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Hosts: Hikasa Youko, Shimoda Asami
Guest: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.02.26

Hanazawa Kana guest~~~ Since it’s a video broadcast you can see where they edit and cut parts out of the episode. I wonder what we’re missing out on lol. Kana’s been doing a whole heap of radio work recently <3

– The two of them had caught the same train to the studio, though from different studios without planning to meet up.

– Kana stuffed up her character name when she came in ahaha.

– Hikasa makes fun of Kana’s shirt lol.

– Kana says that she’d love to try crossdressing, and the other two agree.

– Kana and tsukkomi’ing
Kana: “Sometimes I don’t know how to tsukkomi Hikasa…”
Hikasa: “You do some really great tsukkomis though”
Shimoda: “Yeah, she seems like the tsukkomi type”
Hikasa: “The ones that hurt are the best ones, just do those. They feel great. Because I’m M.”
Lol Hikasa

– Kana had to make a confession using “Nattou” lol “I hope we can have a relationship where we stick to each other like nattou~” lol. This corner is just here to embarrass the poor seiyuu ahaha. She chucks the paper at the camera :D

Tiny notes don’t do this radio show any justice, it’s so funny you really need to see the video :D.


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