Toyosaki Aki no Okaeri Radio #30

November 16th, 2010 § 7 comments

Host: Toyosaki Aki
Guest: Hikasa Youko
Date: 2010.10.28

Aki’s famous(?) birthday episode from Okaeri Radio, with it’s surprise guest, Hikasa Youko. The two of them have worked in many radio shows together, starting with K-ON’s two separate seasons of RajiON, then to Seikon no Qwaser’s radio and then again to Ichiban Ushiro Daimou’s with Yuuki Aoi. In short, these two are particularly close even more so since they’ve had many chances to sit down and talk on radio. Incidentally, the two of them refer to each other as Akkyo and Yossan/Yocchan lol.

– At first Aki thinks Hikasa’s just sent in a prerecorded video message… But then she say’s she’s coming, she runs out of the room and appears in the studio to Aki’s shock lol. Actually It might be a prerecorded message regardless, Hikasa comes in wearing something different.

– The first thing Aki says is “Huh? Wait, how about her pay??” Lol, it appears that Hikasa’s doing it for free though, how wonderful <3

– Hikasa said that she originally planned to just send in a video message, but decided that she’ll just come guest.

– Aki says she’s been working all day with Sphere’s Budokan live and she was given a cake for her birthday during work. Ayahi had said to her “I’m glad to have met you on the day to celebrate your birthday!”

– Aki[‘s staff] gives Hikasa a copy of Dill, this was on the 28th of October, about two week’s before it’s release.

– Tomatsu Haruka gave Aki a huge stuffed sheep scented with lavender for her birthday present.

–  Hikasa brings out a sketch book where she’s written stuff about Aki depending on a theme she thought up herself.

First was: “This person’s really hardcore [as a gamer]” Where she found out that Aki loves to play “Senjou no Kizuna” in the arcade, a robot piloting game where the whole cockpit is built and you enter it to play.

Second was: “What did you just say?”; What Hikasa thinks was the weirdest onomatopoeia sound she’s heard Aki make, which was “zuchazuchazucha” Aki get’s embarrassed upon hearing this lol.

Third was: “What I want to thank Aki for” Hikasa wrote “Aki’s optimistic perspective”. Aki in turn said about Hikasa “How she lives life to it’s fullest in the moment”.

– Hikasa mentions that they’ve been to Disney land and Disney sea together before. :D

– Aki says she’s probably talked to Hikasa the most out of everyone in the seiyuu business, they’ve gone out to eat together on multiple occasions in their personal time and such.

– A listener sends in a mail asking Hikasa to name five things she likes about Aki; she said:
1. Warm
2. Healing
3. Cute Smile
4. When she doesn’t succeed, she picks herself up
5. Her hair is fluffy
6. I like her smile; Hikasa: “Wait I’ve said this one already” Aki: “You’ve said more than 5 already~”

– They mention that they’ve been phone calling each other a lot, even though they rarely call other people to talk :D

– Aki says that she’ll try and surprise Hikasa on her radio for her birthday, which Hikasa strongly recommends against, saying her radio’s not a place for warm birthdays lol. Yeahhh Hikasa Youko and Nakamura Eriko’s Momonoki5 is crazy. Seriously. lol OTL

Lol Hikasa’s so energetic/hyperactive, she always infects the other personalities and so the amount of screaming and flailing that goes on in her radio shows is hilarious. Speaking of which, there was a time when Hikasa and Eriko sent in a message to Onosaka Masaya and Kano Yui’s radio show talking about Itou Kanae and asked jokingly what should she do to be as popular among men as Kanae was, and he replied: “Well how about you tone down some of that energy for starters” lol.

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§ 7 Responses to Toyosaki Aki no Okaeri Radio #30"

  • raizoo says:

    THE THOUGHT OF YUI x MIO TURNS ME O— くコ:ミ seiyuu sew cute…

    I wanna hear Toyosaki and Ueda talking games with each other. Those two vs Sugita and Nakamura, plox.

  • cowboybibimbop says:

    I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve re-watched this episode. The connection between Aki and Hiyocchi is such a joy to watch. Seeing Aki laugh so much, an even GREATER joy~

  • Aurey says:

    Watched this ages ago but must still comment. This video is ridiculously moe it hurts my head (heart?) haha.. getting creepy. Everything about the episode was perfect from the start to the end.

    You didn’t mention the “watashi no kokorodzuyoi kokoro no tomo, Hikasa Youko”.. I kinda felt like I was gonna do a “Chitose nosebleed” from that. There’s seriously so much love between those two.

    • Ambi says:

      Yeah I’ve missed this combination :( I wish they’d do another radio together :< But this episode was so wonderful wasn't it? <3

      • Aurey says:

        Yeah.. I love this combination. Though unlike you I haven’t listened to or watched all of the stuff they’ve been together in yet so I’ve still got a ton to get through.

        This episode is the stuff of legends.. Haha

        Senjou no Kizuna got me in stitched and so did Zuchazuchazucha~

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