MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #7

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Host: Hayami Saori
Guest: Gibu Yuuko
Date: 2010.10.27

Ayana’s absent for this episode so they have Mamiya Yumi’s seiyuu Gibu Yuuko here to keep Hayami company. In case no one remembers her character, she’s the yuri(?), pink haired ero-massage girl.

– Gibu yells out “SHALL I GIVE YOU A MASSAGE??” right at the start lol.

– Gibu seems to have listened to a previous episode of the radio :O

– It looks like the two of them met and spoke with each other a couple years back when Hayami was in her first year of high school.

– About being Tatsukichi’s ex-girlfriend

Hayami: “That’s a pretty interesting setting isn’t it?”
Gibu: “Yeah! I can’t believe I get to play as Satou Rina’s ex-girlfriend!”

– They laugh at Mamiya’s massage scenes lol. And they dance around how ero they are ahaha. “Please check the uncut versions on the DVD!” ahaha

– A listener sends in a mail saying that he can hear the chair squeaking sounds on the radio. Gibu says that they aren’t chairs but in fact are the staff members ahaha. The laughing voices are actually coming from below! OTL

– They laugh that since this is broadcast on the internet, it makes it a global radio and they should cater to the foreigners lawl. They start saying bonjour and other random words in other languages as well as putting a gaijin accent on their speech ahahaha.

– Audio commentaries from Gibu’s point of view lol

Gibu: “Audio commentary! I know that, that’s that thing where I watch anime and say whatever I want and I’ll get money for it right?!”

Gibu’s a really funny personality so the radio takes a turn towards the hyperactive side with the two of them screaming and shouting far more than the usual MM radio episode heh.

Sayonara Zetsubou Housou #88 + #89

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Hosts: Kamiya Hiroshi, Shintani Ryouko
Guest: Sugita Tomokazu
Date: 2009.05.20, 2009.05.27

For those who don’t remember/know Sugita’s character in SZS, he’s a person who loves old things and rejects new things. The word for “old” is “kyuu”. With this they make a joke in the opening on Shintani’s name replacing the “Shin” (which means new) to “Kyuutani” lol. I love puns :D

– Shintani goes completely quiet when the two of them start talking about old games lol. Poor Shintani can’t keep up lol.

– Shintani decides to forgo talking and starts playing Monster Hunder on a PSP while the two of them ramble on about games lol.

– Shintani makes a little yelp out of nowhere while the two were talking since something surprised her in Monster Hunter lol. She apologises and tells the two of them to continue.

– Sugita and Kamiya has played Amagami and they’ve mentioned it from time to time on radio lol. Shintani voices one of the heroines in Amagami, Rihoko.

Sugita: “Shintani! Shintani!”
Shintani: “Huh?”
Sugita: “There’s a hole under this fence, we can use it to go to school!”
Shintani: “No! No” *laughs*
Sugita: “Don’t worry I’ll go first AHH YOU GOT STUCK”

Ahaha Amagami reference :D

– Sugita plays Galge/Visual Novels with his arcade stick console lol. He also mentioned that he wanted to try playing with a DDR mat as it might give him the experience of playing the Galge with his whole body… Or something like that ahaha.

– Left4Dead reference! It looks like both Sugita and Kamiya plays it :D

Lol there’s no way I can keep up with the two of them too. I have no idea about any of these old japanese games OTL

MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #6

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Hosts: Hayami Saori, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.10.20

NN corner on this episode! \o/

– Looks like the rules have changed a bit to help the two of them out for the NN corner. If they’re stuck on what to think of to say they can ask for a keyword to use to insult the object so they’ll have a direction to think in rather than making it up completely on the spot. Or something like that. In return for asking for the keyword they have to say a line in a really cute voice lol. Ayana tries to pressure Hayami into doing it saying she wants to see a Hayami say something cute lol.

