Kano Yui and Onosaka Masaya on the 5th Seiyuu Awards

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A little exchange I found interesting between these two from yesterday’s “Atsumare MasaKano Henshuubu” radio episode. The two of them discuss who they think will win the 5th Seiyuu awards.

Who do you think will win the best personality award?
Kano: I’ve thought this for a while, but I think Iguchi Yuka will win it.
Onosaka: Oh I’ve heard of her… How is she?
Kano: She hosts quite a few radio shows as well as a couple solo ones.
Kano: She’s pretty young.
Onosaka: Hmm is she skilled with radio work?
Kano: Yeah, she does well in her own solo radio after all. Well that’s who I think will win.
Kano: How about Ono [Daisuke]?
Onosaka: No way! He doesn’t really do much radio work too.
Onosaka: Sugita [Tomokazu]? Hmmm wouldn’t he take the acting awards instead?
Kano: If it was split into male and female I’d think Iguchi would get the female award and Sugita might get the male one.
Kano: How about someone who’s been doing radio for a long time. Like Hidaka [Noriko]?
Onosaka: Ah well if she won it I don’t think anyone would have anything to say against that.
Onosaka: What if someone totally random gets it?
Kano: That would be surprising.
Onosaka: Like Terashima [Takuma] or something!
Kano: How about Hikasa [Youko]? Her radio with Nakamura Eriko.
Onosaka: Yeah, yeah those two.
Kano: She does quite a few other radio shows too, like that digital one [Digistar]
Kano: But I’d think she’d get one of the acting ones instead.
Onosaka: Yeah that seems about right.
Kano: Wait, she’d have to win the newcomer award first right?
Onosaka: Eh? She’s a newcomer?
Kano: Well I don’t think she’s been around for 5 years has she?
Onosaka: Ehhhh? Well then she’d definitely get it.
Kano: But if we’re talking about newcomers, wouldn’t that girl get it? Take…Take–
Onosaka: Taketatsu [Ayana]
Kano: Yeah wouldn’t Taketatsu get it?
Onosaka: Didn’t she win it last year? When I was there last year about 5 people got it…. Oh that was the Music award? [K-ON’s HTT, incidentally Onosaka had won the best personality award last year, as well as Kano winning the newcomer award in the first ceremony almost 3 years back]
Kano: Also Kanamoto? Kanemoto [Hisako] as well, for Shinryaku Geso—no, Ika. Ika Musume.
Onosaka: Haha Geso Musume? That’s her sentence enders!
Kano: Haha yeah wouldn’t she get it? Well there are lots of newcomer female seiyuu it’s gonna be fun to see who’s gonna win it.
I wonder who will win it. Well it’ll all be revealed in a week or so.

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #10

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Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2010.12.24

Kana comments that this is a christmas episode, to Ayana’s surprise, meaning the episode was recorded days before it’s boradcast.

– Ayana gets all embarrassed talking about her OreImo songs~

– They were planning to do a present exchange for this episode but Ayana mistook the day and didn’t have her present ready D: Looks like she was planning to give it to her on Christmas day or something? Either way Kana said it was alright since they were gonna meet up again at Christmas anyways.

– Ayana was feeling really bad about not having the present ready, asking if she could just leave now and go buy it lol.

– Kana gave her some fancy brown earmuffs from the Chisato Tsumori brandline(http://www.virtualjapan.com/wiki/Chisato_Tsumori) and Ayana was really happy with them saying she really wanted a pair. Kana said she was thinking of getting her pajamas instead but thought that she seemed like she would get some from her fans so decided against it. Ayana laughed at the “seems like she would get a pair of pajamas from fans” and said “As if I would!”.

– They commented on the live event they had a week or two prior, the one where Kana cosplayed as Kuroneko. There was a live script reading bit where it seemed like everyone added their own adlibs like crazy. fklasdjflkasjkfja I really want to hear thatttt D: It looks like there’s no official footage of it though so there’s no way to see it unless you were there :(

– They commented that they really loved Hayami Saori’s dress up, saying that they couldn’t pull of that get up with their body type lol. Kana: “I’d probably look like some arabian weirdo” Ayana: “I’d probably look like some kid trying to dress up all fancy” Thats’s not true you two~~

– They laugh that although everyone else was all dressed up for the occasion, Nakamura seemed to have came in his everyday clothing haha.

