Sugita Tomokazu no Anigera! DeDooon #37

August 28th, 2010 § 0 comments


Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, SP Tanaka
Guests: Umino Chika (+ Nakamura Yuuichi as a surprise later on)
Date: 2010.08.26

Guest on this week’s Dedooon is Umino Chika, Honey and Clover’s mangaka. Interestingly enough Kamiya was also there, though not as a guest. He came into the studio but didn’t talk much, probably something to do with pay and other business related things, he came along just to play after all :)

– Sugita says Gatou Shouji (Full Metal Panic’s writer) has one of the coolest voices out of the other creators he’s heard.

– Kamiya starts talking more when the video game playing corner comes on. He goes back to silent after it ends though.

– Sugita asks Umino to draw AGRS there. :O

Incidentally, this was what she drew:

– Nakamura Yuuichi comes in as a surprise guest 40 minutes into the show to celebrate Umino’s birthday! :D

– The three of them sing a really low song for her, it wasn’t happy birthday too lol.

– Umino sounded really happy, how wonderful <3.

Nakamura had work right before coming so he had to come late, it’s nice he arrived as early as he could though.

Also, if anyone was curious, the name of this radio comes from a merge of “Anime, Game, Radio” for “Anigera” and “Dedooon” is just the sound effect for an explosion.

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