Ichiban Ushiro no MugenDaiRajiOu #1

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2010.04.01

Radio for the anime series “Ichiban Ushiro Daimaou”. The name is a mesh of puns, firstly “Ichiban Ushiro” is straight from the anime itself, “Mugendai” means infinity, and is probably a reference to the OP, REALOVE:REALIFE’s lyrics, while “RajiOu” is a merge of “Radio + Ou(king)” combining them all to get “DaiRajiOu”. Yeah it’s still complicated but whatever.
The show is hosted by Soga Keena’s Toyosaki Aki, Korone’s Yuuki Aoi and Hattori Junko’s Hikasa Youko and airs fortnightly for only 8 episodes. The final four episodes all have different guests coming on to the show, starting with Itou Shizuka then to Kondou Takeshi –> Takahashi Chiaki and ending with Hirohashi Ryou.

– Aoi had brought a home baked cake to the anime recording for everyone to eat, seems like during valentines she brought chocolates for everyone as well :O How wonderful <3

– Aki tells Aoi that if Hikasa and Aki are getting too carried away that she’s free to tell them to shut up lol.

– A listener asks if they’ve taken the very back seat in school before, Aoi says she hasn’t saying that whenever she wanted to, the teacher wouldn’t let her because she was too short lol. Aoi is about 145 cm if I recall correctly. Now that I think about it, the height difference between her and Aki is about 25 cm lol.

Aoi: “The teacher said I wouldn’t be able to see from back there but I argued with him saying ‘I’ll do my best to grow!'”
Hikasa + Aki: “What? Grow??”
Aoi: “You know how when people are put in a tough situation they’ll do their best to overcome it!”

Lol Aoi, I don’t think it works quite that way =P

– Aki took the back seat quite often, even though it was decided by lottery :O

– Aoi says that she’s the same height as her mum and wears similar everyday clothes to her so from behind people can’t tell which is which lol.

– Aki says that recently she’s been getting up early and cooking a really traditional japanese breakfast every morning for herself, to which Hikasa says “Oh! :O I want to make you my wife. Number one cohort for being my wife!”

– The staff brought in rice due to Aki’s character’s love of rice, to Hikasa(false?) and Aki’s delight, Hikasa then gives up on the charade and says ” What in the world’s up with this radio? You’re giving us rice out of nowhere?!” Ahaha.

– Aki starts eating the rice lol, and she does a cooking style type reaction to the wonderfulness of the rice OTL

Aki: “I feel like dancing! No! The rice is dancing inside my mouth!”

Apparently the other two weren’t allowed to eat the rice, to their disappointment.

– Aoi comments that Korone says a lot of complicated words in her jokes that she doesn’t understand, and she wants to look them up in the dictionary. For those who haven’t seen the anime, these “complicated words” are perverted terms and colloquialisms lol.  Aki and Hikasa tells Aoi not to look them up, for her own good lol, saying that they need to protect her from this stuff ahaha.

Aki seemed like she genuinely enjoyed eating the rice alone lol.

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