Mikako@PayoPayo #495

February 8th, 2011 § 1 comment

Host: Takahashi Mikako
Guest: Itou Kanae
Date: 2011.02.03

This is Kanae’s first time on PayoPayo. The episode aired a few days ago on Thursday. As soon as Kanae comes in with “PayoPayo!” Mikako’s all over how cute she is~ Kanae’s so cutesdklfaklffdsfasdfdg

– Mikako herself had asked Kanae’s manager from Aoni Production if she could come on to the show :O

– The first time the two of them met was in the Birdy the Mighty Decode recording. Kanae was really new to voice acting back then and Mikako was surprised at how calm she looked, though Kanae says she was just so nervous she just stayed quiet and still.

– Mikako’s first thought when she saw her was “Wow she’s small” lol

– Kanae’s first impression of Mikako was “Wow she’s got a cute voice”
Mikako: “Ah I’m really happy that you said that. It’s like when someone who has a cute voice calls your voice cute it’s even better <3″

– A listener sends in a mail brings up Kanae’s “Do reindeers exist?” spectacle she had on Railgun Radio and she winces lol. I bet she gets so much attention about that lol.

– When she’s explaining why she thought Reindeers were fiction says she took the flying Christmas Reindeers literally and thought they flew so they were like Pegasus, or Unicorns. She then says “Oh wait… Are Unicorns real?” LOL
Kanae: “Wait are Unicorns real?”
Mikako: “Of course not! Uhh Kanae? Are you really living on Earth?”
Kanae: “Oh..? But there are animals with a horn on their head right?”
Mikako: “Yeah big ones and stuff like that”
Kanae: “…Wait… And those ones exist?”
Ahh Kanae~ <3

– Kanae found out about Seiyuu in middle school, she had really loved an anime back then and listened in to it’s radio show and thought “Ah I’d really like to join them”. She loved how friendly and how much fun they seemed to be having <3. The anime she loved was “Hunter X Hunter” so… that makes the two seiyuu she listened to Gon’s Takeuchi Junko and Killua’s Mitsuhashi Kanako.
After graduating she entered a seiyuu school, studied for two years and auditioned for Aoni and was accepted. She had not entered Aoni’s own seiyuu college “Aoni Juku”. Incidentally Mikako was the same that she didn’t enter her agency through it’s own college as well.

– Kanae’s debut role was Amu in Shugo Chara almost 5 years ago now.

– Kanae’s never given chocolates for Valentines day but she’s swapped non-handmade chocolates with her girl schoolfriends before.

I like how much they spoke about how Kanae entered the seiyuu industry here. I guess they did the same with Hanazawa Kana though, you could really learn a lot about the seiyuu and how they came into being a seiyuu from listening to their first time guesting on PayoPayo :O

Ahh I miss listening to Kanaeeeee~. Her ChoRaji has ended so the only radio she’s doing right now is MaeJou with Inoue Marina… She’s still as adorable as eversasdfjkasdkfh

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