Zoku BlazBlue Radio #05

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Suwabe Junichi
Date: 2010.07.29

This episode has Relius Clover’s seiyuu Suwabe Junichi guesting.

– Isomura seems to be there at the studio lol, they should just get her to come in if she’s already there!

– Suwabe says that he researched the radio on the net and stuff when he got the news that he’d be guesting on the show and found some people saying “Apparently ‘Suwabe Junichi’ is guesting on the show… Who’s that?” to the other three’s surprise. Pfft!

– Kanako says she had to write a picture diary in middle school… Which is an assignment normally reserved for elementary school students lol.

– Suwabe says that the other day there was a really good wind that flipped a girl’s skirt that he was passing by. He noted that the girl was wearing striped blue panties~ lol

– Suwabe mentions that he used to work part time at a game center a loong time ago.

Zoku BlazBlue Radio #04

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Isomura Tomomi
Date: 2010.07.15

Yeah, I did end up relistening to the previous episode where Nakamura Yuuichi guested lol.

– Sugita starts off with a Shuffle Reference. Ahh Shuffle, how nostalgic~

– Kanako guested on Imai’s radio show “SSG” with the producer of the show but it was initially supposed to have been Kanako as well as Sugita but Sugita couldn’t make it. That’s a shame :( I wonder if they’ll try and get them together for SSG again.

– Sugita makes another Shuffle reference. The scene where Kaede was stirring the empty pot lol. Yeahhh I bet that left an impression on him as well lol.

– Sugita notes that the BGM for the Ao no Chikara corner sounds like Excel Saga. I was thinking the same thing lol. Also Isomura agreed with him.

– They talk a bit about Touhou at Comiket. Sugita ask’s Isomura if she’s a “Marisa Person”

– Sugita calls Hazama’s “Down C” attack “2C” It goes to show how well Sugita knows fighting games and it’s theory :D

– Isomura says she prefers Yuri over BL lol.

– Sugita and Imai laments “why wasn’t Isomura born a boy! You and Sugita could be best friends, hanging out at your place playing games, calling up Nakamura as well”

– Imai then changes it to “How about if Sugita was a girl, from now on you can be Sugiko!” Lol

– Kanako makes alot of mistakes while reading out the ending script lol.

– Seems like it was Kanako’s birthday and they celebrated it with a cake there. \o/

Isomura is a pretty big fan of anime and all things otaku so she matches up really well with Sugita’s references lol. There were heaps of references flying around from both Isomura and Sugita this episode. Heaps. It’s fun to have an equally as otaku friend that you can just chuck references around with isn’t it :)

P.S. I only just noticed that there are no more Battle Battle corners in Zoku BluRaji :( I loved that corner.

Mikako@PayoPayo #320

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Host: Takahashi Mikako
Guest: Ono Daisuke
Date: 2007.08.30

I used to be an avid listener of Mikako@PayoPayo a long while back but I kinda lost interest. This was an episode I recorded back when it aired but I never got around to listening to it. This episode has Ono Daisuke guesting in a live audience recording.

I loved listening to PayoPayo due to the guests she had come on to the show every week. Many seiyuu have guested on the show, the ones I can name just off the top of my head from back when I did listen to it are Sugita Tomokazu, Kamiya Hiroshi, Horie Yui, Nakahara Mai, Itou Shizuka, Inoue Marina, Hanazawa Kana, Yukana, you get the idea. Interestingly enough, her guests include those other than seiyuu as well, staff members and manga authors have come to guest on her show on several occasions. The show continues to this date at its 471st episode. It seems like Itou Shizuka guested on the show again just a fortnight ago as well.

– Seems like there’s a lot of female fans in the audience. Or at least they’re the most vocally responsive to OnoD’s antics lol.

– One of Mikako’s staff comes out to read out the quiz for one of her corners. He greets everyone with “Kimo Kimo” instead of “Payo Payo” and all I hear are male voices greeting him back with it. Lol I then thought “Maybe I was wrong in thinking that there were a large female audience present…” Mikako then says “Hey I think all the girls just got creeped out by him” explaining why all you could hear were male voices hah.

