Yutori-Channel -Radio mo Iratto Shinai de ne- #6

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Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2010.04.23

– Kana comments that although she watches baseball on TV she doesn’t watch high school baseball.

– Aoi brags about how her dad goes to the gym and really works out lol.

– Aoi says that she talks about her dad often on her blog and she uses it like twitter, keeping her posts really short.

– Aoi says that she never really begged her parents to buy anything for her and was pretty satisfied with whatever she had. And she loved playing with her parents. How sweet <3

– Kana comments that Nonaka Ai’s voice was great for Iyashi-chan in the anime.

– Apparently Aoi has a squirrel at home as a pet. She talks about how she has it on her shoulder and Kana comments on how cute an image that is.

The radio is short and they’re mainly discussing statistics from surveys taken from different age gaps and comparing them so I kinda find it hard to write something lengthy.

Aoi, Saori’s New Show (Temporary Name) #1

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Name: あおい・さおりの新番組(仮)
Hosts: Hayami Saori, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2011.04.26

A new radio show that’s just recently started hosted by Yuuki Aoi and Hayami Saori. The name’s pretty funny but it’ll probably change soon, it looks like they’re asking listeners to shape the show by submitting ideas for the title and corners.

– The two of them laugh that the title’s kinda weird and Aoi says that the title really hasn’t been decided yet.

– The two of them comment that this is the first time they’ve spoken to one another on radio, and the  day before was the first time they spoke to each other since they went out for dinner to try and get to know each other before the show began. Yeahh you can really tell them stumbling around and how nervous they are lol.

Aoi: “I sent that mail in a serious tone about how we should have dinner for the radio program, but really I was grinning while thinking “I can use this opportunity to get closer to Hayami!” as I sent it <3″
Hayami: “That’s alright, I was doing the same when I replied”

– They decide on new nicknames for themselves rather than ones they’ve been called often. Aoi says she’s been called “Oi-chan” at University recently and they decide on that for her. For Hayami, Aoi decides to call her “Misao” from the Haya-MiSao-ri part of her name and Hayami laughs that it’s a new nickname for her that she hasn’t been called before.

– Aoi says her hobbies are “Watching videos and drawing” She’s pretty much talking about watching stuff on the computer lol.

– Hayami says she doesn’t watch many action films and mostly comedy or dramatic ones that make you cry. Aoi comments that when she watches a sad film she cries so hard that people would avoid her lol.

– Aoi mentions that she went to watch the movie “The King’s Speech” with Kotobuki Minako the other day. Looks like the two of them are still as close as ever since the Hyakka Ryouran radio :D

– Hayami’s first impression of Aoi

Hayami: “The first thing I thought was ‘So cute!’ and your smile is really wonderful”
Aoi: *mumbles and gets embarrassed* “Really? *giggles*”
Hayami: “And when I met you yesterday I thought you were really an interesting person and I loved how easy to talk to you were”
Aoi: “Really? I kinda rant a lot though…”
Hayami: “You listened really well and it was really fun talking to you!”

– Aoi’s first impression of Hayami

Aoi: “You had the impression of an elder sister like neighbour, and I really love those types of people, you really followed my conversations!”

Aoi in a sentence

Aoi: “If I was to describe myself in a sentence… “A girl who wants to live in the 2d world””

Aoi: “I want to fight demon lords and get sucked into another dimension through the toilet and be a character that looks good with pink hair”

Sometimes I think Aoi references Madoka but I’m not sure lol.

– Aoi mentions that she loves Gundam 00’s Lockon Stratos’ character.

Aoi rants about gaming and other otaku stuff on occasion but Hayami follows her really well even if she has no idea about the subject :D

MoshiDoRadio #06

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Nakaya Sayaka
Date: 2011.05.09

Hikasa mentions that it’s the morning right now. Also Hikasa’s introduction has been lengthened even further lol.

– The two of them comment that they’ve been meeting up really often lately and “moving their bodies” lol. That would definitely be those Rokyubu dance lessons HanaKana was talking about on her HitoKana radio. They mention that they’re going there right after this recording and they seem kinda reluctant lol. It must be pretty tiring.

– Kana says that Hikasa’s been calling her “Kana” with no honorifics and she’s been happy about that.

– It’s still morning if I just woke up!

Hikasa: “Well it’s still morning!”
Kana: “But it’s more like the afternoon now”
Hikasa: “…But I just woke up!”
Kana: “…Well that’s just you”

– Hikasa notes that Nakaya’s jumper is similar to what Hikasa wore at the Moshidora event.

