Aki’s Time Shock Talk series.

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This is basically a series of videos where Aki plays a game in which she is given a theme to talk about for 30 seconds. On top of this she picks out a card at random with a phrase or word she is required to insert somewhere into that 30 seconds of talking. It’s a really cute set of videos showing Aki struggle and play around with the game <3.

I loved the part in the second video where the theme she gets is “What she does for a change of pace” with the phrase she has to use being “not playing”. As we all know how playful Aki is, she gives up pretty early on with inserting the phrase in and starts talking about what she’s been doing in her leisure time lol. She starts out talking about frequenting the batting centre recently, and then continuing on to bowling before time runs out with no attempt to add in the phrase. Her finishing words were “…I’m the type of person who loves to play…”

P.s. She also mentions that her favourite genre of music is Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Aki is so much luff <3


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Host: Hirohashi Ryou
Guest: Kamiya Hiroshi
Date: 2010.10.15

Radio hosted by Yamada’s Hirohashi Ryou for the WORKING!! anime. This episode has Kamiya Hiroshi guesting.

Apparently next episode is the final episode. Maybe.

– Hirohashi says Nakata Jouji was the first guest on the 2nd episode, forgetting Asumi Kana lol. Kamiya lightly scolds her saying “Oi! She’s the heroine! How could you forget her??”

– Hirohashi: “I remember just looking at her feet during that episode” Hirohashi’s got some erojiji outbreaks every now and again lol

– Hirohashi says the announcement of next week’s episode being the last episode may just be a lie. Lol what? …I guess we’ll have to see?

– When asking Kamiya if he thinks Souma is an S or not Kamiya says he’s not sure, so Hirohashi declares him S due to the “S” in his name. Kamiya then says Satou is S as well going by that logic, and Hirohashi is completely dumbfounded by this revelation lol. She literally goes “:O” and goes speechless for the longest time lol. Kamiya in turn is surprised by how shocked she reacts.

– Kamiya says if he was to choose a character to marry in Working!! he’d choose Poplar. He didn’t give it much thought and it sounded really half-hearted so who knows if he really likes her the most lol.

– On the other hand he said he’d choose Otou-san if he was to choose a male character as a girl. Weird situation to consider really. For the other characters he said:

Big brother: Souma

Big sister: Inami

Little brother: Katanashi/Takanashi

Little sister: Yamada

– Hirohashi’s planning to go to Hokkaido(Working!!’s setting) next[November] month for a holiday.

– Kamiya talks about one time when he was mistaken for a random girl by his grandmother when he went out to meet her a while ago lol. I remember him mentioning another time when a convenience store attendant mistook him for a woman as well in another radio show lol.

– Kamiya notes that there’s only 4 people in the room, 2 staff other than the two personalities, and say’s it seems really empty. Only two staff members present really is a small gathering for a radio show, to compare, BlazBlue Radio has about 10-15 staff members present at each recording if I recall correctly, though that is one of the larger staffed radio shows.

Sometimes Kamiya’s really upbeat on his radio shows, and other times he’s really unenergetic lol. Either way he’s always pretty funny and always really witty. On that matter, he was his unenergetic self this episode. It still makes for an entertaining listening though.

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