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September 12th, 2010 § 10 comments

A rough scribble of information of what I know about Supercell’s vocalist. I’ve been a huge fan of her work ever since she was a budding nicovideo singer.

Imagine my disappointment when she disappeared, and then my rejoice when Supercell releases the Melt 3M remix and out of the blue there she is :O. I remember rumours such as “Gazelle = ryo!?!?!” and other crazy stuff going around at the time, it was fun to watch :D.

I love her singing and her voice <3.

To be honest, she wasn’t an amazing singer back when she had first started on nico, but she’s really REALLY improved over the years and her Supercell work is top notch. <3

(*Cough* Certain parts of Oshiete Ageru were still a bit flat though but I love her nonetheless~!)

– Born 1987/05/31 (Age 23)

– She does composing work of her own outside Supercell in the doujin scene, mainly under the Yanaginagi name. I also recall hearing her talk about an organ she had learnt to play in her childhood.

– Was in contact with Supercell’s Ryo before she joined him in Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari. If I recall correctly, Ryo got to know her after hearing her cover of the Nicovideo Kumikyoku on Nicovideo.

– Abandoned her old personal blog on 2006. Corleonis blog at also dropped when she switched to Ameblo where she is at currently.

– Likes colouring(re:sticking stuff on) her nails (Like every other girl in Japan [lol]).

– Still active in singing and composing outside of Supercell.

– She loves Hatsune Miku, I remember listening to a recording of her a while after it’s release saying “I recently bought Hatsune Miku… And really, Miku is so so cute… Seriously.”

– She’s a big fan of Sound Horizon. The music she composes really has that kind of feel too.

– Twitter account on

– Close friends with Annabel (anNina, CANAAN ED), you can see them tweeting between each other on twitter often too :)

– Annabel and nagi teamed up with Fukami Chie for an one-time unit called nana sea last year and the blog for the project has album liner notes for each of the girls as well as answers to questions from the other two.

– Has, at least, an elder brother.

– Can play the guitar.

– Solo debut official website at!

This stuff may be common knowledge I guess but… Yeahhh it’s hard to find any information about her really.

It feels more like stalking than digging for information lolol. Man this is actually pretty creepy isn’t it? If anyone knows anything else interesting please let me know! <3

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