Kano Yui and Onosaka Masaya on the 5th Seiyuu Awards

February 28th, 2011 § 5 comments

A little exchange I found interesting between these two from yesterday’s “Atsumare MasaKano Henshuubu” radio episode. The two of them discuss who they think will win the 5th Seiyuu awards.

Who do you think will win the best personality award?
Kano: I’ve thought this for a while, but I think Iguchi Yuka will win it.
Onosaka: Oh I’ve heard of her… How is she?
Kano: She hosts quite a few radio shows as well as a couple solo ones.
Kano: She’s pretty young.
Onosaka: Hmm is she skilled with radio work?
Kano: Yeah, she does well in her own solo radio after all. Well that’s who I think will win.
Kano: How about Ono [Daisuke]?
Onosaka: No way! He doesn’t really do much radio work too.
Onosaka: Sugita [Tomokazu]? Hmmm wouldn’t he take the acting awards instead?
Kano: If it was split into male and female I’d think Iguchi would get the female award and Sugita might get the male one.
Kano: How about someone who’s been doing radio for a long time. Like Hidaka [Noriko]?
Onosaka: Ah well if she won it I don’t think anyone would have anything to say against that.
Onosaka: What if someone totally random gets it?
Kano: That would be surprising.
Onosaka: Like Terashima [Takuma] or something!
Kano: How about Hikasa [Youko]? Her radio with Nakamura Eriko.
Onosaka: Yeah, yeah those two.
Kano: She does quite a few other radio shows too, like that digital one [Digistar]
Kano: But I’d think she’d get one of the acting ones instead.
Onosaka: Yeah that seems about right.
Kano: Wait, she’d have to win the newcomer award first right?
Onosaka: Eh? She’s a newcomer?
Kano: Well I don’t think she’s been around for 5 years has she?
Onosaka: Ehhhh? Well then she’d definitely get it.
Kano: But if we’re talking about newcomers, wouldn’t that girl get it? Take…Take–
Onosaka: Taketatsu [Ayana]
Kano: Yeah wouldn’t Taketatsu get it?
Onosaka: Didn’t she win it last year? When I was there last year about 5 people got it…. Oh that was the Music award? [K-ON’s HTT, incidentally Onosaka had won the best personality award last year, as well as Kano winning the newcomer award in the first ceremony almost 3 years back]
Kano: Also Kanamoto? Kanemoto [Hisako] as well, for Shinryaku Geso—no, Ika. Ika Musume.
Onosaka: Haha Geso Musume? That’s her sentence enders!
Kano: Haha yeah wouldn’t she get it? Well there are lots of newcomer female seiyuu it’s gonna be fun to see who’s gonna win it.
I wonder who will win it. Well it’ll all be revealed in a week or so.

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