– Kana says she’s about to start playing Monster Hunter, looks like she’s going to be given it as well as a PSP some time soon lol.

– Believing in Santa:
Kana: “When did you stop believing in Santa?”
Ayana: “Err around when I was 18 years old?”
Kana: “Uwaah! We’ve got a pure one here!”
Apparently she thought that the Santas going to everyone’s house was their fathers, but the one coming to her house was the real Santa lollll. It looks like she still gets surprise presents for Christmas <3

– The two of them comment that the OreImo game has some “amazing” scenes. Yeahh, I guess it’s common knowledge now what kind of scenes are in there lol.

Lalala onwards to episode 11~

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #09

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Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2010.12.10

The opening script has Kirino talking about how cute Taketatsu Ayana is and Kuroneko talking about Hanazawa Kana sexually harassing her lol. Nice one staff! OTL

– Ayana says she had an Animate point card since she was in elementary school, meaning she had frequented anime shops since she was in grade school lol.

– Listeners have sent in mail about keeping their otaku hobbies a secret from their family and Ayana comments that she never had to do that, in fact she’s always played her galge in the living room lol. She mentions Tokimeki Memorial and Mahou Shoujo Fancy Coco. Ayana leads it into trying to convince Kana into playing them with her but Kana declines.

– A listener sends in a mail talking about how she was a serious person before but a friend had given her Ayana’s character song to listen to and she loved it. She then proceeded on to watch the anime and became an otaku from there haha. I wonder which song it was… Probably K-ON’s, that seems to be the most non-otaku friendly anime she’s been involved with to drag people in with.

– Upon finding out Kana has a glasses fetish Ayana says she’ll put on glasses for her next time :D

– Ayana does a pretty good impression of Tamura Yukari’s voice :O

– Ayana misreads 続投(zokutou; continuing to pitch[baseball]) as zokueki, a non-existent word, to Kana’s confusion lol. She gets all embarrassed and apologizes afterwards hah.

And so on to #10. I’m not looking forward to when I catch up and I’ll have no more episodes to listen to :(

Hekiyou Gakuen Kounai Housou #1

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Hosts: Togashi Misuzu, Honda Mariko, Horinaka Yuki
Date: 2010.10.09

“Hekiyou Academy Local Broadcast” radio show for the Seitokai no Ichizon anime hosted by Shiina Minatsu’s Togashi Misuzu, Sakurano Kurimu’s Honda Mariko and Shiina Mafuyu’s Horinaka Yuki. The radio show seems to have been pretty popular considering how unknown the seiyuu were :O.

– They comment that they’re glad to have had so much mail already, they weren’t sure if there would be many people sending in mail since they they’re new. They joke that they might have resorted to asking their friends to send in mail lol.

– From Togashi Misuzu’s self introduction: Misuzu is a fan of games and anime and stuff like that, she loved to do impressions of people and she decided to become a seiyuu after taking her hobbies and interests into account.

– Misuzu does an impression of a character from Anpanman and judging by the reactions it was really similar. I personally have no idea lol.

– Horinaka Yuki: She loves pink and cute things and stuff like that. Her reasons for becoming a seiyuu were similar to Misuzu in that she loves games, manga and anime as well, she’s also been interested in acting since she was young.

– The other two comment that she’s always wearing pink. Completely pink from up to down, including how she is at the recording.

– Honda Mariko: She loves drawing and she’s always scribbling random stuff. She became a seiyuu because she watched Chrono Crusade when she was in high school, and she absolutely loved it. She started talking about the final scene and how touched she was by it. She starts getting all emotional talking about it lol. Yeahh Chrono Crusade was great ;_;

– They decide on nicknames for each other. “Suzu” for Misuzu, “Yukki” for Yuki and “Marimo” for Mariko.

– One of the corners have them talking about a recent “first time experience” lol. Everyone acts kinda iffy with the wording until Mariko says “Ah the ‘First time experience’ part makes me excited” to which Misuzu scolds her for lol. They settle on saying that since this is their first radio, they were having a “first time experience together”. They kinda giggled at the way they said it haha.

