Bonbori Radio Hanairo Housoukyoku #1

April 17th, 2011 § 0 comments

Name: ぼんぼりラジオ 花いろ放送局
Hosts: Noto Mamiko, Itou Kanae
Date: 2011.04.08

Radio for the currently airing anime, Hanasaku Iroha hosted by Ohana’s Itou Kanae and Tomoe’s Noto Mamiko. They comment that although this is the first time they’ve done radio work together, they’ve worked in many other anime recordings together before.

– Kanae’s image of Noto

Kanae: “The image I have of Noto as a person is like an angel!”
Noto: “Ehhhhh?!”
Kanae: “You seem really ‘floaty’ so I was thinking that this radio would turn out pretty relaxed”

– The two of them are made to adlib a character introduction as their characters on the spot, and they’re really not in character, which they laugh about.

– Kanae comments that she’s the same height as Ohana at 147 cm. Noto says how cute that is, and that at the recording studio there’s a smaller microphone to use, though it’s only slightly shorter.

– Noto says that she’s swum around in the hot springs when no one’s around before, Kanae says she doesn’t know if she would since she’s never had the chance to be alone in a hot spring.

– One of the listeners gets them to whisper really softly into the microphone. Ahhhh happinessssss for my earssss.

– Noto’s hometown is Kanazawa, the setting of Hanasaku Iroha :D. Kanae remembers hearing Noto talking about the town during the trip there for an event.

Everyone fawns over how cute Kanae is when they’re with her on radio, and Noto is no exception <3 Kanae you so adorable~ <3

Oh and Omigawa Chiaki looks to be guesting on the next episode… Eh… Well regardless of what I think of Omigawa’s voice acting ability, she’s not too boring on radio I guess. I still hate her voice acting though. Really. Like, so, so much.

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