– One of the mail sent in by a listener asks “Where does everyone’s Kimo Kakkoii impression of him come from?” OnoD responds by describing his role in Minami-ke, the famous Hosaka lol, as well as other roles that were pretty kimoi lol.

– The two talk about the IdolMaster recording where there are a lot of female seiyuu and that they tease him by calling him “Handsome” in english lol. Mikako quotes: “Handsome~ go buy us some bread!” lol

– OnoD says that it happened in Nanoha as well. One time he had left some bread outside of the recording booth to eat afterwards and Nakahara Mai just ate it without asking him lol. The other seiyuu were like “Oh who’s bread is that?” Mai: “Ono-kun’s” and they all start eating it as well lol. It’s a sign of popularity OnoD~ ahaha

– He also talks about a time when he bought a ham and egg sandwich and left it outside and when he came back to get it the egg was gone and only the ham was left. The culprit was Nakahara Mai again lol. He then went to tell Nakamura Yuuichi what happened and Nakamura replied saying “Oh I gave her the green light to do it” ahaha. Sounds like Nanoha was a fun recording~

– OnoD tells Mikako that “She shines the most when she’s eating” to her confusion.

Mikako gets along well with pretty much everyone so her radio shows usually goes along smoothly. There were a lot of talk about the recordings in Idolmaster and Nanoha so it was a pretty interesting listen. OnoD is always fun to listen to as well :)

Moetan Listening Radio #7

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Hosts: Morinaga Rika, Tomatsu Haruka
Guest: Nomico (+ Patora?)
Date: 2007.08.17

Moetan Radio hosted by Morinaga Rika(Ruriko) and Tomatsu Haruka(Sumi). It’s a funny little radio in which they do a lot of corners that have a big english theme. It’s fun to hear the two seiyuu struggle with english <3

– Nomico is so cute on radio <3 Though I can’t say I like her song on Moetan, I thoroughly enjoy her doujin work (BAD APPLE!! <3)

– Nomico promotes her debut single under Lantis, “Skip”, which was the ending theme for Moetan.

– Nomico says she watches Moetan and her favourite character was Ink, but then switched to Tomacchan’s character, Sumi.

– Nomico leaves halfway through the show :( I was hoping she’d participate in the lovely Engrish corners but no such luck lol

– The corner that comes up is the one where they speak engl/rish :D

First english line is: “If I had a girl, I would name her Ink.”

– When asked if she’d prefer having a boy or a girl Tomacchan says she wants a boy and a girl, an elder brother and a little sister.

– Tomacchan: “If I had a boy I’d name him… Hie! ”

– Rika says that if she had a child she’d name him “Pochi”

Tomacchan: That’s a dog’s name! He’ll definitely get teased in school!

She then changed to Soichiro, named after a dog lol.

Rika: “If he asks why he was given that name I’d tell him that it was because I wanted him to grow strong… But it would really be that he was named after a dog haha! I’d never tell him that, I’d carry that secret to my grave!”

– Tomacchan struggles with the engrish lol. She was still a high schooler back then after all.

– Next line is “After this battle is over, I’m getting married”

For those who don’t recognise it, it’s a well known “Death Flag” line for a character to say. Tomacchan doesn’t realise this and she exclaims “Wow that’s so cool!” To which Rika replies: “Well it’s not so much a positive thing than a negative thing…” to Tomatsu’s surprise.

– They then start talking about death flags in media, Tomacchan seems really entertained by the subject, she laughs so hysterically when Rika also mentions other death flags such as “When a character doesn’t stand out starts to take a larger role in the story”, “When a character doesn’t talk much starts talking a lot, it’s about time for him to kick it”, “When an ero couple appears in a horror film, they’ll probably die”, etc.

– Next up is Easy Conversation. What’s interesting about this corner is that they bring a foreigner who doesn’t speak japanese and they have to communicate and explain otaku concepts to her in english only lol. It’s pretty hilarious.

– The theme of this episode is “BL” lol.

– Tomacchan is surprised to hear that there’s BL content in comiket hah.