– How they would describe their personality with one word:
Yuki: “My pace”  Someone who does everything at their own pace without minding other people.
Misuzu: “SabaSaba” Something like a crude, blunt sorta person. Or something like that…. I think? They comment that she’s kinda tsundere as well.
Mariko: “waaaahhhh” A really relaxed type of person. She adds “cheerful” into it and laughs at the sound effect to describe herself so she changes it to “Pikapika boke”

– What would they do if they suddenly received a lot of money
Misuzu: “Hmm throw it around?”
Mariko: “Put 2/3rds of it in a bank. Maybe give some to charity?”
Yuki: “Put it in the bank”

I really loved how well they performed in Seizon despite being completely new seiyuu(Oh I didn’t like Minatsu’s seiyuu work though lawl OTL), though they haven’t really had much more activity in the past year or so since Seizon :(.  In particular I liked Honda Mariko as Kurimu and have been a fan of her since. Interestingly enough, she’s been cast as the main character in KyoAni’s upcoming Nichijou anime which should be good for her career, perhaps she’ll be the next girl to be skyrocketed to fame and popularity by KyoAni? Lol.


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Hosts: Hikasa Youko, Shimoda Asami
Date: 2011.01.01

Radio for the Infinite Stratos anime a week before the TV broadcast hosted by Hikasa Youko(Shinonono Houki) and Shimoda Asami(Lin Yin Fang). Interestingly enough the radio is video recorded, I can’t even remember the last time I’ve seen an anime radio with a video recording on every episode, actually has there ever been one? :O

– Asami had some make up problems mid way through the show and they paused the radio so she could take care of it lol.

– The two of them laugh at how hard it is to say Hikasa’s character’s name. “Shinononononononononono” (lol) Also “Sharuru”rururururu.

– They comment that there are lots of tsundere characters in the anime.

– One of the corners have listeners sending in reasons why they think the main character is the only boy who can pilot the IS. The things the two of them mentioned were
Hikasa: “Maybe he’s physically weak or something?”
Asami: “Maybe he’s actually a girl!”
Also: “The IS are attracted to girls… But sometimes they have the urge to go for a boy every now and again” ahaha.

– Hikasa calls her “Pon” from her nickname “Asapon” lol her name’s pretty much gone at that point.

– At the end Asami is made to say a confession picked randomly from themes inside a box. This episode was “Chocolate”
Asami: “Rather than chocolate, please take my sweet love instead!” *hands paper to the camera*
*Asami dies of embarassment while Hikasa goes silent*
Asami: “Oi say something!!”
*Hikasa stays silent*
Asami: “Say something!!!” *Radio cuts off and ends there lol*
Ahahaha poor Asapon. It was P. cute though <3

It’s a pretty fun radio show, I’m not sure if I’ll follow it every episode but I’ll keep an eye on it . Shimoda and Hikasa get along pretty well with each other. Well actually is there anyone that Hikasa doesn’t get along well with? :O

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #08

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Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2010.11.26

The studio they’re in for this episode is different again, and it seems like they’re sharing one microphone. Which creates a problem, Ayana’s voice was too loud and Kana’s voice was too soft at the start D:
Kana: “It’s like a scene from a terrace in Hawaii.”
Ayana: “Eh? How is it?”
Kana: “The microphone is like a glass with a straw in the middle of a table.”
Ayana: “Huh? What? The microphone’s like a straw??”
Ayana doesn’t really agree, yeah Kana that’s a pretty distant comparison lol.

– Kana brought Ayana a souvenir from her trip to Singapore :D

Kyousuke is cool
Ayana: “Kyousuke’s been so cool recently, I want to make him my wife. Wait, husband. I want to make him my husband”

– Ayana tries to convert Kana into gaming again by convincing her to play Monster Hunter with her. She doesn’t succeed though lol

Kana x Ayana love is great and all but I’d really love to see some guests on OreImo Radio sometime… Like Nakamura :D

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #082

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Host: Hanazawa Kana
Guest: Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2011.02.16

Solo radio show hosted by Hanazawa Kana. For some reason it’s pretty much the only solo radio show I listen to from time to time even when there are no guests. This episode guests Taketatsu Ayana, making this episode feature the popular OreImo yuri seiyuu duo lol.
Ayana starts off leading the show alone and tells everyone not to change the channel since Kana will be coming in later lol.

