DemonFM 107.5FM with Jennifer Hale

April 1st, 2011 § 9 comments

Host: Matt Horn
Guest: Jennifer Hale
Date: 2010.09.03

Jennifer Hale is a wonderful voice actor who’s voiced characters like the female Commander Shepard in Mass Effect, Naomi Hunter in Metal Gear Solid, Samus in Metroid, etc.

I’m announcing here that I no longer care about Japanese seiyuu and all that pointless stuff! I’m now all about English voice actors in games and cartoons! Taketatsu Ayana?? PFFT! No! Jennifer Hale for life! I won’t delete the posts I’ve done till now but you won’t see me talking about seiyuu radio anymore, only English radio from now on!

Demon FM is a radio broadcast in the UK on 107.5 FM. The main thing Matt seems interested in asking about is Jennifer’s role on Metal Gear Solid 4 and MGS: Twin Snakes as Naomi Hunter. This was broadcast in late 2010, about half a year after Mass Effect 2’s release and a couple of months after the English release of MGS Peace Walker. Wait she didn’t appear in PeaceWalker IIRC. Interestingly enough she also voiced a different character, Emma Emmerich, in MGS 2.

– They laugh that Emma Emmerich was Otacon’s sister while Naomi Hunter was his love interest, effectively making her play both his sister and his lover ahaha.

– Matt says that fans will hate him for thinking Naomi should be played by Lindsey Lohan in a live action adaptation of MGS and she says that she would too ahaha. Jennifer doesn’t like Lindsey Lohan?

Jennifer: “She’s a train wreck! You need someone with a brain and a sense of the bigger picture! …Oh sorry I forgot this is for broadcast”


– Matt makes fun of Jennifer for voicing a character in Power Puff Girls lol. She says that working on it was great fun since it was so crazy :D

– On selecting a gender for Mass Effect’s protagonist

Jennifer: “You have got to play Mass Effect with Shepard as a woman. Sorry Mark[Voice actor for male Shepard], but I always tell people, if you’re gonna see your character for hours wouldn’t you rather see boobs than a guy?”

LOL I’m loving that logic >:D

– Matt asks her to say lines from a whole bunch of her own characters, when she gets to Samus she says “Oh, well, that’s just a lot of grunting…. *UGHH*” lol. The way she switches into character voice is so great <3

– How she got into voice acting

Matt: “Why did you get into voice acting?”
Jennifer: “I needed to make a living *laughs* …I guess I have an affinity for it?”

– What’s the weirdest happening you’ve had with a fan?

Jennifer: “Well there was this fan who kept calling Cartoon Network over and over, day after day, they then forwarded him to my agency which he continued to call them instead over and over. Then after that he went and sat in the lobby for two days, which honestly freaked me out. Don’t do that!”
Matt: “Did you ever get to meet him?”
Jennifer: “No, I did not. I didn’t think it’d be a good idea honestly”

As you can probably guess, I’m just trolling here on April Fools lololol. I’m not tired of seiyuu! I still love seiyuu! <3
But really, I do love Jennifer Hale, her voice and her work so much <3 …Though she’s pretty much the only English voice actor I know by name lol.

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