Shibuya Anime Land Guesting Hanazawa Kana

April 6th, 2011 § 0 comments

Host: Tomota Akihiro
Guest: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.04.02

Shibuya Anime Land is a radio show on NHK that’s broadcast from 10:15PM to 11 PM. They bring in not just seiyuu but various people connected to the anime industry e.g. the following episode that airs in a couple of days has Yamamoto Yutaka, the director of Kannagi, Fractale, etc. Just naming a few of their guests I see on their record: Tomatsu Haruka, Toyosaki Aki, Tamura Yukari, Hikasa Youko, Chihara Minori, MOSAIC.WAV, etc. The nice thing about these kind of radio shows compared to anime radios between two seiyuu is that you find out a lot about the seiyuu guest as a person… Which is why this post is more like a list of facts about HanaKana rather than the usual radio blurb.

– Kana was just about to have her graduation from University during this time.

– Kana says that Tenshi was a really hard role for her but it was a rewarding experience.

– Kana loves spicy foods.

– They have a pre-recorded message from Maeda Jun :O

– Supposedly there were tens and tens of people who auditioned for Tenshi.

– Apparently the cast had said that Maeda and Kana looked really alike and during an event they lined themself up and even she agreed haha.

Kana: “We were so alike that I was called Maeda’s little sister, Maeda Kana”

– Kana says that Susukihotaru is her ideal woman, she’d like to become like her :D

– After playing the character song with her + Hino Satoshi/Riken she comments that he has a really nice voice :D

– When asked what she thinks about a guy like Riken she says that she likes the clumsy and cool aspect of him… But she doesn’t like his hair lol.

– Kana takes the originals and script with her when she bathes and says her lines aloud in the bathroom :D

– Tomota says he’s a fan of Kana’s singing, and she winces ahaha. He says he loves her Renai Circulation lol.

– She talks about how she spoke with Kousaki Satoru, the composer of Renai Circulation, about how he wanted her to sing the song.

– Kana talks about how the difficult thing about character songs are finding the balance between singing in character and singing in pitch. She loves singing though and she loves her singing work :D

– For her graduation trip Kana went to Nikko.

– Seems like Renai Circulation is popular in Japan even to non-anison lovers :D

– Kana says that she’s had situations where she’s had to do a University report for the next day as well as remember her lines and has done all nighters for them lol.

– She talks a bit about her appearance on a childrens variety show back when she was 5 years old.

Kana: “My mum came up to me with a newspaper and asked me ‘There’s something like this happening… Wanna try it?’ and I said ‘Okay!’ and from there it led into modelling with various clothes, commercials and things like that”

– Kana as a child.

Kana: “I really wanted to stand out and have attention as a kid, I remember one time I gathered all the kids to the swings to tell stories and stuff like that… It’s really embarassing thinking back on it, and I have a lot more memories like that”

– Kana talked with her schoolmates about anime such as FMA, Naruto and Prince of Tennis. She says she loves Shikamaru haha. She also says she liked Hughes from FMA.

– Kana talks about her first seiyuu role when she was 14 in Last Exile. I remember her talking about her first impression of Kitamura Eri and how skilled she thought KitaEri was even though she was the same age as her. It must’ve been during Last Exile. Her first main heroine role was when she was 17 in Zegapain.

– Kana says she added a lot of adlibbing to her character in PoteMayo.

– Kana really loves Kobato’s character and the anime <3.

Yeah the post isn’t really coherent. I haven’t done one of these blurbs in a while since all I’ve been listening to recently is anime radio lol.
Ah I want to listen in to the Toyosaki Aki episode now :(

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