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Hosts: Hikasa Youko, Shimoda Asami
Date: 2011.01.01

Radio for the Infinite Stratos anime a week before the TV broadcast hosted by Hikasa Youko(Shinonono Houki) and Shimoda Asami(Lin Yin Fang). Interestingly enough the radio is video recorded, I can’t even remember the last time I’ve seen an anime radio with a video recording on every episode, actually has there ever been one? :O

– Asami had some make up problems mid way through the show and they paused the radio so she could take care of it lol.

– The two of them laugh at how hard it is to say Hikasa’s character’s name. “Shinononononononononono” (lol) Also “Sharuru”rururururu.

– They comment that there are lots of tsundere characters in the anime.

– One of the corners have listeners sending in reasons why they think the main character is the only boy who can pilot the IS. The things the two of them mentioned were
Hikasa: “Maybe he’s physically weak or something?”
Asami: “Maybe he’s actually a girl!”
Also: “The IS are attracted to girls… But sometimes they have the urge to go for a boy every now and again” ahaha.

– Hikasa calls her “Pon” from her nickname “Asapon” lol her name’s pretty much gone at that point.

– At the end Asami is made to say a confession picked randomly from themes inside a box. This episode was “Chocolate”
Asami: “Rather than chocolate, please take my sweet love instead!” *hands paper to the camera*
*Asami dies of embarassment while Hikasa goes silent*
Asami: “Oi say something!!”
*Hikasa stays silent*
Asami: “Say something!!!” *Radio cuts off and ends there lol*
Ahahaha poor Asapon. It was P. cute though <3

It’s a pretty fun radio show, I’m not sure if I’ll follow it every episode but I’ll keep an eye on it . Shimoda and Hikasa get along pretty well with each other. Well actually is there anyone that Hikasa doesn’t get along well with? :O

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