Sugita Tomokazu no Anigera! Dedoooon #54

April 22nd, 2011 § 0 comments

Name: 杉田智和のアニゲラ!ディドゥーーン
Host: Sugita Tomokazu
Assistants: SP Tanaka, Asakura, SP Satou, Male AGRS
Guest: Hayami Saori
Date: 2011.04.21

Sugita likens Hayami coming on the show to a girl coming into a boy’s highschool club room lol. I… Don’t think Hayami plays many games so she probably won’t be able to follow their game talk.

It looks like she owns a Gameboy, Nintendo 64 and a Gamecube though.

– Sugita tells Hayami that when he found out she was voicing the role of Hsien-ko/Lei-Lei from Marvel vs Capcom he thought he’d only play Lei-Lei, and the other guys in the booth laugh that Sugita’s being creepy. This is where they start a counter for the times Sugita’s acted creepy to Hayami lol.

– Sugita had said that he found out about her after hearing her voice a lot in a certain game. Well he doesn’t say the name outright but everyone knows it’s Love Plus lol.

– Hayami had come to know Sugita from Nakamura first, upon hearing this Sugita winces and wonders what he told her about him lol.

– They mention that the first time they’ve worked together was in a recent Tales game. It looks like they’re talking about the upcoming Tales of Xillia game. He then mentions that they met after in the MM! recordings, meaning… Xillia had recorded it’s lines over a year before it’s release :O

– Sugita says that when he was talking to Yuuki Aoi one time, she mentioned Hayami and how she’s the same age as her but Hayami’s so mature and calm :O. She also added “Which is completely different from you Sugita! *smirk*” to Sugita lol. Aoi~ Looks like these two have become pretty friendly with one another :O

– Sugita comments that Aoi’s been taunting him ever since she’s realised that he can’t bring himself to get angry at young people, he mentions the first time that happened she hid behind Nakamura[Yuuichi] and stuck her tongue out at him ahahah.

– Sugita’s nickname for Aoi is “Kodomo Sensei” lol.

– Hayami says she hasn’t had the chance to actually talk to Aoi properly.

– Hayami was in the announcement broadcasting club in middle school and the “Go Home”(AKA. Did not join a club) club in high school. She laughs that there was another nickname for it in her school which was “GHQ”, an abbreviation for “Go Home Quickly”.

– Sugita tells her she’s cute for being bad at sports and the like lol, and up the creepy counter goes!

– Sugita says that he’d love to join a broadcasting club with her in it~ <3 OTL

– Sugita found MM really funny, and the two of them remember a time in the recordings when Yonaga Tsubasa voiced a girl for the background noises lol. Yeahhh with that voice, I guess I can see that happening ahaha.

– Sugita comments that everyone at the recordings were amazed at Fukuyama Jun’s work as Tarou in MM. I agreeeeeee he was amazing as Tarou :D

– Sugita asks Hayami what was it like voicing for OreImo at the same time as MM and Hayami replies saying that it was really weird and she mentioned Taketatsu Ayana as well.

– When Sugita saw Ayase explode on OreImo he says he was pretty scared of her lol.

– Hayami’s a fan of CardCaptor Sakura and she requests that Sakamoto Maaya’s Platina be played on the radio <3

– Sugita asks Hayami out of nowhere if her room is neat or messy, which earns him another creepy point ahaha. He tries to explain himself saying that if her room’s clean that’s wonderful, and if it’s messy then that’s a cute side of her… Which doesn’t help his situation lol.

– Sugita’s spoken about how his mum likes watching bishoujo anime before when he was talking about Shuffle, and he mentions it again on the show, except he talks about her watching OreImo and MM ahaha. Hayami adds that her mum has also been watching MM lol, not only that, her mum recognised Sugita’s voice when she heard him on MM ahaha.

– Sugita thanks Hayami over and over again for coming on to guest, and she says she really enjoyed her time on the show :D

I think I’ve mentioned this before but I really like how well Hayami can hold a conversation and she does great here with all these gaming obsessed older men ahaha. Although she still can’t follow too deeply when they start their gaming rants she continued to seem really interested and responsive throughout the show <3

Also, now that I think about it, I remember one time on Tokyo Encount over a year ago when Sugita heard Hayami’s voice on Love Plus he murmured “Ahh that’s a nice voice~”. I think she might be the youngest seiyuu I’ve seen him fanboy and go creepy over lol.

P.S. The creepy counter went up to 8 or so lol.

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