– Rika says “There’s no such girl who hates BL” to which Haruka screams out “LIES!! Really?!! Really??” yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh your so wrooong Rikaaa.

Rika then says to Tomacchan “You don’t hate it right?” and she replies “Umm… Yeahhhh….” lolol

– They ask Patora if she knows what BL is. They describe it to her as

[Rika: “Well theres a boy, let’s say his name is A-kun, and a girl her name is Ink-chan. That’s a normal couple.”

Patora: “Okay.”

Rika: “Then there’s a boy, his name is A-kun, and a boy, his name is Ka-kun”

Patora: “….Homosexuals?”]

Rika then goes on to say that the term only applies to 2D. Patora then asks Rika “Do you like BL” and she replies “Yes I like BL” haha

– Rika then tries to explain what a fujoshi is, translating it into english as “Fu-girl”, she then gives up and passes the baton to poor Tomacchan to explain it to the confused Patora ahah.

– Tomacchan starts mixing gaijin accented japanese words into her english to try and get across what she’s trying to say ahaha. That’s not helping Tomacchan~

I’m laughing so much while listening to this. They give up soon after and so ends the corner.

I’ve forgotten how fun Moetan Radio was lol. It’s a shame that Nomico left without participating in the engrish corners but Tomacchan and Rika struggling was still as amusing as ever to listen to.

Sugita Tomokazu no Anigera! DeDoooon #36

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Host: Sugita Tomokazu
Assistants: SP Tanaka, SP Satou, Asakura
Guest: Satou Rina
Date: 2010.08.12
Satou Rina guesting on Sugita’s radio show, Anigera Dedooon. The show has multiple regular members, Sugita, SP Tanaka, SP Satou and Asakura. Additionally there’s a recorded voice “AI” thing called “AGRS” that chips in a word or two (such as “Baka baka!”, “Hentai!” etc.) occasionally throughout the show. SatoRina and Sugita had been talking quite a bit on twitter about the show previously to this point so I’m interested to hear how the show went.

– The show’s greeting is “Dedoooon” when SatoRina said it she sounded kinda off and Sugita apologised for the embarassing greeting lol.

– This is one of the rare times that they’ve had a female guest on the show. If I recall correctly, the last time they had one was Yukana, and the only female seiyuu before that was Sanpei Yuuko. I think they’ve had female non-seiyuu guests a couple of times though such as Honey and Clover’s manga-ka among others.
– The two of them talk briefly about a new series that they’re both appearing in together that has alot of pressure being put on them. I wonder what it is? Perhaps Index 2? ….Fractale?

– One of the mail had Misaka’s line “Denki ha Taisetsu ne? BiriBiri” at the end and SatoRina repeated it in Misaka mode :D

– Sugita recalls that SatoRina appeared about two times on Honey and Clover as random characters, to which she’s surprised that he remembers.

SatoRina: “I’m really surprised you remembered!”

Sugita: “Well I can’t not recognise that wonderful voice, me and Kamiya [Hiroshi] were talking about it”

SatoRina: “I’m really really surprised, I just spoke some really small lines… Thanks”

Sugita: “Ah sorry for being kinda creepy”

Lol I love it when Sugita fanboys over other seiyuu <3

– Oh I never realised that Sugita voiced Garfield in the japanese dub of that Garfield Movie :O Lol Apparently he did alot of adlibbing in that recording.

– Sugita makes fun of Haruhi’s Endless Eight lol. [In mock anger]”They’re not the same! There’s differences between each of them!” Also on a more serious note, he mentions that they recorded each episode separately instead of recycling previous recordings.

– Lol Mizuki Nana’s Take A Chance is the BGM for one of the show’s corners.

– Sugita talks about how he laughed when he found out SatoRina’s role in Mayoi Neko was the character “Satou” as well as the combination of her and Arai Satomi as the two maids.

