Sayonara Zetsubou Housou #88 + #89

March 29th, 2011 § 0 comments

Hosts: Kamiya Hiroshi, Shintani Ryouko
Guest: Sugita Tomokazu
Date: 2009.05.20, 2009.05.27

For those who don’t remember/know Sugita’s character in SZS, he’s a person who loves old things and rejects new things. The word for “old” is “kyuu”. With this they make a joke in the opening on Shintani’s name replacing the “Shin” (which means new) to “Kyuutani” lol. I love puns :D

– Shintani goes completely quiet when the two of them start talking about old games lol. Poor Shintani can’t keep up lol.

– Shintani decides to forgo talking and starts playing Monster Hunder on a PSP while the two of them ramble on about games lol.

– Shintani makes a little yelp out of nowhere while the two were talking since something surprised her in Monster Hunter lol. She apologises and tells the two of them to continue.

– Sugita and Kamiya has played Amagami and they’ve mentioned it from time to time on radio lol. Shintani voices one of the heroines in Amagami, Rihoko.

Sugita: “Shintani! Shintani!”
Shintani: “Huh?”
Sugita: “There’s a hole under this fence, we can use it to go to school!”
Shintani: “No! No” *laughs*
Sugita: “Don’t worry I’ll go first AHH YOU GOT STUCK”

Ahaha Amagami reference :D

– Sugita plays Galge/Visual Novels with his arcade stick console lol. He also mentioned that he wanted to try playing with a DDR mat as it might give him the experience of playing the Galge with his whole body… Or something like that ahaha.

– Left4Dead reference! It looks like both Sugita and Kamiya plays it :D

Lol there’s no way I can keep up with the two of them too. I have no idea about any of these old japanese games OTL

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