– They start off with a quiz about Ayana for Kana, if she gets it all right she gets her present. Looks like it’s a rather expensive present too :O

– 1st question: What’s Ayana’s favourite colour? A: Pink
Kana had no idea from the start and started floundering lol. She made a wild guess for pink and got it right lol. Her reasoning: “Well Ayana looks good in pink”.
Eh looks like they’ll continue the quiz later throughout the show.

– A listener sends in a mail saying that Ayana wrote on her blog before the Nico Live event that she was happy just to meet Kana. Kana questions her about this and Ayana denies it while embarassed lol.

– Ayana jokes that she’ll come every week to the radio show for free :D

– When Ayana finds out that Kana can cook she asks her to come over to cook for her, which she agrees to :D.

– Ayana hears a snippet of a previous radio episode where Kana fangirled over her.
Kana: “Sorry for you coming here and hearing that.”
Ayana: “Ah its alright, seems like you’re becoming creepier recently.”
Kana: “Oh… Tell me when I’m being creepy and I’ll try and stop.”
Ayana: “It’s okay I love the creepy Kana too :3”

– Question 2: What radio show is Ayana currently hosting with Numakura Manami? A: Taketatsu Numakura no Hajimete demo ii desu ka?
This is actually a show that’s been going on for almost 3/4 of a year now. Kana knew about it and guessed it without the personality names at the front, which resulted in an incorrect answer. Ayachi acts all tsun saying “Even though you say you love me so much… It’s hosted at the same A&G and Kana didn’t know about it…” lol.

– They mention that they’re going on a date after the recording lol. (And Ayana dressed up for it :D)

– Digital Cameras
Ayana: “If I had a digital camera I’d do a photoshoot with only Kana, only for me.”
Kana: “That’s a bit creepy”
Ayana: “Eh? Why?? I love you that much!”
Kana: “Ah thanks…”

– Question 3: What did Ayana have for dinner last night? A: Meat
Kana: “How would I know?!”
In the end Ayana hinted that it was at a staff event with her favourite food and Kana guessed it right.

– Question 4: Who is the writer’s (of the radio show) favourite seiyuu? A: Taketatsu Ayana
As if it’s Taketatsu Ayana lol, he’s always been fanboying over Tomatsu Haruka! Kana guessed Tomatsu straight off and it was incorrect, to everyone’s surprise lol.

– Ayana gives Kana chocolate as a late Valentines Day present :D

– Question 5: What does Taketatsu Ayana admire most about Hanazawa Kana? A: How seriously she does her job
Kana guesses at “How cool Kana is” since Ayana has mentioned many times how cool she thinks she is…. but gets it incorrect. Ayana makes fun of her saying “Ehh? Do you think of yourself as a cool person??” ahahaha poor Kana.

In the end Kana gets a disposable camera as her birthday present, to her disappointment lol.

So much Ayana x Kana love.

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #07

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Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2010.11.12

Hmm? Apparently they’re recording this episode in the anime recording studio. They comment it’s really spacious and feels kinda weird.

– The two of them don’t sit together during the recording, but Ayana occasionally comes up to Kana to talk to her :D

– Kana takes a look at Ayana’s script and notice her scribbles in it. Seems like Ayana draws a star on lines she wants to check with the director, a triangle for when she can leave the line out and a circle for her own lines. Ahh it’s easy to forget sometimes but the seiyuu part really is more than just speaking lines :D

– They don’t go into details whats written in the script but Ayana gives the hint “くんかくんか”. Well it looks like it was episode 11 then lol.

– When talking about Kana singing, Ayana tells Kana she’s listened to her “_____ Circulation” before heh. A friend had shown her the song before Ayana had become friends with Kana, Ayana thought it was a really cute song and her friend told her after that it was Kana’s song lol. Kana in turn told her that she’s listened to her Mayoi Neko Overrun songs haha.

