Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #04

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Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.09.24

The recordings for the anime have started. Also it appears that there’s an OreImo event happening tomorrow. The two of them have no idea what’s gonna occur in the event lol.

– A female listener sends in a mail saying she loves the women in anime, the bishoujo anime, the female seiyuu and female idols. Ayana agrees saying she’s the same, reaffirming that she likes female seiyuu, male-oriented galge, female characters etc.

– The two of them love watching random AKB stuff it seems. “Because they’re cute”

– Ayana says she likes tsunderes in anime but in real life they’re a pain to deal with (lol), Kana agrees with her.

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #03

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Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.09.10

When Kana says she’s often told she’s a “Silent S” Ayana says “Oh, then I’ll be the M for the radio~”

– When talking about nice elder brothers they both start saying “Ah.. I want an elder brother…” Ayana then realises she’s already got one lol. Probably not the kind of ideal relationship she’s wanting I guess hah.

Mario Eats the Mushrooms he picks up
Kana: “Ehh maybe he doesn’t eat them. Maybe he puts them in his pants or something”
Ayana: “Wouldn’t they get in the way, he might have trouble adventuring with them in there…”
Lol what are they on about? OTL

Did you have fun on this episode?
Ayana: “I had fun~”
Kana: “I had fun watching Ayana laugh~ <3”

They spoke about a lot of random things I didn’t feel like writing down (such as global warming, cute little sisters, tunas never stop swimming- even when sleeping, etc.). The short notes doesn’t mean it was a boring episode!

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #02

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Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.08.27

The opening script has Kuroneko/Kana teasing Ayana/Kirino about her pervertedness <3

It’s been a while since the last episode while the anime recording still hasn’t started yet resulting in the two of them not having any chance to meet up in a while and they note that they’re both acting distant again. Kana accused Ayana of speaking really politely to her when they met earlier in the morning :O

– The two of them start talking about how otaku they were during middle school, mentioning anime that were popular at the time such as Prince of Tennis, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, etc.

– Ayana was in the Broadcasting club and she broadcasted anime songs at school lol.

– The two of them talk about how trying to draw anime with shiny eyes when they were young is normal for an anime fan. I totally know what they mean lol, a lot of anime fans I know have at least tried to scribble an anime face in their spare time <3. The scribbles on the image are what the two of them drew during the radio show by the way, left is Kirino by Ayana, right is Kuroneko by Kana(to Ayana’s amusement lol).

– Ayana notes offhandedly that she had galge lying around at home when she was in elementary school lol. That’s a pretty big thing to say lol.

– A female listener sends in a mail saying she enjoys male oriented anime and attends their events but has trouble with height and stuff in those events. The two sympathizes with her and note that there has been quite a lot of female attendants at those kind of events recently though. They also talk about adding a female seating area lol.

– Ayana says she prefers male oriented themes as well, mentioning “moemoe” specifically. She says she didn’t attend many events though cause she was scared to go.

– Kana recalls looking for an Azumanga Daioh character song in Animate TV in high school, Ayana in turn talks about a time when she bought Horie Yui’s CD in middle school <3 Turns out she was a huge fan of Hocchan during her school days, though she hasn’t said anything to her about it yet. I love it when the seiyuu are seiyuu fans themself <3

– Ayana also mentions liking and buying Tamura Yukari’s CD and says that she really loved female seiyuu.

– Kana says that she wasn’t really that interested in seiyuu, except for loving Romi Paku as Ed in FMA.

– A listener from Germany sends in a mail to the “Internet Lingo” corner asking if they know the meaning of “lol”. Interestingly enough(?) they didn’t know what it was. Also the staff gave the answer as “Laughing out Loudly” …I guess it’s technically not quite incorrect in terms of grammar =/

– Ayana’s english is terrible lol.

– They mention that they haven’t traded mail addresses and plan to do exchange them later :D

There was a lot of otaku talk in this episode, Ayana, as expected, is pretty steeped in the otaku fandom, she mentioned that watched Gundam Seed this episode. What was surprising was that Hanazawa Kana was a bit of an otaku during school as well :O I’ll probably continue to follow this radio as it comes out, it currently airs fortnightly and is on it’s 7th episode. Not a whole bunch of episodes to catch up on really.

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #01

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Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.08.13

“My Little Sister (Even on Radio) Can’t be this Cute” Radio hosted by Taketatsu Ayana (Kousaka Kirino) and Hanazawa Kana (Kuroneko). The radio started before the anime recording had started but the cast had met up before in the recordings for the OreImo drama CDs. There was quite a bit of hype about this radio before it started but I never got around to listening to it till now.