Hikasa: “Ah I wore a similar red white striped top for the Moshidora event!”
Kana: “Ehh really? …Don’t put her in the same category as you!”
Hikasa: “Ah sorry, but I’m glad we’re red white stripe comrades!”
Nakaya: “I’m glad too!”
Kana: “Yeah it’s like Wally![from Where’s Wally]
Hikasa: “…Really now, Wally?”

– Quick quiz for Nakaya

What are your special skills and interests?
Cooking, or thats what I’m planning to be good at! And I like sleeping.

Favourite food?
Curry and Salad

What would you say fits you as a catchphrase?
Half of me is made of kindness~

When was a time you thought you were a mature woman?
When I had my nails done.

How would you describe your character in a sentence?
A model student, but is actually a bit crazy.

What did try you keep in mind while you were acting her?
A floaty sorta feeling.

– Hikasa had been writing frantically during the quick quiz but Kana noticed that she didn’t write anything at all in the end and they laughed that the pen had no ink lol.


Kana: “I like her[Nakaya’s] legs”
Nakaya: “Eh?”
Hikasa: “Yeah during the recordings I’m always staring at her legs”
Nakaya: “What? Really? *laughs*
Hikasa: “Sorry for the sexual harassment”

– They talk about going to eat curry after the recording together.

– The two of them mention that they asked Nakaya to teach them a bit of dancing.

– When talking about Nakaya’s catchphrase, Hikasa says Kakihara Tetsuya is probably made up of 100% pain-to-deal-with LOL

– Guys don’t get nail art

Hikasa: “Boys don’t notice nail art at all! And when they do, they’re like “Whats with the blood on your fingernails.” when it’s red!

Hikasa: “And when it’s blue they’re like “Are you sick?”

They comment that Hikasa’s pink coloured nails were cute though.

– Nakaya says that she modeled her image of her character after Watanabe Mayu/Mayuyu, another member of AKB48. Judging by her reaction, it looks like Kana’s a fan of her :O. Hold on was that the AKB48 girl who Ayana and Kana were fangirling about on OreImo radio that time? *checks* Yeah it was :O

– They play around at answering with Nakaya’s character’s “Eh ah hai” to anything. Kana asks if Nakaya wants to eat a manjuu and she replies with the normal “eh ah hai” and they cheer that it’s the real thing. They then ask Hikasa and she’s like “Eeeh? aaAH? HAAIii” and they laugh at the way she replies lol. Hikasa then goes to Kana with “KANA DO YOU WANNA EAT THIS” and chucks it at her, to which Kana says

Kana: “Oi! Why are you throwing it at me??”
Hikasa: “Where’s my ‘Eh Ah Hai’?! That’s against the rules!”

Hikasa then goes on to ask her for money and Kana replies “Eh…? Ah… Hai…” really reluctantly lol.

– Kana comments that whenever Hikasa’s at a recording the place brightens up <3… And Hikasa gets all embarassed ahaha.

– Hikasa talks about a big mistake in reading during one of the MoshiDora episode recordings where she had said “Our school is a factory!”. She talked about this on that NHK confession corner too.

– Kana makes a comment that Nakaya would look good in spats and then laments that she’ll probably be told off by her manager later on. Hikasa joins in and says that both of them will probably be told not to come near her ahaha.

Hikasa and Kana really are getting closer <3 Their jokes and jabs between each other are really wonderful :D

Ryouko to Kana no Amagami Coming Sweet! Radio CD Bonus #3

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Name: 良子と佳奈のアマガミ カミングスウィート!
Hosts: Shintani Ryouko, Asumi Kana
Guests: Terashima Takuma, Sugita Tomokazu

I’m not actually sure what number this episode is in the Amagami Radio timeline nor when it was recorded. I’m guessing its in between #100-110+ and was recorded recently but I’m not exactly sure. I’ll update it when I find out.

Edit: It looks like I was totally off with my guess, the episode was a bonus radio episode included with Volume 3 of the Amagami Radio CDs released on 2009.10.23, making it sometime around the time the 30th episode was recorded. Almost 2 years ago.

Sugita appeared in one of Amagami’s radio cds as a friend of Junichi lol. That’s a really minor role but I’m not complaining that they brought him on :D

– Apparently Sugita heard about Amagami from one of the developers. Sugita really is close with the staff behind games and stuff :O

– Sugita started with Ayatsuji when he played Amagami, and commented that her route was pretty hard to obtain and ended up on Tanamachi Kaoru’s path lol.

