Toaru Radio no Index #11

April 18th, 2011 § 2 comments

Hosts: Iguchi Yuka, Satou Rina
Guest: Noto Mamiko
Date: 2008.11.28

The two of them introduced the alcohol they were drinking for this episode far more enthusiastically than they talked about their guest lol. Incidentally the alcohol they’re drinking is the same one SatoRina drank with Kanae on Railgun Radio, the one that got her tipsy after a couple of sips lol. Noto is the first female guest of Index Radio, at it’s 11th episode, and also it’s first in studio guest, the last guest was Atsushi Abe in a live audience recording.

– Noto found Himegami difficult to play. she was told not to put much expression into her character, but then was told to put a little more. Noto had spoken with the director a few times to ask if she was on track with Himegami.

– SatoRina noted that she had never been in the recordings with Noto since Misaka and Himegami hasn’t appeared together before :O

– Noto says she’s worked as a shrine maiden part time before a long time ago :O She says that the clothing was pretty difficult to wear, it was particularly problematic when needing to go to the toilet.

– When asking Noto if she has any special abilities for one of the corners, the two of them mention that Iguchi can find people really easily and SatoRina says she can sit in the traditional seiza position forever :O

– Noto’s “special ability” is “Being able to treat anywhere as her home” saying that she can relax anywhere as if it’s her own room.

– A listener sends in a mail talking about his special ability of how he’s able to make goosebumps on his skin at will, and even make it appear on certain places only. Wow that’s sooo creepy ahaha. They laugh about wanting to see it in person, or even in a photo lol. They ended up naming the ability “Dokodemo Chicken” Dokodemo” meaning “Wherever” and “chicken” taken from the japanese word for goosebumps.

I think they got a bit tipsy near the end lol.

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