Zoku BlazBlue Radio #09

October 9th, 2010 § 0 comments


Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Date: 2010.10.07

The three of them announced that they had a heap of guests coming on to the show later on. >_>

– The three of them are looking at an illustration of Makoto looking depressed since she’s being avoided by Noel and Tsubaki in the summer due to them talking about how they’d love to curl up with her tail in winter since it’d warm them up. Imai then says “Don’t worry Makoto… Your bare skin can cool us down~” Lol Imai <3.

– Turns out the guests are Bang’s minion, Nu, and Yarukaka…. Voiced by Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako and Imai Asami respectively OTL. I knew this was coming ahahah.

– Sugita forces Kanako to read a listener’s name called “Big, fat and loong fish sausage” lol. I call that sexual harassment!

– The theme for the art corner was “Something that would be in Ragna’s room”.

Imai drew a photo of Jin saying “I want to believe in the love between these two” …lol

Kanako drew a Jubei dakimakura
Sugita drew a… Kangaroo lol. With Ragna’s room being the pouch.

– Jin dakimakura announced on the show. Ahaha. OTL

– They celebrated Sugita’s birthday as a surprise on the show \o/ Incidentally Mori P(Toshimichi Mori, producer of Blazblue) had his birthday near as well so they called him in to celebrate as well.

– When Sugita and Mori P were about to blow out the candles Imai did the same thing she did with KitaEri… Ninja’d the candles ahahah

I’m loving Mingosu more every time I hear her <3.

It’s been a while since BluRaji has had no guests but it’s still as fun as ever :D

Also, happy 30th birthday Sugita! \o/ …Though really, his birthday’s on the 11th so there’s a couple more days to go lol

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