– Sugita had then stopped there but when he found out he had gotten a role in it’s drama CD he played it again from Nanasaki’s route.

– When asked who his favourite character is Sugita says it’s probably Tanamachi Kaoru.

– Sugita calls Asumi “Nesumiss/Nesmith” from her Asumiss nickname to her dismay lol. Nesmith is a black singer, part of the EXILE unit, in Japan lol.

I didn’t write much here but… Sugita was as awesome as ever :D

Seems like Sugita’s been appearing pretty often on radio with other female seiyuu recently. Including bringing Yukana and Hayami Saori onto his own radio, he’s appeared on Mizuki Nana’s M no Sekai and is appearing on Takahashi Mikako’s Payo Payo at the end of the month <3. I really love hearing these :D

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #088

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Host: Hanazawa Kana
Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Date: 2011.05.11

Pretty much a soup post that ended longer than I expected. I don’t usually cover HitoKana even though I’m probably listening to it the most diligently out of all the shows I’m currently following. This is kinda due to how solo radio shows don’t really end up being easy to write about. Also it’s one of the radio shows I listen to when I’m doing something else. The image was taken for the radio when they found some money left behind in the radio studio lol.

– Kana’s been attending dance lessons for the Roukyuubu unit with the other members of the group. She comments that she expected she’d be able to dance better after all that practice with Sekirei’s unit but found that her body wouldn’t move as she wants it to. She says Iguchi Yuka was doing great though.

– Kana says that she enjoys the time before the dance lesson when they’re all changing and talking with one another more than the actual dance lesson

– Kana mentions that the lessons go for about 4 hours without much in the way of breaks and how tiring they can get :O

– Kana says that she’s been talking a lot about Roukyuubu recently because its what she’s been focusing on recently, her work schedule contains a lot of Roukyuubu related events too it seems. She seems like she’s really enjoying it though :). She also notes that she’s become really close with Hikasa lately.

– Kana x Ayana!

“Yeah I went to eat with Taketatsu Ayana the other day… *fufufu* It was fun! I’m not sure what it is about her but… Being with her makes you want to touch her *laughs*”

“On the other hand Tomatsu comes to me and pats my shoulder and stuff… I don’t really touch her like with Ayana. I like how when I touch Ayana she’s all like “Aww stop it”… What exactly am I saying anyways?”

– Kana x Tomatsu

“I’ve been meeting up with Tomatsu Haruka lately with work and… Yeah talking with her again is nice. Well, you have to treasure your friends right?”

My HanaKana category is tied with Toyosaki Aki’s in post numbers with this post. Hmm I haven’t been paying attention to Aki recently =/

MoshiDoRadio #05

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Azusa
Date: 2011.04.25

The opening introduction for Hikasa has grown to include “Happy go lucky” lol. “Hikasa Youko, the happy go lucky moodmaker of your heart!”

– The anime has just started airing \o/

– They mention that they haven’t met since the live audience recording almost two months ago.

Azusa: “My hobbies..? Err… My hobbies are… Drinking”

– Azusa says she came up with the “Yume Note” part before thinking of the play on words with “Yume no Oto” in the OP. Hikasa really loves that bit of the lyrics lol.

– When do you normally think up your songs?

Azusa: “Normally when I’m on my way home. Or out on a walk. Usually while I’m outside. You know the tempo of when you’re walking, doesn’t it seem like you could sing along to that rhythm?”
Hikasa: “Oh! Like how you fall asleep easily when you’re riding on something that’s moving?”
Azusa + Kana: “…Huh?”

– Hikasa says she drenches the floor of the room she sleeps in to keep the room humid to make sure her throat doesn’t dry up… Whaaat?? She says to do it in hotels and stuff lol. The other two are really surprised lol. I… Can’t tell if she’s joking or not lol. She says that the director of the agency does it and advises them to do it. Ehhh realllyyy? I’m Entertainment’s prettty crazy.

– Kana says she sucks on lots of honey drops to keep her throat healthy. Azusa on the other hand normally drinks milk before she sings in Karaoke and stuff to try and help protect her throat.

– Hikasa asks Azusa if there’s Nattou in Amamioshima, her hometown and Kana laughs, telling her off for making fun of the rural town lol. Of course there’s nattou there!

– AB? Ebi?

Hikasa: “If I was asked what blood type I was I’d just be like “…I’m O””
Kana: “Yeah just like “I’m AB”
Hikasa: “AB…? Do you eat shrimp often?” [shrimp = ebi in JP, which sounds like the letters AB. Basically it’s a pun lol]
Kana: “…Shut up! *laughs*

– The three of them talk about organising a girls night out for them to go drinking :D. They decide to do it at Hikasa’s place and Azusa laughs that wouldn’t the floor be all soggy and wet? Ahahaha. They decide to take a look out of curiousity.