–  This episode’s theme is “Rubber eraser”

– Ayana went first

Ayana:“What are you doing rubbing with your white body! And enjoying it! Stop spreading your rubber everywhere! That’s filthy!”

– Hayami ended up asking for the keyword and the staff gave it to her on a paper. She opened up the paper to find “Bad luck, try again!” on it and they laughed and screamed at the staff for adding dud keywords ahahaha. You can hear the staff laughing at them in the background :D

– Hayami’s turn!

Hayami: “Why are you so soft even though you’re made out of plastic?!”

She complains that Ayana took all the good insults already and she was originally planning to use the whole “rubbing” and “white body” sorta thing so she had run out of ideas when Ayana ended up using them first.

The two of them seem to have a platonic but friendly kind of relationship. They’re not extremely close but you can tell they’re used to being around each other and they’re really relaxed during the radio.

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #12

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Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.01.28

The Kana x Ayana love level really goes up a notch in this episode. No, forget a notch, more like skyrockets lol.

– The two of them had shared a taxi to the studio right after coming off work together elsewhere :O

Kana: “We’re still together so often still that it makes it seem like the anime recording hasn’t really ended.”
Ayana: “Yeah we pretty much see each other every week”
Kana: “We’re doing a lot of interviews and photoshoots aren’t we?”

– The two of them talk about a second season and Ayana says that after the extra episodes there should be a second season announcement or something lol. Well they have no idea themselves so it doesn’t mean anything I guess. Though I’m pretty sure a 2nd OreImo season is really just a matter of time :D

– Kana asks Ayana about her blog post where she had said Kana touched her thighs lol. Basically the story goes that Kana touched Ayana’s thighs out of nowhere when they had met up recently, but upon feeling her stockings instead of bare skin she was really disappointed and Ayana wrote on her blog that Kana was kinda creepy and how disappointed she looked when she touched her lol. Amusingly Kana’s been getting a lot of mail about this on her Hitori de Dekiru Kana radio and mentions that to Ayana. Speaking about her solo radio, Kana had said that Ayana might become hers if she becomes a bit closer with her around the same time lol. The Kana X Ayana love talk extends to Hitori de Dekiru Kana as well <3

– Ayana asks Kana if she’s always like this when she’s around other people and Kana says “No way!”… She then proceeds to confess her love to Ayana ahahah.

– Talking about how wonderful a sister relationship is

Kana: “Ah sisters are great aren’t they?”
Ayana: “Yeah”
Kana: “Hey why don’t you be my little sister?”
Ayana: “…You’ve already got a younger brother!”
Kana: “But I want to see what it’s like to have a little sister!”
Ayana: “Ah yeah, I’d like a little sister too…”
Kana: “Oh, then I’ll be your little sister!”
Ayana: “But you’re more like an elder sister”
Kana: “Oh really?”
Ayana: “Yeah you’ve got that “calmly watching over me” kind of feeling”
Kana: “Yeah a little sister like that would be kinda annoying wouldn’t it?”

– Kana tells Ayana how cute AKB48’s PV for their Heavy Rotation song is. Kana says that they were in their underwear for it and Ayana’s really surprised to hear that, thinking that the management wouldn’t allow it. She decides to go watch it after lol. Kana and Ayana says they’re both Mayuyu fans. After talking about AKB48 and how cute they are Kana closes the discussion with “But Ayana is also really cute!”

– Kana comments how crossdressing traps are really popular right now lol.

– They comment on how Hayami Saori would look great in a shrine maiden costume. Ayana says that Hayami has a kinda refined atmosphere to her. Kana says they should have forced her to wear it at an OreImo event lol.

– Hot springs!

Kana: “I want to go to a hot spring with Ayana!”
Ayana: “I want to too! Let’s go!”
Kana: “Yay!”

– Kana x Ayana!