– The two of them haven’t had much chance to talk before this point, as well as this being their first radio show they’ve worked on together. The radio starts off kinda introduction-y and awkwardly wonderful :D

– Kana decides to call Ayana “Ayachi” and Ayana calls her “Kana-chan”.

– Kana’s first impression when she saw Ayana was “What’s with this loli looking kid??” She thought Ayana could pass as a high school kid lol. She also comments that the clothing Ayana was wearing today was really cute.

– Ayana says she dresses differently when she’s not in events compared to everyday life. Kana says she’s cute today and for everyone to take a look at the radio photo lol.

– Ayana says she doesn’t have much of in the ways of hobbies, mentioning shopping and stuff lol. Kana herself says she doesn’t have much as well, saying she likes taking walks or reading books.

– Ayana has an elder brother and she says that she’s never thought he was cool, and that it should be normal lol. She then says that he’s probably never thought she was cute as well, to which Kana says “As if! With a little sister like you?!” Ayana replies that she doesn’t remember being doted on at all… In fact she remembers being told to do errands for him a bit lol.

– Kana has a little brother that’s far younger than her. She remembers a time when he was too scared to go to the toilet by himself so she had to go with him lol.

– Ayana’s a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura and many other anime (e.g. Ghost in the Shell lol) and says she’s a bit of an otaku.

– Kana comments that her little brother calls her “Nee-tan” when they’re alone and “Nee-chan” with friends, so one time she was feeling a bit mischievous and when his friends were over and he called her “Nee-chan” she replied saying “Nope, not nee-chan, nee-tan!” This was around when he was in Middle school.

– One of the corners have them being handed net abbreviations and slang and they have to guess what it means. This episode’s one was “wktk”, an expression for excitement and stuff like that, for details go read it up on http://bangin.wordpress.com/2010/06/19/internet-slangs-part-1/

– They guess that it’s an english abbreviation, “Work Talk” lol

– They then guess again it’s a merge of “Wasshoi ktkr” with ktkr meaning something like “It’s here!”, an expression of excitement of something’s arrival or appearance.
Kana: “Eh? Then where’d the ‘r’ go?”

– Next is “m9” Ayana guesses that it’s the name of a gun lol. It’s actually an emoticon thing where it’s supposed to look like a hand pointing towards the viewer. m9(^Д^). It’s kinda hard to see at first isn’t it lol

– A listener sends in a mail describing Ayana as “a bit perverted and ‘M[Masochist in the lightest way possible]'” and Kana as “quiet but actually pretty S[Sadist, again in the lightest way possible]” lol the two of them laugh and start asking each other about their personality traits. Kana in particular is amused by Ayana’s “perverted M” side, to her embarassment and denial lol. Kana asks the listeners to send in info about this side of Ayana to the show haha.

The two of them were a bit awkward at first but they really warmed up to each other and started to enjoy talking between themselves and it was a pretty fun episode. I’ll probably continue to listen to the other episodes :D

Zoku BlazBlue Radio #12

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Ishiwatari Daisuke
Date: 2010.11.19

Guesting Ishiwatari Daisuke, sound director for BlazBlue. Also it appears that he voiced a character from Guilty Gear and he draws professionally as well. The other three comment that he’s a superman who does everything lol.

– Sugita say’s that they should do another BluRaji episode in 30 years, which Imai responds by saying “…Will I be alive…?” He then says “Of course you’ll be alive! you’d only be 47 years old!” …17 years old + 30 years? lol

– Seems like Ishiwatari composed the music for the theme of the next BlazBlue sung by Imai.

– They played the song on the show. It’s pretty cool really :O

– Sugita picks out number three for the writing order for Ao no Chikara. He always picks up 3 lol, even he commented on it this time.

– Today’s theme for Ao no Chikara was “Marriage Proposal’s Astral Heat”

– They all spoke pretty much about money lol, except Sugita’s was “without parental permission” They start trying to mend it by saying “Oh but money isn’t everything! if there’s love then that’s all that’s needed!”

NEXT EPISODE IS THE LAST EPISODE IFJASDFLKJSKLFJASLKDFJ NOOOOOOOOO I don’t follow any other radio’s as they come out ;_;

Toyosaki Aki no Okaeri Radio #30

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Host: Toyosaki Aki
Guest: Hikasa Youko
Date: 2010.10.28

Aki’s famous(?) birthday episode from Okaeri Radio, with it’s surprise guest, Hikasa Youko. The two of them have worked in many radio shows together, starting with K-ON’s two separate seasons of RajiON, then to Seikon no Qwaser’s radio and then again to Ichiban Ushiro Daimou’s with Yuuki Aoi. In short, these two are particularly close even more so since they’ve had many chances to sit down and talk on radio. Incidentally, the two of them refer to each other as Akkyo and Yossan/Yocchan lol.