– Talk about lolis and Ayana
Kana: “Aren’t you a loli?”
Ayana: “Well once people pass 20 I guess they wouldn’t be a loli anymore.”
Kana: “Ehhh, go back go back~~”
Ayana: “What are you saying?!”
While they’re talking about lolis, Yuuki Aoi’s name pops up in the conversation haha.

– Ayana says she loves lolis and mentions in particular Kaho from Sister Princess. Kana doesn’t know Sister Princess and Ayana starts describing the anime to her. She gets really heated up describing the anime and Kana laughs saying she really sounds like Kirino. Ahh I feel like watching Sister Princess now lol OTL

– Ayana says she’s become a strong supporter of Kirino X Kyousuke and really wants to see them end up together. She laments about the blood relation setting and starts wondering if she could convince the writer to get rid of the whole blood relation thing ahaha.

Ayana was pretty aggressive this episode, it was pretty cool to hear :D It really feels like they’re actually friends now rather than friendly workmates now. She completely let loose on the otaku aspects of the show, going on and on about Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Sister Princess, etc. lol. Poor Kana couldn’t keep up with her.

Sayonara Zetsubou Housou DJCD 4 Special 2

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Hosts: Shintani Ryouko, Kamiya Hiroshi
Guest: Inoue Marina
Date: 2008.08.05

Moar SZBH.

– Marina arrived an hour before the recording started and met Shintani it seems.

– Marina had wanted to come guest but she said she never got an invitation to come to the show D:
Kamiya: “But you were too busy to come guest all the time.”
Marina: “I never got invited! I’m never busy!”
Kamiya: “Eh you’re on like every single magazine, magazine cover and poster everywhere”

– Kamiya likes Tanii Asuka’s(Komori Kiri) voice more than Gotou Yuko’s lol. Well he’s a big fan of her voice so I’m not surprised.

– Inoue Marina is pretty <3
Kamiya: “No matter what Inoue Marina wears she looks great!”
Shintani: “I agree!”

– Marina paid 500 yen to Asumi Kana to touch her chest lol, Kamiya says that 500 yen is nothing, and Shintani adds on that she touches her for free ahaha. Kamiya then says that he’d pay 5000 to touch her OTL.

The whole touching of chests thing continued and grew worse until the corner ended lol.

Sayonara Zetsubou Housou DJCD 4 Special 1

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Hosts: Kamiya Hiroshi, Shintani Ryouko
Guest: Saitou Chiwa
Date: 2008.08.05

SZBH bonus episode bundled with it’s 4th radio CD. The radio CD had two bonus episodes, one with Otonashi Meru’s Saitou Chiwa and Kitsu Chiri’s Inoue Marina.

– Apparently Chiwa didn’t voice Meru in the first season due to scheduling reasons but came in from the second season onwards.

– The radio episode was recorded right after lunch, which Chiwa said made her really relaxed.

– A listener asks Chiwa why she had never called Shintani to guest on Pani Poni’s radio which she hosted, Shintani feigns hurt while Chiwa doesn’t remember if she guested or not then blames scheduling.

– Looks like the staff for SZBH is the same for Pani Raji Dash lol.

– A listener send in a mail about his girlfriend calling him by another boy’s name occasionally. The corner has listeners sending in despairful situations and the seiyuu have to think up a way that it could be viewed in a positive light. Chiwa giggles when she hears the mail at first but then says:
Chiwa: “Well you know it depends on what she’s calling you, such as Kamiya Hiroshi, instead of Hiroshi I could call you Harrison Ford and that would be pretty cool wouldn’t it?”
Kamiya: “Well thats IF the name was was Harrison Ford!!”

Kamiya trying to convince the two girls how bad it is to call the person you’re dating another person’s name
Kamiya: “Well say I was dating Ryouko, if I was like ‘Hey Chiwa—- Um, I mean Ryouko’ how would you feel!?”
Shintani: “I love Chiwa so I’d be fine with it!”
Chiwa + Shintani: “Yeah!!”

-Shintani and Kamiya apparently met Nakajima Megumi before the recording started, possibly after another radio recording… Macross F Radio perhaps?

I love SZBH, it’s definitely one of the more entertaining radios around <3. And it still continues today at it’s 176th episode :D

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