Ayana: “Kana you’ve been acting a bit funny recently”
Kana: “It’s because… Ayana, you sometimes give me that ‘it’s okay to come on to me’ kind of look don’t you?”
Ayana: “What?? As if! How conceited is that! How conceited are you to think that?!”
Kana: “Ehhh was I misunderstanding it…?”
Ayana: “Have I really been giving off that look?”
Kana: “You have! You so have!”

Kana: “Ahh this is bad they’re really gonna get mad at me”
Ayana: “Eh? Who is?”
Kana: “People from I’m[Enterprise](Ayana’s agency)
Ayana: “Don’t worry, my manager’s grinning as he’s watching us!”
Kana: “They’ll probably say “Don’t come near our Ayana!””
Ayana: “It’s fine! My manager really loves you after all, he’s always like “Kana’s really cute isnt she?””

– Ah so it’s fine that she touched your thighs Ayachi~

Kana: “Sorry for touching your thighs”
Ayana: “I didn’t mind it, it’s just your disappointed expression after you did it!”

– Touching Ayana’s butt

Ayana: “Just the other day Kana touched my butt!”
Kana: *laughs* “Wait! Explain the situation properly otherwise I’ll just seem like some pervert!”
Kana: “This was on a day Ayana had said she was really cold and she had this coat on and while talking about touching it, I ended up touching her butt”
Ayana: “How it happened was so natural I didn’t even notice that she had touched my butt”
Kana: “Yeah and then the manager said “Ah, Hanazawa you just subtly touched her butt didnt you?””
Ayana: “It was so natural, so subtle that I didn’t even notice until he said it”
Kana: “Wow did I always have that kind of skill?”
Ayana: “Yeah it’s amazing, please take care with it”
Kana: “I think this could be kinda problematic”
Ayana: “One day in the future I’ll have my revenge on you for it”
Kana: “Wow I thought you were gonna say that one day in the future I’d be arrested by the police for it” *laughs*
Ayana: “I’ll get you back for it!”
Kana: *really happily*“Ehh? Payback! Oh oh! What are you gonna do??”
Ayana: “Huh? You’re looking forward to it??”

Kana: “Ah this is getting really bad, lets stop it here”
Ayana: “Yeah Kana’s acting funny so we’ll stop here”

– Ayana x Kana!

Kana: “Sorry Ayana”
Ayana: “For what?”
Kana: “It seems like I’m always sexually harassing you”
Ayana: “Well it’s normal now!”
Kana: *shock*
Ayana: “Well it’s barely okay!”
Kana: “It’s okay?!”

– <3

Ayana: “I’m really happy to have met up with you today!”
Kana: “Ahh! Ayachhi! It’s because you offhandedly say stuff like that to me that I misunderstand things!”
Ayana: “Wait what is with that ‘surpassing friend, becoming lovers’ sorta situation!? Is this supposed to be some kind of shoujo manga?!”

And so Ayana and Kana’s relationship goes up another level~

…Wow I kinda went on for too long on this post.

Sugita Tomokazu no Anigera! DeDoooon #52

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Host: Sugita Tomokazu
Assistants: SP Tanaka, Asakura, SP Satou, Male AGRS
Guest: Yukana
Date: 2011.03.24

Sugita has a little speech at the start about trying to cheer everyone up with this radio :D. How sweet~

– Apparently Nakamura had intended to come on the show as well, even if he wasn’t gonna get paid for it but he couldn’t make it due to other work :(

– Nakamura has been calling Sugita everyday ever since the earthquake haha. :D

– Sugita has been watching Infinite Stratos :D

– A listener sends in a mail about a dream he had featuring Amagami’s Nanasaki, Yukana’s character and Sugita had her read a line in Nanasaki’s voice <3

– Sugita and Yukana had gone to a staff party to eat yakiniku and Sugita had pretty much only salad on his plate and Yukana scolded him for not eating enough meat haha.

Sugita: “Pretty much the only people who tell me off for that are my mum and Yukana.”

