MoshiDoRadio #03

April 4th, 2011 § 2 comments

Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.03.28

Kana comments that the live recording last episode was really tiring and Hikasa agrees.

– Hikasa says she gets hayfever, and Kana says that she’s seen Hikasa always sniffing lol. You can hear her sniffing and playing with tissues throughout the recording lol.

Hikasa: “I want to hug the tissues, they should just become a part of me”

– Kana says she gets hay fever as well, but this year she seems to be pretty resistant to it. She starts singing the Mario Kart star music, but Hikasa doesn’t recognise it at all, asking if she’s singing some kind of mexican samba music ahaha.

– Kana is a fan of baseball :O The two of them start talking about players and teams for a while lol. Incidentally Hikasa was a centre in middle school first year for her softball club and a shortstop + pitcher in her 2nd year onwards.

– They said that they were given cream puffs as snacks during the anime recording :D They sounded so happy recalling it haha.

– They probably spent almost half the time talking about food and sweets lol. Hikasa comments about this and Kana says “It’s okay, it’s a radio between girls after all” lol.

– The two of them comment that the background environment conversations recorded between the seiyuu for Moshidora were really crazy :O I’m gonna have to keep an ear out for that.

– While talking about getting hit by the ball.

Hikasa: “I’ve been hit on the head by the ball before.”
Kana: “Wow were you okay?”
Hikasa: “Also… Well I want this cut out, put a censor sound for it okay? I was also hit at *beeeep*”
Kana: “Why in the world are you saying this?? Hikasa you’re a girl aren’t you?!”

She probably got hit in her nether regions ahaha.

– A listener says “If Hikasa was a female comedian she she wouldn’t be much different” Hikasa says that things would definitely change but Kana disagrees saying that Hikasa would pretty much be the same haha. She then says that the big difference is because she wouldn’t have become involved with MoshiDora! …And mumbles that she probably wouldn’t act any different lol.

– Hikasa congratulates Kana for graduating from University \o/

– Kana tells Hikasa that this is the first time she’s done a radio with a senior as crazy as Hikasa lol. Hikasa also comments that this is the first time that she’s done a radio with someone who tsukkomis her so sharply haha. Yeah Kana’s pretty strong with her stabs lol. Kana apologises and says to tell her when she hits too hard lol.

Hikasa: “Ah don’t worry, I’m basically an M anyway”
Kana: “I see… Wait! I never asked you about that!”
Hikasa: “So yeah, I’m just happy to take it. You could say I enjoy it”
Kana: “Eh okay so next time maybe I should bring a whip or something”
Hikasa: “Well that would kinda hurt… Just don’t hit the face, I’d be like “Kana, not the face!””
Kana: “What kind of radio would that turn out to be!?”

The tsukkomi boke combination of Kana + Hikasa is so great <3

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