Mizuki Nana getting married to an ikemen Seiyuu?

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From http://koenews.blog9.fc2.com/blog-entry-707.html

Apparently there are rumours going around that Nana’s getting married :O. The main candidate everyone’s talking about is Sakurai Takahiro, of which there have been rumours floating about these two for quite some time now, though nothing near concrete. A few translations of the comments from that blog article:

– I want to die

– Really, she should have just married already.

– Is it Sakurai [Sakarai Takahiro]

– Sakurai’s that ikemen?

– She’s already 30 years old after all

– Take that otakuuuus lol

– It’s not true….. Right?

– Dammit

– DFC fever lol

– She’s over 30 already, give her a break

– The seiyuu otaku should just lift the romance ban for those over 30

– There have been rumours of Sakurai and Nana being together since long ago. Otherwise there’s Wakamoto or Suzumura.

Yeah lol, theres the standard seiyuu otaku cries, but I’m glad to see people supporting her marriage :D

Either way it’s all still unfounded rumours and nothing solid has surfaced quite yet so who knows how this will turn out.

Edit: This has pretty much been denied by Nana and her management ever since.

Iguchi Yuka no ChoRaji! Girls #92

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Host: Iguchi Yuka
Guest: Asumi Kana
Date: 2010.01.08

Episode that aired right after the New Years on the now finished ChoRaji Girls. Asumi’s guesting for her second time, the last time she guested was on the 20th episode on 2008.8.22. The two of them meet up outside work all the time and are really close with each other so their conversation sounds more like two high school girls playing with each other with all the jabs, boke and tsukkomi’ing that’s really fun to listen to =)

– Asumi comments that last time she was here there wasn’t any video.

– Iguchi tells Asumi that since there’s video Asumi is free to move(re:dance) around as much as she likes while she’s reading the mail lol.

– Iguchi is given one of those scratchy things (those lottery win money if what’s revealed on the card is a hit or not) and starts scratching it off while Asumi is talking to her, she then bursts out screeching “YESS I WIN” in the middle of Asumi’s conversation interrupting her, to Asumi’s annoyance. She only won 200 yen lol.

– Asumi says she plans to get married by 30, heh that’s in three years Asumi~

– Asumi says she slept under a kotatsu during New Years and Iguchi replies by saying she’s glad she didn’t catch a cold. She then followed it up with “But well you know the saying how idiots don’t catch colds!” ahaha, Asumi then responds by saying “Yeah that goes for you too” lol

– Asumi says she wants to concentrate more on improving her femininity because “Everyone’s pretty cute…” lol You’re plenty cute Asumi!

– They talk about how they spent Christmas together in a really flirty way ahaha.

– Iguchi explains how she’s not just a “seiyuu”, but a “seiyuu idol!” to Asumi, who’s just laughing ahahah.

– They start talking about Hidamari Sketch Hoshimittsu which had just started airing and Iguchi says “Ah I watched it!” Asumi replies “Ehh really?” turns out she was just lying about watching it lol.

– Iguchi and Asumi mentions that Tamagotchis were popular back in school but they couldn’t bring it to school else they’d be confiscated lol. That happened to my school too! D:

– Asumi says she’s never been to a class reunion before, though one time when she got an invite, her mum turned it down for her without her permission lol. Well she did live in Fukuoka then, and is living in Tokyo now I guess.

– When Iguchi thanks Asumi for coming as a guest for her second time she bows her head to the table and bangs it a couple of times, to Asumi and the staff’s alarm ahaha.

– They note that they meet up personally all the time but never get to meet up during work.

I haven’t heard Iguchi Yuka on radio ever since the Kamen no Mask Guy radio but she’s hilarious, and she really really gets along with Asumi. She’s a popular personality and I can see why lol.

Also, I kind of say this all the time, but seriously these two in particular are close friends. (But yeah I wouldn’t listen in to a radio with two hosts that don’t get along lol).

It’s a shame this was the last time Asumi appeared on the show to it’s end last month :( Let’s hope she comes to Iguchi’s new Muuuun Radio show :D

Zoku BlazBlue Radio #10

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Isomura Tomomi
Date: 2010.10.21

This episode’s guest is Makoto Nanaya’s seiyuu, Isomura Tomomi again, should be a fun episode :D.

– Sugita starts of with an OreImo reference lol. Listener sends in a mail talking about how his dad told him not to play too much H games, and Sugita responds “Wait, no it’s Kirino’s!” hah

– Ehh There’s no Kanako at the start of the episode, but Isocchi starts off with them… Isocchi is replacing Kanako for this episode? …Nope Kanako comes in as a guest as “Lambda’s seiyuu” lol. I’m guessing she was running late or something :O They mentioned something about buying time before she arrived and she came in pretty flustered.

– I think I’ve said this before but I love when Sugita does his Kakihara Tetsuya voice, he sounds so crazy ahaha.

– Sugita asks Imai about her siblings and she says she has an elder brother that she’s always trying for his attention, but he’s all cold to her :O Isomura says she’s a single child.

– When deciding who to pick out the writing order for the four of them first for the Ao no Chikara corner, Imai says “[Whoever think’s they’re]The cutest person here can pick first!” the three girls then hesitate a bit before Sugita goes “Yeah I’ll pick first!”

