MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #3

March 16th, 2011 § 0 comments

Hosts: Hayami Saori, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.09.29

Episode 0 had them doing a corner called “NN” where they are given a random object as a theme and they have to scream and insult it as an S would. It’s a pretty funny corner but the two of them disliked it due to how much adlibbing they had to do for it. They haven’t done that corner ever since episode 0, which was almost a month back but they’ve been told that they’d be doing it in this episode to which they talk about wanting to go home, and how bad the weather is (although it’s sunny) so they should cancel the recording lol. Reminds me of school haha.

– Apparently the radio episode was recorded right after the anime recording. They talk about how crazy this particular episode, then correct themselves that MM! is always crazy lol. Yeahhh I’d love to see the recordings of MM ahaha.
Hayami: “If there were normal schooldays in MM it wouldn’t be MM”
Ayana: “Yeah none of the characters are normal too”
Lol they talk about Lolis, M’s and the world so I’m guessing it’s the crazy episode with Noa’s character’s first appearance and Tarou’s super saiyan debut lol.

– The two of them keep stumbling over their own words throughout the radio haha, they blame the fact that it’s right after a recording so they’re tired hah.

– The theme for the NN corner is “Garbage bin”
Hayami: “‘What are you being so happy about, having all that dirty stuff being put inside you!’ …………………………Nooo I don’t want to do this anymoreeee!” LOL

Ayana: “You eating nothing but rubbish fits you!”
Hayami’s ones are always the best lol, last time’s theme was ‘Tissues’ and she said “What are you doing, putting all that white stuff all over the place!” ahahaah, I’m not even sure if she knows how dirty the stuff she’s saying can be taken lol.

Ahh I wish they’d do that NN corner every episode lol.

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