– Lol was that a Cirno Perfect Math Lesson IOSYS reference? Well I’m not surprised I guess, Sugita’s mentioned Touhou more than a couple of times :D

– Sugita didn’t watch Infinite Stratos from the start, but after receiving a lot of mail regarding it he decided to take a look and ended up liking it.

– Yukana plays Monster Hunter :O (Like every(?) other seiyuu lol)

– Sugita asks everyone’s favourite Yukana character

Tanaka: Kuugen Tenka (Wagaya no Oinari-sama)
Asakura: Mashiro (My-Hime/Otome)
Satou: Nanasaki (Amagami)
Male AGRS: C.C. (Code Geass)

– Yukana says she doesn’t know Nakamura very well. They’ve never attended the same work parties due to scheduling conflicts and they haven’t had many chances to work together.

– Toyosaki Aki and Sphere’s name popped up a couple of times during the radio heh

Sugita and Yukana has a kinda little brother-elder sister sorta relationship. Sugita has come to her for advice and to be cheered up by her before. How wonderful <3

MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #5

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Hosts: Hayami Saori, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.10.13

Hayami says licorice has a Japanese flavour, Ayana says it tastes more like Europe ^~^

– The two of them comment about how crazy the latest episode of MM! was again.

Ayana: “The latest episode was…. pretty amazing wasn’t it?”
Hayami: “Yeah it’s so crazy I really have no idea what to say about it.”

Ayana: “And Tarou… He kinda went BL”

This was probably the episode he got hypnotised lol.

– Ayana bought and is playing Pokemon White :D

– The two of them conclude that Team Rocket must be full of good people since they never kill anyone lol. Wait, why are they talking about Team Rocket on MM Radio?

– It looks like they always record the radio after the anime recording. They comment that it feels kinda strange and that they’re probably still a bit crazy from the stuff that happens in the MM episode recordings lol.

I’m not gonna make a comment about how short each episode of this radio is this time. Oh wait…

Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #7

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2010.02.19

Aki says that the radio is supposed to go for only 30 minutes but for some reason keeps getting longer and longer haha. Incidentally this episode is 58 minutes lol. Aki seems to be in a great mood this episode right off the bat :D

–  Receiving the 元気

Aki: “We’re here to energise everyone up and make them happy!”
Hikasa: “Yeah! Everyone! are you with us?!”
Aki: “Eh?”
Hikasa: “Are you all getting happier with us!?”
Aki + Hikasa: “YEAH!! Everyone is!”
Aki: “…Though the only voices we can hear are us two haha”

– Eating snow

Hikasa: When I was a child I used to love eating snow all the time!
Aki: “Yeah same! I do it even now!”
Hikasa: “Ehh it’s really dirty you know?”
Aki: “ewghh what seriously?!”
Hikasa: “It’s on the same level as mud”
Lol if I remember correctly Kotobuki Minako also said something about loving to eat snow.

– The staff has taken their quotes to make sound effects out of their voices lol. Hikasa Sound Effect: “GEFUUUUUN!” Hikasa: “What in the world was that just now?”

– A listener sends in a mail saying that so much of their talk gets edited out and was wondering if they would do a live recording so people could hear what they talk about in full. Hikasa says that the stuff they talk about gets pretty dangerous so they were probably cut out for a good reason lol. I wonder exactly what does get cut out. Curses I say this all the time don’t I? OTL

– Aki says she relistened to their radio episode with Faylan as a guest haha.

– Activity where they have to think up lines that their characters will never say.

Aki: “‘Ahh… I bought one that’s too big for me…‘”
Hikasa: “…?”
Aki: “…”
Hikasa: “….Too big for her?”
Aki: “Remember back to that shopping episode in the underwear section”
Hikasa: “Ahh!! I see!”
Aki: “For Tomo there’ll be ones too small, but she’ll never get one that’s too big!”
Hikasa: “I see I see!”
Aki: “Well I won’t say what exactly is too big though!”
Hikasa: “Well it’s that isnt it? That, this, it!”
Aki: “Left and Right!”


