Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #6

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2010.02.12

The two of them comment how long they went on for last episode. Judging by their conversations I’d have to guess that it went on for over 1 hour 30 minutes lol. QwaRaji was originally supposed to be a 30 minute radio as well I think. Haha. Aki says she listened to the radio at home and laughed at how long their pre-guest talk lasted, saying they should try and hurry it up.

– Aki tells Hikasa that she’ll give her chocolates for Valentines day :D. Hikasa thanks her… And then says she’ll give her a sweet she has just on hand right there.
Aki: “Ehh what? You just happened to have that on you, you didn’t even prepare that for me… Well I love it anyways”
Hikasa: “I’ll look forward to getting something back for white day!”
Aki: “Ehh, fine I’ll get you something for white day then…”

– A listener sends in a mail asking what the two of them did during their schooldays at lunchtime.
Hikasa: “Well.. Even though I’m like this now… Back then I was a pretty dark and quiet person… I shut myself up in the library”
Aki: “What, wait a moment, no way!”
*Two of them laughs*
Hikasa: “It’s true! I was the on Library executive committee!”
Aki: “No way!! I thought you’d be in the cheering committee or something!”
Hikasa: “I ate my lunch in the library.”
Aki: “What’d you do there?”
Hikasa: “Well, read books. Borrow books. That’s pretty much how my lunch breaks went”
Apparently Hikasa was pretty crazy before high school as a kid during elementary school though.

– What about Aki?
Aki: “Well even though I said all that… During lunch breaks I stayed by myself and listened to my walkman”
Hikasa: “We’re pretty depressing aren’t we” *They both laugh* “This is sad!”
Amusingly enough the listener had sent in the mail asking for advice on how to socialise with the people around him more during lunchtime breaks. They laugh that they probably didn’t help him with that haha.
I love you both Hikasa and Akkyo~! <3

– Aki says she absolutely hates the taste of mustard. Hikasa in turn says she hates wasabi.

– A listener asks about what they think the character’s Souma would taste like. Lol is that sexual harassment? OTL. He then suggests that they could release an energy drink labeled as a character’s Souma and Aki says she thinks she had this conversation during one of the recordings with other seiyuu lol. She says she’d love to do a character advertisement for it ahaha.

– What would the character’s Souma taste like?
Aki: “Tomo’s would taste like… Mammy! (A fruit juice drink)”
Hikasa: “That’s really really sweet!” (considering Souma is supposed to be breast milk lol)

Hikasa: “What about Hana?”
Aki: “Er… Welll… Dr Pepper?”
Hikasa: “Wait what? Why?! That would be really shocking”
Aki: “Well you know how her character has like orange hair and all…”
Hikasa: “Yeah…”
Aki: “It just seems like… Pepper.”
Hikasa: “Hahaha what?!”

– They mention that they’re 30 minutes over at the 30 minute mark meaning that this episode has also been cut in half.

I’ve been thinking this for a while, with the way they play around with the ero aspects of the anime perhaps the girls actually love doing perverted anime ahaha.

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