– Imai announces that Tsubaki will have a song for Continuum Shift II :O

Adding Isocchi into BluRaji is always great. The way Sugita and Isocchi bounces their thoughts and references off each other is happiness :D

Lady Go!! (Thursday) #2

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Host: Okubo Rumi
Date: 2010.10.14

A&G+’s new radio show hosted by rookie seiyuu Okubo Rumi. Ehhh couldn’t they have used a more “THIS IS [seiyuu]’S SHOW” kinda name? Naming them “Lady Go!! (Day)” is so lame lol.

– Rumi’s voice is really similar to Taketatsu Ayana’s in my opinion :O

– Seems like she was really nervous last episode, this is her first radio show after all, but she seems more composed this time. She’s still pretty nervous though heh.

– Apparently Mikami Shiori(Wednesday’s host) was Rumi’s senpai at her seiyuu school.

– She makes fun of her smile in her Lady Go!! picture, mentioning how nervous she was, it being her first photo shoot event and all, and her smile turned out like that heh. I thought her normal smile was prettier than the photo’s when I saw it too =3

– For her Rumi Colle corner, where listeners send in “Girly things to do” for her to deem if it’s good enough to add to her “Collection” of girly things, as well as acting it out. Today’s theme was “fiddling with their hair”. Rumi then has to act out a situation in which the theme would be used in. She then starts pretending to ask for advice for what kind of hairstyle would look good with her while playing with her hair. <3 She looked so embarrassed while doing it and especially after she was done ahaha.

– Rumi forgot the “y” in “lady” for a little game where she had to shuffle some letters around to write the show’s email address “rumi.lady@joqr.com” ahahaha what a spot to miss a letter, also, it’s her show’s email address!

The show is actually pretty amusing, I’ll probably keep an eye on it as it continues. It did feel really short though, I’d say it was about 25 minutes all up minus the songs played during the show.

But Rumirumi is really cute =3

Zoku BlazBlue Radio #09

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Date: 2010.10.07

The three of them announced that they had a heap of guests coming on to the show later on. >_>

– The three of them are looking at an illustration of Makoto looking depressed since she’s being avoided by Noel and Tsubaki in the summer due to them talking about how they’d love to curl up with her tail in winter since it’d warm them up. Imai then says “Don’t worry Makoto… Your bare skin can cool us down~” Lol Imai <3.

– Turns out the guests are Bang’s minion, Nu, and Yarukaka…. Voiced by Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako and Imai Asami respectively OTL. I knew this was coming ahahah.

– Sugita forces Kanako to read a listener’s name called “Big, fat and loong fish sausage” lol. I call that sexual harassment!

– The theme for the art corner was “Something that would be in Ragna’s room”.

Imai drew a photo of Jin saying “I want to believe in the love between these two” …lol

Kanako drew a Jubei dakimakura
Sugita drew a… Kangaroo lol. With Ragna’s room being the pouch.

– Jin dakimakura announced on the show. Ahaha. OTL

– They celebrated Sugita’s birthday as a surprise on the show \o/ Incidentally Mori P(Toshimichi Mori, producer of Blazblue) had his birthday near as well so they called him in to celebrate as well.

– When Sugita and Mori P were about to blow out the candles Imai did the same thing she did with KitaEri… Ninja’d the candles ahahah

I’m loving Mingosu more every time I hear her <3.

It’s been a while since BluRaji has had no guests but it’s still as fun as ever :D

Also, happy 30th birthday Sugita! \o/ …Though really, his birthday’s on the 11th so there’s a couple more days to go lol

Hayane Hayaoki! Kanamemo Radio #8

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Kitamura Eri
Date: 2009.10.24

Final episode of Kanamemo Radio. Only 8 episodes? D:

There was quite a bit of yuriyuri material between Aki and KitaEri this episode; they joked about having a marriage ceremony on the show =3.

– Aki’s been accumulating Batsu Game points and she has to face the batsu game in this episode lol. She has to pull out a batsu game from a set of options. Some of them are really… Well I can’t see them happening lol.

e.g. Don’t talk on the radio; Add Kana’s signature line “Daijou’V'” to the end of her sentences; etc. lol. In the end Aki picked out the batsu game thought up by KitaEri, http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10796349. Watch this snippet to hear what it is lol.

– KitaEri’s impression of Mizuhara Kaoru’s character voice is really spot on. Really. :O

– Lol @ KitaEri yelling out “Love your life!”.

– They start playing sugoroku, (pretty much a board game like thing where you roll a dice, move your character forward and the square it lands on has instructions for what they have to do written on it.

– KitaEri gets “Confess your love” She asks for some echo and does it to Aki lol <3. 百合百合!

– KitaEri lands on “Tell a scary story” and while she’s saying it, someone’s phone rings in the background again lol. That can’t be a coincidence… Right? D:. Incidentally, KitaEri lands on the same thing next turn lol. Aki then lands on it on her turn as well.

– KitaEri gets the same batsu game Aki had to do at the start of the episode, except she sings a far smaller portion of the song. Pretty much all she does is go “BUAHHHHH” ahahha.

– KitaEri won the game and reached the goal first. Apparently she’ll be rewarded later outside the show.

Aki and KitaEri seem like really good friends, Aki in particular gets really relaxed and lets down her guard around her :D.

They mess around alot so there are many times during the radio when their conversations just dissolve into them making sound effects lol.

They’ve mentioned that they got to know each other well during Minami-ke’s recordings a couple of times and I do recall Aki talking about KitaEri from time to time in her own ChoRaji! Girls days a while back so it’s not really news though I guess.

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