Ichiban Ushiro no MugenDaiRajiOu #2

April 23rd, 2011 § 0 comments

Name: いちばんうしろの無限大ラジ王
Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2010.04.22

The three of them laugh at how much rice was given last episode. Yeahh it was pretty much a mountain of rice in a bowl really lol.

– Which character do you think you’re the most similar to:

Aki: “I’d say… Keena. Like the way she talks in her sleep. I’ve woken up because I’ve heard myself laughing in my sleep before.”
Hikasa + Aoi: “……Huh?”

Hikasa: “Hmm I have similarities to Junko but I’d say…. Hiroshi”
Aoi + Aki: “Ahh Hiroshi’s cute~”

– Aoi hears Hikasa call Aki “Akkyo” and tries to follow her by calling her “Akkyo” as well, but is slightly embarrassed and Aki explodes on Aoi saying how cute she was when she called her “Akkyo” with that tinge of embarrassment ahaha <3 Hikasa joins in and they start fawning over her lol.

– Aki encourages Aoi to call Hikasa “Yocchan” as well and they fawn over that as well ahaha.

– I… Think Aoi made a reference to Ganondorf… But I’m not sure lol. She said “Beef Stroganoff” reminds her of another certain demon king, though she refused to say who. Probably Ganondorf.

– When talking about what they want to happen next time they’re on radio, Aoi says that she wants to increase her craziness level lol.

Aki asks Aoi if she’s tired of working on radio with Hikasa and Aki since when the two of them go off on their own tangents she doesn’t quite follow lol. She says that she loves being with the two of them and how energetic they are so she doesn’t want to interrupt them when they’re going crazy lol. The two of them encourage her to join in on their antics when they’re in their own world :D. Speaking of which, timeline wise, this is about 2 months after the latest episode of QwaRaji I’ve listened to, these two are so wonderful <3.

…I’ve got a suspicion that they record two episodes of the radio in each session, especially since their clothing doesn’t change until two episodes after.

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