Overall it was a fun episode. They spoke a bit about twitter in the end which was pretty interesting. SatoRina asked to be invited again to which Sugita responded “Oh you don’t want to say that, we actually will invite you again if you do” lol. On top of that there’s SatoRina’s tweet that was retweeted by Sugita:

“ディッシュ!よろしく!!だよー!またゲスト行きたいので…(笑)ディドゥーーン!!” that also asked to be called on again so lets hope they do guest her again :D

Zoku BlazBlue Radio #02

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Nomura Kenji
Date: 2010.06.17

This episode’s guest is Tager’s seiyuu Nomura Kenji. I haven’t actually heard him on radio before so I’m unsure what to expect.

– Sugita makes a Railgun reference at the very start heh.

– Sugita mentions that he was with Nomura in his very first debut role in Cybuster on 1999. (As a side note, Sugita isn’t credited there on ANN so I guess he was a minor character)

– Kanako misread one of the words last time in the description of Kagutsuchi Dojo and the staff changed the script to include her stuff up on paper this time lol. She got teased about it again hah.

– Sugita and Imai whispers “Precure! Heart Catch!” in the background of Noel Poem lol

Nomura Kenji didn’t talk as much in the second half lol, the three of them started talking about other games like Final Fantasy and stuff hah. Nakamura Yuuichi guesting on the next episode. I might listen to it again for fun heh.

Zoku BlazBlue Radio #01

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Date: 2010.06.03

New season of BlazBlue radio, the last episode done in a recording studio was on 2009.09.17, over 9 months ago so quite a bit of time has passed. The first episode of BlazBlue Radio was released on 2009.04, it’s nice to see that BlazBlue Radio is still going :D

– They pretend that it’s been over 40 years since BlazBlue radio ended by putting on grandpa and grandma voices lol

– Listener sends in a mail with an image he drew saying he’s only been drawing for half a year and not to expect too much. As if he drew that with only half a year of practiceeeeeeesdlfkadsfjk.

– They introduce a new corner with the new season, one that I already saw in the episode with Nakamura Yuuichi. “Shikan Gakkou Art Classroom” where theyre given a random sketch/scribble and they have to draw something out of it according to a theme.

– This episode has a circle as the base scribble.

– The winner of the corner has their picture stuck up on the background for all the later episodes, to which Imai tries to warn Sugita not to draw anything “funny” lol

– The theme of the corner was “A Man’s Battle”

– Imai drew something to do with figure skating and went on and on explaining her picture and the staff fastforwarded it lol.

– Kanako drew the earth out of the circle.

– Imai wins and has her picture stuck on the back.

– Next is also a new corner “Kore wa Ao no Chikara da” which is named after Ragna’s special move. When Ragna lands a successful special attack as a finishing blow he says a special line. Basically what the corner is about is that they replace certain parts of what Ragna says with their own sentences, each of them looking after a different part of the line. What they replace the lines with depends on what theme is sent in by a listener.

– Sugita says Ragna’s finishing line and the two girls all fawn over him due to how cool he sounded lol. Imai notes that she hasn’t praised Sugita in a while and all she’s been doing on the radio has been getting angry at him lol.

– This episode is longer than usual due to them introducing all the new corners I’m guessing. The next corner is “Tatakae Kagutsuchi Dojo”.

Next episode has Teiga’s Seiyuu Nomura Kenji guesting on the show. It looks like they expect to have guests on almost every episode since one of their corners rely on having a fourth person participating.

BlazBlue Radio ~Blue Festival 2010 Haru -SPRING RAID- Special Part 4

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guests: Isomura Tomomi, Ueda Kana, Koyama Tsuyoshi, Kakihara Tetsuya, Matsuura Chie
Date: 2010.2.20

– For this episode’s Noel Poem they have everyone writing a different stanza of the poem again.

– Matsuura Chie comes again for the second part of the event :O

– New corner for the event, the 7 of them are given a theme and they have to write down what they think is important to that theme. If two or more people have matching ideas then they take a batsu game. The theme was “Arc System Works’ feelings as a company” lawl. Boring theme :( And they all pretty much gave pretty serious answers.

– They needed to decide someone to recieve the Batsu Game though and Tsuyoshi was chosen due to his harassing hah.

