Yutori-Channel -Radio mo Iratto Shinai de ne- #4

April 7th, 2011 § 0 comments

Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2010.04.09

When Shaolin gets mentioned Aoi doesn’t know what it is, asking if it’s a type of soccer lol OTL. She thought of that because of the movie Shaolin Soccer and they both liked that movie haha.

– Kana says that Aoi would look good in a Maiko(along the lines of a sorta female classical entertainer ) dress, but Aoi disagrees saying she’d look like a kid dressed up for a coming of age ceremony lol. Kana says that Aoi’s small and cute <3

– Apparently Aoi can’t eat mangoes :O. Kana in turn says she can’t eat “Sunagimo” some kind of chicken gizzard.

– Aoi mentioned that she’s pretended to be Sailor Jupiter while playing pretend Sailor Moon and Kana says she pretended to be Tuxedo mask lol. She wanted to be like Ami though :O.

– Kana talked about how the boys in her middle school were really into Yugioh, and while they were playing the girls stood off to the side and commented “Ah.. How childlike…” Aoi jokingly winces and says she played Yugioh too ahaha. She said that boys would yell to each other in class “OI YOU! IT’S TIME TO DUEL!”.

– Aoi says she played Yugioh throughout high school :D.

The radio seems to be planned in a way that has them doing a whole bunch of activities rather than holding conversations with each other. It’s amusing but they don’t really talk too much about themselves for most of it until the ending talk.

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