Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #12

March 27th, 2011 § 6 comments

Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.01.28

The Kana x Ayana love level really goes up a notch in this episode. No, forget a notch, more like skyrockets lol.

– The two of them had shared a taxi to the studio right after coming off work together elsewhere :O

Kana: “We’re still together so often still that it makes it seem like the anime recording hasn’t really ended.”
Ayana: “Yeah we pretty much see each other every week”
Kana: “We’re doing a lot of interviews and photoshoots aren’t we?”

– The two of them talk about a second season and Ayana says that after the extra episodes there should be a second season announcement or something lol. Well they have no idea themselves so it doesn’t mean anything I guess. Though I’m pretty sure a 2nd OreImo season is really just a matter of time :D

– Kana asks Ayana about her blog post where she had said Kana touched her thighs lol. Basically the story goes that Kana touched Ayana’s thighs out of nowhere when they had met up recently, but upon feeling her stockings instead of bare skin she was really disappointed and Ayana wrote on her blog that Kana was kinda creepy and how disappointed she looked when she touched her lol. Amusingly Kana’s been getting a lot of mail about this on her Hitori de Dekiru Kana radio and mentions that to Ayana. Speaking about her solo radio, Kana had said that Ayana might become hers if she becomes a bit closer with her around the same time lol. The Kana X Ayana love talk extends to Hitori de Dekiru Kana as well <3

– Ayana asks Kana if she’s always like this when she’s around other people and Kana says “No way!”… She then proceeds to confess her love to Ayana ahahah.

– Talking about how wonderful a sister relationship is

Kana: “Ah sisters are great aren’t they?”
Ayana: “Yeah”
Kana: “Hey why don’t you be my little sister?”
Ayana: “…You’ve already got a younger brother!”
Kana: “But I want to see what it’s like to have a little sister!”
Ayana: “Ah yeah, I’d like a little sister too…”
Kana: “Oh, then I’ll be your little sister!”
Ayana: “But you’re more like an elder sister”
Kana: “Oh really?”
Ayana: “Yeah you’ve got that “calmly watching over me” kind of feeling”
Kana: “Yeah a little sister like that would be kinda annoying wouldn’t it?”

– Kana tells Ayana how cute AKB48’s PV for their Heavy Rotation song is. Kana says that they were in their underwear for it and Ayana’s really surprised to hear that, thinking that the management wouldn’t allow it. She decides to go watch it after lol. Kana and Ayana says they’re both Mayuyu fans. After talking about AKB48 and how cute they are Kana closes the discussion with “But Ayana is also really cute!”

– Kana comments how crossdressing traps are really popular right now lol.

– They comment on how Hayami Saori would look great in a shrine maiden costume. Ayana says that Hayami has a kinda refined atmosphere to her. Kana says they should have forced her to wear it at an OreImo event lol.

– Hot springs!

Kana: “I want to go to a hot spring with Ayana!”
Ayana: “I want to too! Let’s go!”
Kana: “Yay!”

– Kana x Ayana!

Ayana: “Kana you’ve been acting a bit funny recently”
Kana: “It’s because… Ayana, you sometimes give me that ‘it’s okay to come on to me’ kind of look don’t you?”
Ayana: “What?? As if! How conceited is that! How conceited are you to think that?!”
Kana: “Ehhh was I misunderstanding it…?”
Ayana: “Have I really been giving off that look?”
Kana: “You have! You so have!”

Kana: “Ahh this is bad they’re really gonna get mad at me”
Ayana: “Eh? Who is?”
Kana: “People from I’m[Enterprise](Ayana’s agency)
Ayana: “Don’t worry, my manager’s grinning as he’s watching us!”
Kana: “They’ll probably say “Don’t come near our Ayana!””
Ayana: “It’s fine! My manager really loves you after all, he’s always like “Kana’s really cute isnt she?””

– Ah so it’s fine that she touched your thighs Ayachi~

Kana: “Sorry for touching your thighs”
Ayana: “I didn’t mind it, it’s just your disappointed expression after you did it!”

– Touching Ayana’s butt

Ayana: “Just the other day Kana touched my butt!”
Kana: *laughs* “Wait! Explain the situation properly otherwise I’ll just seem like some pervert!”
Kana: “This was on a day Ayana had said she was really cold and she had this coat on and while talking about touching it, I ended up touching her butt”
Ayana: “How it happened was so natural I didn’t even notice that she had touched my butt”
Kana: “Yeah and then the manager said “Ah, Hanazawa you just subtly touched her butt didnt you?””
Ayana: “It was so natural, so subtle that I didn’t even notice until he said it”
Kana: “Wow did I always have that kind of skill?”
Ayana: “Yeah it’s amazing, please take care with it”
Kana: “I think this could be kinda problematic”
Ayana: “One day in the future I’ll have my revenge on you for it”
Kana: “Wow I thought you were gonna say that one day in the future I’d be arrested by the police for it” *laughs*
Ayana: “I’ll get you back for it!”
Kana: *really happily*“Ehh? Payback! Oh oh! What are you gonna do??”
Ayana: “Huh? You’re looking forward to it??”

Kana: “Ah this is getting really bad, lets stop it here”
Ayana: “Yeah Kana’s acting funny so we’ll stop here”

– Ayana x Kana!

Kana: “Sorry Ayana”
Ayana: “For what?”
Kana: “It seems like I’m always sexually harassing you”
Ayana: “Well it’s normal now!”
Kana: *shock*
Ayana: “Well it’s barely okay!”
Kana: “It’s okay?!”

– <3

Ayana: “I’m really happy to have met up with you today!”
Kana: “Ahh! Ayachhi! It’s because you offhandedly say stuff like that to me that I misunderstand things!”
Ayana: “Wait what is with that ‘surpassing friend, becoming lovers’ sorta situation!? Is this supposed to be some kind of shoujo manga?!”

And so Ayana and Kana’s relationship goes up another level~

…Wow I kinda went on for too long on this post.

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