– The batsu game was to stand out in front and say their good points. Tsuyoshi started with “Well a good point? My **** (censored) is big!” ahaha Sugita comments [“You can’t take that lightly D:”]

– Next theme was “What’s essential to a heroine in regards to characteristics”

– Sugita wrote “Your favourite character voice” lol

– Kakihara made a Marmalade Boy reference hah.

– Tsuyoshi and Kana were this round’s batsu game takers. Tsuyoshi because he’s Tsuyoshi, and Kana because Matsuura wanted to have Kana take it lol.

– The next theme was “What’s important to life”

– Sugita wrote “Friends” and drew a picture of Nakamura lol

– Kana wrote “[Game Console] Controller” Ahaha as expected from Kana-sama! “I’ve probably held a controller for 1/3rd of my life…”

– Tsuyoshi’s was censored but I’m pretty certain he wrote “Sex” lol Well that fits I guess ahaha

– Since no one had matching ideas again Matsuura just chose all the male members to take the batsu game lol.

– Sugita said “My eyelashes are long” for his good points lol

– Sugita pretended to be Kakihara’s grandfather backstage after the event hah.

And so ends the live audience Blazblue radio event. Another season of BlazBlue radio starts up a bit over a month after part 4 was released and almost 4 months after the event happened so there’s still that to listen to \o/.

BlazBlue Radio ~Blue Festival 2010 Haru -SPRING RAID- Special Part 3

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guests: Isomura Tomomi, Ueda Kana, Koyama Tsuyoshi, Kakihara Tetsuya
Date: 2010.2.20

Looks like this episode was recorded later in the evening and is a previous event to the one in the last two parts. There were two seperate live audience events that happened during BluFes it seems.

– First corner is Uro Boe Madou Sho.

– Tsuyoshi is still harassing the poor staff girl lol.

– Kanako stuffs up her japanese and Sugita makes her apologize for it lol

– When talking about everyone’s drawing ability Imai references the time Kana drew something on the show. Kana says that she’s been practicing though :O We’ll see how she goes.

– And here are her practice drawings lol:

– Isomura says she’s good depending on what she’s drawing.

– The theme for the corner was “Bang’s character seen from behind.”

– Kanako as always draws really well :O

– Kakihara draws Bang from behind pretty well… Except naked lol.

– Imai tells Kakihara that she’ll punish him later, to which he replies “Ah gladly”

– Isomura also draws Bang’s bare backside, this time with a fundoshi though lol.

– Tsuyoshi drew him normally except with the fundoshi on top of his clothes :O

– Tsuyoshi starts saying all this dirty material to Imai’s despair though it was all censored :(

– Sugita drew Bang’s behind normally except instead of the nail(kugi) that Bang has he drew an Al Dakimakura (As in the Kugi in Full Metal Alchemist’s Al’s seiyuu Kugimiya Rie lol)

Matsuura Chie wasn’t present in this part, I’m guessing she was only at BluFes for a while and didn’t come to the evening event.

BlazBlue Radio ~Blue Festival 2010 Haru -SPRING RAID- Special Part 2

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guests: Isomura Tomomi, Ueda Kana, Koyama Tsuyoshi, Kakihara Tetsuya, Matsuura Chie
Date: 2010.2.20

Everyone from the previous part is present. After a brief introduction from everyone at the event backstage it goes to the stage starting with Noel Poem and then to Battle Battle.

– Sugita makes a Honey and Clover reference during Noel Poem. Wait he voiced Mayama in Honey and Clover didn’t he lol.

– This time for Battle Battle the seiyuu are split into two groups instead of everyone vs Sugita. The two groups are the radio hosts vs the guests.

– The theme for this episode’s Battle Battle is “BlazBlue Quiz” in which they answer questions related to BlazBlue. Err If I recall correctly no one in the guest team has played BlazBlue except for possibly Isomura? Kinda one sided I’m thinking D:

– It was Nakamura’s birthday at the time and they congratulate him…. Too bad he’s not there :(

– In the end the guest team won :O

– The batsu game for the losing team was to speak in Taokaka language which is sticking “Nyas” to the end of their sentence lol.

– Matsuura Chie was there as a surprise guest. She read out the quiz questions and spoke for a bit backstage at the end of part two.

And so on to part 3.

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