Mizuki Nana no M no Sekai #95

May 9th, 2011 § 5 comments

Name: 水樹奈々のMの世界
Host: Mizuki Nana
Guest: Sugita Tomokazu
Date: 2011.05.07

Sugita guesting on M no Sekai is a little event sorta thing that’s happening on the show where Nana invites 7 friends to come on to the show with Sugita being the second of the seven so far.

– The two of them talk about the first shows they appeared together in, which was Shichinin no Nana/Seven of Seven, then to Jubei and then to Basilisk. Nana mentions that she never got a chance to talk to him on Shichinin no Nana and that he was pretty dressed up even then. She wanted to talk to him and ask him about his clothes and where he went shopping lol. They finally started talking with each other when they worked together for Basilisk. They mentioned that they were really nervous with each other at the time.

– Nana comments that she’s really a shy person and Sugita was relieved to hear she was nervous with him as well when they first met. Sugita comments that he’s really shy with people he doesn’t know as well, especially girls :D

– Sugita laughs that Toriumi Kousuke had teased him saying “You want to talk to Nana right?” lol

– They recall that the Basilisk cast was, and still is really friendly with each other. They mentioned Sawashiro Miyuki, Toriumi Kousuke, Hatano Wataru and Miyabashi Yasushi. They commented that they even went to one of her lives as a group.

– She had messaged Sugita herself asking him to guest before organising it between the agencies. Sugita said he would never deny her request lol, mentioning the event where he went on stage with her for one of her events to act even when he’s never done it before <3

– Sugita asks if Nana’s been sleeping well and she says she hasn’t really, mentioning she only has 3 or so hours of sleep D: D:

– Nana mentions she’d like to do another Zachou Kouen, the stage acting event she holds where she invites other seiyuu to come act on stage with her.

– Nana doesn’t play Monster Hunter.

– Nana mentions she loved one of Final Fantasy 5’s BGMs so much she played it many times on the piano :D

– The two of them go on to talk about old games like Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest 3 for a bit <3

– Sugita mentions that he’s still close with his school friends, and that one of them was a big fan of Nana lol.

– Nana mentions that she might get Nakamura Yuuichi to come guest as one of the 7 :D

I love the pairing of these two so much, they really seem close <3. Also, I don’t really talk about Nana much but… I’m a huuuge fan of her <3 <3

P.S. I’ve been kinda busy the past week or so, so I haven’t been able to update the site much and I’ll probably continue to be pretty busy for the foreseeable future… I’ll see how often I can update it but it probably won’t be anywhere near the amount I did for the past couple of months.

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