MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #0

February 4th, 2011 § 0 comments

Hosts: Hayami Saori, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.09.01

The episode is episode 0 rather than 1 due to it using it’s first episode to explain the corners and such I think. I don’t think the two of them seemed to get it as well lol. Apparently the recordings for the anime episodes are well under way with multiple episodes already being recorded at the time. The radio aired about a month before the anime began.

– The two of them say that they’ve met each other before, their first meeting was a long time ago, almost 5 years back , back when Hayami was in middle school. Something about a party held for “I’m Enterprise’s” rookie seiyuu since they both entered the agency at around the same time. Wait now that I think about it, Ayana is 2 years older than Hayami :O

– Ayana was really nervous about the radio before it started, but was still looking forward to working on a radio with her.

– First impression of Hayami
Ayana:You were really well mannered and formal at the time”

– Ayana comments that Hayami seems to do a lot of aloof or mature roles and Hayami agrees. She describes Arashiko as starting off as that type of character and changing into a more upbeat character as the series progresses.

– Ayana fangirling over Tanaka Rie
Ayana: “Her voice radiates such a “mature woman” feel. She adds such a sexy yet cool attribute to her voice, I really admire that~”

– The two of them were amazed at Fukuyama Jun’s work on Tarou. I agree, seeing JunJun voicing Tarou in person would be pretty amazing lol.

The radio was really amusing to listen to due to the corners they had, the two of them had a blast acting S lol. I’m starting to love Ayachi on radio.
They really enjoyed playing with S lines lawl.

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