– For Hikasa’s character, Hana

Hikasa: “‘Even if you do that to me… It doesn’t feel good at all!’
Aki: “Eh hasn’t she said that before?”
Hikasa: “Well she’s enjoying herself most of the time isn’t she?”

– Reflecting on what they could’ve improved on in the radio this episode

Hikasa(in english lol): “Today… Speak… Long”

Haha, she’s trying to say that they went overtime again I guess.

Aki: “Today… Me… No… Adlib? Bun… Super… Subetta

Well she’s trying to say she stuffed up in the adlib portion of the radio episode lol, but the “bun” and “subetta” are japanese for “portion” and “stuffed up/slipped” respectively hah.

QwaRaji is probably the most energetic, craziest, screaming-filled radio I’ve listened to lol.

MoshiDoRadio #02

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Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Guests: Azusa, Momo
Date: Recording date – 08.03.2011; Broadcast date – 14.03.2011

Rather than a normal radio episode it’s a recording of a live audience event for Moshidora with Azusa + Momo(the OP and ED singers respectively) coming to guest. This episode came out on the 14th, after the earthquake but the actual event was held a couple days earlier on the eighth.

– The two of them comment that having a live audience event on the second radio episode is kinda weird. No wonder it feels more like an anime event rather than a live audience radio recording.

– Kana comments that Hikasa is a moodmaker, wherever she is she livens the place up <3. Hikasa always reacts badly when being praised so you can hear her getting flustered ahaha.

– Hikasa makes a whole bunch of funny faces to the audience to make them laugh and Kana lightly scolds her for it
Kana: “Hey you’re an actress you shouldn’t do faces like that!”
Hikasa: “Ah Kana scolded me in place of my manager”
Lol I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Hikasa talking about her manager scolding her about how she acts a couple of times before too lol

– Momo is apparently 14 years old lol. Wow the audience is going crazy over her ahaha OTL. Her voice is really cute though <3

– Momo’s also there in a school uniform lol.

– They say that Momo’s voice while singing is completely different to her speaking voice. Hikasa thought she was an older woman when she first heard the song and was really surprised to find out Momo was 14 years old.

– They start asking the guests a series of questions:

– Where is your hometown?
Azusa’s hometown: Amami-Oshima
Momo’s hometown: Hokkaido

– Reason for entering the music industry
Azusa: “Before I realised it I was already singing
Momo: “I’ve loved singing ever since I was small”

– Do you use slippers at home or are you barefoot?
Kana: “What in the world are you asking?!”
Hikasa: “I don’t know! It’s written here!!”
Azusa: “Slippers for the kitchen”
Momo: “Barefoot everywhere!”
*Audience cheers at Momo declaring her barefeetness*
Kana: “Oi! Don’t go crazy over that!”

– What do you think about Moshidora?
Azusa: I think the stuff in there can really come into use.
Momo: I agree!

– When you clean your ears do you use swabs or an earpick?
Kana: “Huh? Again, what is with these questions?!”
Azusa: “I don’t use any of them!”
Kana+Hikasa: “What? Wait then how—- Ah, wait we’ll ask about it later”
Momo: “Cotton Swabs!”

– Apparently Azusa started composing and creating her own songs from when she was in her first year of high school.

– Continuing from the ear cleaning question: Azusa uses her finger to clear her ears. Hikasa asked Kana and Kana turned out to use swabs as well. Hikasa also uses swabs.

– What club were you in at school?
Azusa: “In elementary school I was in the Kendo club for three years from third year to sixth”
Momo: “Elementary school I was in the dancing club. Now I’m in the go home club”
Hikasa: “Softball Club”
Kana: “I was the vice president in the student council”
I knew Hikasa was in the Softball club but I didn’t know Kana was the vice prez for the student council :O Unexpected.

