amount of BL work he’s been doing has been decreasing lately though :O

– Sugita: “You look forward to rain for sports days not because they get cancelled, but because the girl’s gym clothes get wet!” ahaha

– Sugita’s greeting to each of the three female seiyuu were:

KitaEri: “Ah the Blood+ Girl”

Shindou Kei: “That was a wonderful greeting ojou-sama”(Gundam 00’s Wang Liu Mei)

Maita’s one was censored lol.

– They do a skit on the show and Sugita’s role is the sound effects lol. Why is he making sucking and slurping noises in a romantic Kokonoe X Aoki scene?? lawl

– When Aoki calls Kokonoe “Baka” KitaEri goes into M mode and says “I love it when you call me baka” and starts laughing hysterically lol.

It’s rare to see a radio combination like this. Sugita mentions that he was unsure of how the show would turn out before he guested, but he had fun in the end so it’s all good. Fun to listen to. There were also a lot of BL fun between Sugita and Majima ahaha. OTL

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