MoshiDoRadio #02

March 22nd, 2011 § 0 comments

Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Guests: Azusa, Momo
Date: Recording date – 08.03.2011; Broadcast date – 14.03.2011

Rather than a normal radio episode it’s a recording of a live audience event for Moshidora with Azusa + Momo(the OP and ED singers respectively) coming to guest. This episode came out on the 14th, after the earthquake but the actual event was held a couple days earlier on the eighth.

– The two of them comment that having a live audience event on the second radio episode is kinda weird. No wonder it feels more like an anime event rather than a live audience radio recording.

– Kana comments that Hikasa is a moodmaker, wherever she is she livens the place up <3. Hikasa always reacts badly when being praised so you can hear her getting flustered ahaha.

– Hikasa makes a whole bunch of funny faces to the audience to make them laugh and Kana lightly scolds her for it
Kana: “Hey you’re an actress you shouldn’t do faces like that!”
Hikasa: “Ah Kana scolded me in place of my manager”
Lol I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Hikasa talking about her manager scolding her about how she acts a couple of times before too lol

– Momo is apparently 14 years old lol. Wow the audience is going crazy over her ahaha OTL. Her voice is really cute though <3

– Momo’s also there in a school uniform lol.

– They say that Momo’s voice while singing is completely different to her speaking voice. Hikasa thought she was an older woman when she first heard the song and was really surprised to find out Momo was 14 years old.

– They start asking the guests a series of questions:

– Where is your hometown?
Azusa’s hometown: Amami-Oshima
Momo’s hometown: Hokkaido

– Reason for entering the music industry
Azusa: “Before I realised it I was already singing
Momo: “I’ve loved singing ever since I was small”

– Do you use slippers at home or are you barefoot?
Kana: “What in the world are you asking?!”
Hikasa: “I don’t know! It’s written here!!”
Azusa: “Slippers for the kitchen”
Momo: “Barefoot everywhere!”
*Audience cheers at Momo declaring her barefeetness*
Kana: “Oi! Don’t go crazy over that!”

– What do you think about Moshidora?
Azusa: I think the stuff in there can really come into use.
Momo: I agree!

– When you clean your ears do you use swabs or an earpick?
Kana: “Huh? Again, what is with these questions?!”
Azusa: “I don’t use any of them!”
Kana+Hikasa: “What? Wait then how—- Ah, wait we’ll ask about it later”
Momo: “Cotton Swabs!”

– Apparently Azusa started composing and creating her own songs from when she was in her first year of high school.

– Continuing from the ear cleaning question: Azusa uses her finger to clear her ears. Hikasa asked Kana and Kana turned out to use swabs as well. Hikasa also uses swabs.

– What club were you in at school?
Azusa: “In elementary school I was in the Kendo club for three years from third year to sixth”
Momo: “Elementary school I was in the dancing club. Now I’m in the go home club”
Hikasa: “Softball Club”
Kana: “I was the vice president in the student council”
I knew Hikasa was in the Softball club but I didn’t know Kana was the vice prez for the student council :O Unexpected.

– Hikasa has tongue twisters posted up in her bathroom :O How dilligent \o/.

The Hanazawa+Hikasa combination is great <3 I really enjoyed this episode, MoshiDoRadio is a really fun listen :D

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