– At first Aki thinks Hikasa’s just sent in a prerecorded video message… But then she say’s she’s coming, she runs out of the room and appears in the studio to Aki’s shock lol. Actually It might be a prerecorded message regardless, Hikasa comes in wearing something different.

– The first thing Aki says is “Huh? Wait, how about her pay??” Lol, it appears that Hikasa’s doing it for free though, how wonderful <3

– Hikasa said that she originally planned to just send in a video message, but decided that she’ll just come guest.

– Aki says she’s been working all day with Sphere’s Budokan live and she was given a cake for her birthday during work. Ayahi had said to her “I’m glad to have met you on the day to celebrate your birthday!”

– Aki[‘s staff] gives Hikasa a copy of Dill, this was on the 28th of October, about two week’s before it’s release.

– Tomatsu Haruka gave Aki a huge stuffed sheep scented with lavender for her birthday present.

–  Hikasa brings out a sketch book where she’s written stuff about Aki depending on a theme she thought up herself.

First was: “This person’s really hardcore [as a gamer]” Where she found out that Aki loves to play “Senjou no Kizuna” in the arcade, a robot piloting game where the whole cockpit is built and you enter it to play.

Second was: “What did you just say?”; What Hikasa thinks was the weirdest onomatopoeia sound she’s heard Aki make, which was “zuchazuchazucha” Aki get’s embarrassed upon hearing this lol.

Third was: “What I want to thank Aki for” Hikasa wrote “Aki’s optimistic perspective”. Aki in turn said about Hikasa “How she lives life to it’s fullest in the moment”.

– Hikasa mentions that they’ve been to Disney land and Disney sea together before. :D

– Aki says she’s probably talked to Hikasa the most out of everyone in the seiyuu business, they’ve gone out to eat together on multiple occasions in their personal time and such.

– A listener sends in a mail asking Hikasa to name five things she likes about Aki; she said:
1. Warm
2. Healing
3. Cute Smile
4. When she doesn’t succeed, she picks herself up
5. Her hair is fluffy
6. I like her smile; Hikasa: “Wait I’ve said this one already” Aki: “You’ve said more than 5 already~”

– They mention that they’ve been phone calling each other a lot, even though they rarely call other people to talk :D

– Aki says that she’ll try and surprise Hikasa on her radio for her birthday, which Hikasa strongly recommends against, saying her radio’s not a place for warm birthdays lol. Yeahhh Hikasa Youko and Nakamura Eriko’s Momonoki5 is crazy. Seriously. lol OTL

Lol Hikasa’s so energetic/hyperactive, she always infects the other personalities and so the amount of screaming and flailing that goes on in her radio shows is hilarious. Speaking of which, there was a time when Hikasa and Eriko sent in a message to Onosaka Masaya and Kano Yui’s radio show talking about Itou Kanae and asked jokingly what should she do to be as popular among men as Kanae was, and he replied: “Well how about you tone down some of that energy for starters” lol.


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LOL Ueda Kana uses Darth Vader’s theme as a ringtone specifically for when the agency calls her. Shimizu Kaori responds by going “Err… Kana-chan do you hate your job? (lol)”

Incidentally she uses the beginning bit of Nonaka Ai’s Cheer Ru-Ga! (「チアルーガ!」) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-dWAkcydRc (Chacha aapu!) as her normal ringtone, for calls from her hometown she uses the CSI theme, due to her loving CSI and everytime she goes home she watches recorded episodes. For Kaori she uses a black old fashioned phone lol.

Marunage is a riot <3

Itou Kanae no ChoRaji! Girls #55

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Name: 伊藤かな恵の超ラジ! Girls
Host: Itou Kanae
Guest: Toyosaki Aki
Date: 2009.04.21

Aki guesting on Kanae’s ChoRaji! Girls to promote Sphere :O This was a day before the release of their debut single ‘Future Stream’. Incidentally, this was a bit under 3 weeks after K-ON aired. This was Aki’s first time guesting on her radio show. This episode aired while Shugo Chara’s radio was still active as well as about 5 months before the Railgun radio started.

– The two of them seemed a bit iffy at the start and they noted that it felt a bit weird to be talking one on one on radio, since they know each other well from meeting regularly in the Shugo Chara recordings and it’s radio show. Talking one on one is probably rare for them at this time.