– Hikasa has tongue twisters posted up in her bathroom :O How dilligent \o/.

The Hanazawa+Hikasa combination is great <3 I really enjoyed this episode, MoshiDoRadio is a really fun listen :D

Art: Homura x Madoka

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I’ve currently got no (english) place to put my art right now so I’ll probably start moving art posts and stuff here.

I’ve been wanting to draw faces in profile for a while now so with this I finally got around to doing it. Also a friend told me to stop drawing only one character so this was also a good opportunity to do that. Colouring like this speeds up the process so much more than doing a complicated paintery style colouring. It’s fun to do that every now and again though I guess.

If anyone’s curious to see my other art they’re at my Pixiv at [Pixiv]. WARNING: There ARE some NSFW stuff in there lol. I’m still unsure if I want to put those ones up here. I’ll think about it a bit more.

Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #6

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2010.02.12

The two of them comment how long they went on for last episode. Judging by their conversations I’d have to guess that it went on for over 1 hour 30 minutes lol. QwaRaji was originally supposed to be a 30 minute radio as well I think. Haha. Aki says she listened to the radio at home and laughed at how long their pre-guest talk lasted, saying they should try and hurry it up.

– Aki tells Hikasa that she’ll give her chocolates for Valentines day :D. Hikasa thanks her… And then says she’ll give her a sweet she has just on hand right there.
Aki: “Ehh what? You just happened to have that on you, you didn’t even prepare that for me… Well I love it anyways”
Hikasa: “I’ll look forward to getting something back for white day!”
Aki: “Ehh, fine I’ll get you something for white day then…”

– A listener sends in a mail asking what the two of them did during their schooldays at lunchtime.
Hikasa: “Well.. Even though I’m like this now… Back then I was a pretty dark and quiet person… I shut myself up in the library”
Aki: “What, wait a moment, no way!”
*Two of them laughs*
Hikasa: “It’s true! I was the on Library executive committee!”
Aki: “No way!! I thought you’d be in the cheering committee or something!”
Hikasa: “I ate my lunch in the library.”
Aki: “What’d you do there?”
Hikasa: “Well, read books. Borrow books. That’s pretty much how my lunch breaks went”
Apparently Hikasa was pretty crazy before high school as a kid during elementary school though.

– What about Aki?
Aki: “Well even though I said all that… During lunch breaks I stayed by myself and listened to my walkman”
Hikasa: “We’re pretty depressing aren’t we” *They both laugh* “This is sad!”
Amusingly enough the listener had sent in the mail asking for advice on how to socialise with the people around him more during lunchtime breaks. They laugh that they probably didn’t help him with that haha.
I love you both Hikasa and Akkyo~! <3

– Aki says she absolutely hates the taste of mustard. Hikasa in turn says she hates wasabi.

– A listener asks about what they think the character’s Souma would taste like. Lol is that sexual harassment? OTL. He then suggests that they could release an energy drink labeled as a character’s Souma and Aki says she thinks she had this conversation during one of the recordings with other seiyuu lol. She says she’d love to do a character advertisement for it ahaha.

– What would the character’s Souma taste like?
Aki: “Tomo’s would taste like… Mammy! (A fruit juice drink)”
Hikasa: “That’s really really sweet!” (considering Souma is supposed to be breast milk lol)

Hikasa: “What about Hana?”
Aki: “Er… Welll… Dr Pepper?”
Hikasa: “Wait what? Why?! That would be really shocking”
Aki: “Well you know how her character has like orange hair and all…”
Hikasa: “Yeah…”
Aki: “It just seems like… Pepper.”
Hikasa: “Hahaha what?!”

– They mention that they’re 30 minutes over at the 30 minute mark meaning that this episode has also been cut in half.

I’ve been thinking this for a while, with the way they play around with the ero aspects of the anime perhaps the girls actually love doing perverted anime ahaha.

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