Next episode has an AKB48 girl guesting on the show… Looks like she voiced a character in the anime. I don’t care much for AKB48 so I’m gonna have to try and work up some motivation to listen to it lawl.

The radio is still continuing with another episode slated to be broadcast on the 23rd of May. I wonder if this’ll be the final episode since the anime would have finished airing by then. I hope not :(

We’ll see.

Mizuki Nana no M no Sekai #95

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Name: 水樹奈々のMの世界
Host: Mizuki Nana
Guest: Sugita Tomokazu
Date: 2011.05.07

Sugita guesting on M no Sekai is a little event sorta thing that’s happening on the show where Nana invites 7 friends to come on to the show with Sugita being the second of the seven so far.

– The two of them talk about the first shows they appeared together in, which was Shichinin no Nana/Seven of Seven, then to Jubei and then to Basilisk. Nana mentions that she never got a chance to talk to him on Shichinin no Nana and that he was pretty dressed up even then. She wanted to talk to him and ask him about his clothes and where he went shopping lol. They finally started talking with each other when they worked together for Basilisk. They mentioned that they were really nervous with each other at the time.

– Nana comments that she’s really a shy person and Sugita was relieved to hear she was nervous with him as well when they first met. Sugita comments that he’s really shy with people he doesn’t know as well, especially girls :D

– Sugita laughs that Toriumi Kousuke had teased him saying “You want to talk to Nana right?” lol

– They recall that the Basilisk cast was, and still is really friendly with each other. They mentioned Sawashiro Miyuki, Toriumi Kousuke, Hatano Wataru and Miyabashi Yasushi. They commented that they even went to one of her lives as a group.

– She had messaged Sugita herself asking him to guest before organising it between the agencies. Sugita said he would never deny her request lol, mentioning the event where he went on stage with her for one of her events to act even when he’s never done it before <3

– Sugita asks if Nana’s been sleeping well and she says she hasn’t really, mentioning she only has 3 or so hours of sleep D: D:

– Nana mentions she’d like to do another Zachou Kouen, the stage acting event she holds where she invites other seiyuu to come act on stage with her.

– Nana doesn’t play Monster Hunter.

– Nana mentions she loved one of Final Fantasy 5’s BGMs so much she played it many times on the piano :D

– The two of them go on to talk about old games like Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest 3 for a bit <3

– Sugita mentions that he’s still close with his school friends, and that one of them was a big fan of Nana lol.

– Nana mentions that she might get Nakamura Yuuichi to come guest as one of the 7 :D

I love the pairing of these two so much, they really seem close <3. Also, I don’t really talk about Nana much but… I’m a huuuge fan of her <3 <3

P.S. I’ve been kinda busy the past week or so, so I haven’t been able to update the site much and I’ll probably continue to be pretty busy for the foreseeable future… I’ll see how often I can update it but it probably won’t be anywhere near the amount I did for the past couple of months.

Random Radio Scribbles 4

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Or more like Hanazawa Kana Radio Scribbles lol.

Hanazawa Kana talking about her Fractale cosplay before the event on her Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana #86 on 2011.04.13:

“It’s been decided that I’ll be attending the Fractale event cosplaying as Nessa! …yay. *unenthusiastically* … *laughs*
With Kuroneko and now Nessa, I’m pretty much a cosplaying seiyuu now. Look at me, me and my not-firm body!”

“This time the costume’s really full-blown… Seriously. Does everyone know of Nessa’s costume? Her shoulders are like totally bare!”

“Tsuda Minami will also be cosplaying there and they got our exact measurements for it. It seems like they’ll be specially making the costumes to fit us. It’s like it’s time to show my loose shoulders with this costume… I’ve been dieting with a banana breakfast to prepare for it. *laughs*”

Hanazawa Kana cosplay seiyuu banzai! \o/

Hanazawa Kana talking about the Kuragehime photoshoot from her Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #87 on 2011.04.27:

“For that photoshoot I did for Kuragehime… I had one of those dresses… How do you put it… Topless? (LOL) A topless dress?!? *laughs* No, no, not topless! Umm how do you say it?? One of those ones without shoulders! Shoulder-less dresses? Yeah. Don’t worry there’s a top to it *laughs*”

Lol @ HanaKana saying she was topless for the photoshoot OTL

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