MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #4

March 17th, 2011 § 0 comments

Hosts: Hayami Saori, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.10.06

The anime series has just started airing it seems.

– Looks like the staff has them doing the NN corner again if they want to receive a sweet at the start this time ahaha. The two of them complain saying that the staff say that they’re M but they must be S to force this on them lol.

–  Theme: KuzuMochi (Japanese sweet, Mochi made with Kuzuko, a starch from a kuzu plant… Or something like that)
Ayana: “What’s with that stuff on you, you piece of trash! (She uses the word “kuzu” which can mean trash, or in this case, from the “kuzu” in “kuzumochi“) What? You want me to eat you do you? Well then, I’ll humour you and eat you up”

Hayami: “What are you doing, sitting there wobbling and shivering your body as you wait for me to eat you!”

– The two of them laugh that Tarou has pretty much become immortal lol.

– While discussing whether a vending machine is S or M Hayami says “Well they can’t really do anything but sit there, people reach into it’s lower part and inside it. It takes your money for it too” looool though once again I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know how dirty what she’s saying can be taken ahaha.

MM radio is pretty funny but each episode is so short, some of them going down to 19 minutes :O. I’m guessing they’re in the studio for about 30 minutes so the rest may be edited out? I wonder what they’re cutting out haha.

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