– Aki was asked beforehand the question “What she’s currently interested in” and wrote “Giita” which Kanae asked “Jii…ta?” when reading the answer aloud lol. As everyone knows, Aki’s picked up the guitar ever since K-ON and Kanae also plays the guitar so it’s a nice bit of common ground for them. Though Kanae avoided the subject when Aki asked her about her own guitar playing.

– Ahaha Kanae says “debu[fat]” instead of debut when talking about Sphere’s debut single. “Sphere’s fatty” OTL

– When talking about how the C/W song for Future Stream, Treasures, was an image song for the MMO Trickster, Kanae is unsure of the meaning of an Online game lol, to Aki’s amusement.

– Apparently the filming of the Future Stream PV took a whole day to complete.

– Aki says that Sphere’s next new song was already completed at this time. Next song completed before the debut song’s release :O

– Kanae had trouble taking the lid off her whiteboard marker lol <3

– The two of them are asked to spell ‘Guitar’ in english and they both got it wrong lol. Aki said “Guweetirrrrr” when she displayed her answer <3

– Aki mentions she’s been bitten by a monkey before :O

– Aki tells Kanae that she reads her blog, to her embarassment. Kanae then replies saying she reads hers as well, and the atmosphere becomes pretty… Pink lol.

I miss Railgun radio :(


M’Rayn and #9

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I’m amused that Tomatsu Haruka’s new single ‘Baby Baby Love’ debuted at #9 on Oricon’s daily ranking again. This makes it the fourth single from the Music Ray’n girls to hit their highest daily ranking record of #9 but not surpass it. Incidentally the other three were Haruka’s ‘Motto Hade ni ne’, Aki’s ‘Love Your Life’ and most recently Minako’s ‘Shiny+’. Yes poor Ayahime isn’t included here :(

Perhaps we can look to Aki’s next single to finally break #9? がんば Aki~!

If it ends up touching but not passing #9 again I’m gonna laugh :D

Edit: Dill debuted at 11 lol. Well there’s still Minako’s and Ayahi’s tied-in single for this month :D

Edit 2: Aki’s new single Shun Pu debuted at #5 on 2011.04.13 lol. The streak is broken, go Aki!

Zoku BlazBlue Radio #11

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Takahashi Mikako

Date: 2010.11.04

What? Takahashi Mikako’s guesting on this episode of Arcana Heart Radio? She definitely didn’t voice a character in BlazBlue if I recall correctly…

Hold on, Arcana Heart Radio? (lol)

It appears that Mikako(Aino Heart) is guesting on BluRaji to promote and support the upcoming Arcana Heart 3 PS3/360 release, her appearance on BluRaji made possible due to the two games having the same developer. I laughed at the hijack though :D.

– Imai greets Mikako with “Payopayo~” lol

– Sugita straight out from the start calls her Mikakong-senpai, to her outcry “DON’T CALL ME MIKAKONG!” Of course Sugita doesn’t relent though lol.

– Mikako complains that she’s been getting mail calling her Kong-senpai due to Sugita lol. Poor Mikako.

– When they’re talking about how much they know about the game, Kanako says she doesn’t know anything about it, Imai says she knows about it but hasn’t actually played it and Sugita says he bought the game and played it… “Because a fighting game with girls only? What a wonderful paradise!” Ahahah.

– Imai and Kanako tell Mikako to try and keep Sugita in check this episode and she joking tells him off, to which Sugita cheekily replies by singing Mikako’s OtoMelody song lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhDaRR5a-jQ

– Sawashiro Miyuki sends in a voiced message to the radio show as well as to narrate a little quiz to them, but not as BlazBlue’s Carl Clover, instead as Arcana Heart’s new character Weiss. Just guest her on the show already! D:

– For the drawing corner they’re given an image with Aino Heart punching, with them needing to fill out what’s coming from her punch. Mikako draws this blob like thing, to which everyone reacts like it’s poo coming out lol to Mikako’s horror.

She tries to explain herself saying that it’s whipped cream, since Aino Heart loves making cakes and stuff, which doesn’t really help the situation since Sugita then yells out “Oh! I love this idea! I love fighting games where girls cover each other with whipped cream!” LOL SUGITA.

– Apparently next episode’s guest is Ishiwatari Daisuke.

– There were many references to Payo Payo throughout the show lol.

Sugita and Mikako have known each other for almost 10 years and entered the seiyuu industry at around the same time so they’re pretty friendly with each other. I’ve always loved hearing their combination on radio, the Radio StrikerS episode which Sugita guested in with Mikako as the host in particular was hilarious. I didn’t expect to hear it here on BluRaji but hooray \o/ here it is :D


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