Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #4

March 5th, 2011 § 0 comments

Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Faylan
Date: 2010.01.22

Once again the script has them referring to each other has Toyohiko and Geru lol. Aki seems really excited to have Faylan as a guest :D

– Hikasa kept stuffing up the reading of the latest episode of Seikon’s summary and the staff kept putting batsu noises in whenever she did it, putting her off even more so lol.

– Aki screams and confesses to her right off the bat when Faylan comes on ahaha

Faylan: “This radio seems really fun and lively!”
Aki + Hikasa: “Huh?”
Faylan: “It seems really fun!”
Aki: “:O I’m making that my ringtone!”

– Aki lays the love on her really thickly to which she’s really happy to hear ahaha.
Faylan: “I’m just a rookie singer so I’m really glad to hear it!”

Aki: “I’ve bookmarked her site! ….Am I creeping you out?”

– Looks like Faylan’s seen Seikon lol, her favourite character is Tomo. Lol I’m amused she’s seen Seikon.

– Aki comments that Faylan smells nice ahaha. Aki you’re definitely skirting the creepy boundary there.

Aki: “Did you enjoy your time on the show?”
Faylan: “I really enjoyed myself! I was energised by the two of you’s youth! I received a lot of Souma* from you two.”
Aki + Hikasa: “Yeah! Souma!! Suck it from us..!! …Ahh… errr welll ehh..(mumble)(mumble)
Aki: “If we keep going this might turn in to sexual harassment so I’m going to stop us here.”
Faylan: “Yeah lets stop here.”
(*For those who know next to nothing about Seikon, Souma is breast milk sucked from girls to provide power for character’s abilities)

Aki: “Say someone you’d like to come on as a guest”
Hikasa: “…Er… Hirano Aya”
Aki: ?
Hikasa: “Because she’s really cute”
Aki: “Yeah she is really really really cute”
Hikasa: “Also Sasha’s seiyuu Sanpei Yuko”

– Once Faylan leaves, Aki says that she’s glad she stopped the souma thing with Faylan there, she was just about to burst out with the comment “But Faylan’s souma is so much better!” and said she would have definitely have regretted it afterwards ahaha.

– Chihara Minori as guest on next week’s episode!!!!!

I haven’t heard Akkyo in a while. I need to remedy this.

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